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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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GlassBuild Exhibitors Weigh In

“The need to diversify products to protect against supply disruptions is on the top of most of our minds. This will lead to some interesting shifts in how people approach vertical integration in an organization.” —Morgan Donohue, vice president, sales and marketing, Erdman Automation.

“Customers are looking for all things automation: loading, cutting, sorting, line utilization and solutions that bridge island processes to eliminate unnecessary handling, quality issues, and streamline overall process flow are at all-time highs and in more demand than ever before.” —Tom Bechill, sales manager, Hegla.  

“Last year was an incredible year for equipment sales. People are buying equipment.” —Carey Brayer, vice president of sales, Intermac America.

“We’re seeing vertical integration for mid-size fabricators. More are bringing tempering in-house. Part of the reason for this is glass quality—they can fix errors themselves—and lead times, getting product out the door faster.” —Rick Dominguez, president, Jordon Glass Machinery.

“The future of IG and vinyl equipment is in high-speed, automated systems that offer labor savings while maintaining great quality and precision. In software, immediate data feedback and analysis of manufacturing processes, as well as web-based software, offer flexibility and reliability to manufacturers in fast-paced production environments.” —Laura Fiegelist, marketing communications coordinator, GED.

“Companies now expect cloud capabilities from providers, much more so than before the pandemic.” —Darryl Huber, vice president, global customer strategy, Soft Tech.

“The major trend is heavier glasses—double or even triple-laminated glasses becoming more common. This poses safety issues for workers trying to lift it manually.” —Flemming Storm Nielsen, president, Smart Lift US.

“The biggest trend we’re seeing is the evolution of jumbo glass. The demand is there. Architects want better sightlines, more light.” —Alan Kinder, regional architectural manager, Guardian.

“Over the past year, we have seen an increase in architects endorsing glass a lot more as an intricate design feature. We are also seeing an uptick in glass canopies, interior glass walls, skylights, and glass railing on new building structures.” —Syndi Sim, vice president of marketing and business development for Diamon-Fusion International.

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