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Mon-Wed, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2024 | Dallas, TX

Step Back, Zoom Out: Why I’m Attending GlassBuild

That old saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” is what comes to mind with my experiences at GlassBuild America. Like all businesses, running a commercial glazing company comes with daily challenges. We often get caught up in putting out fires and “reacting” to project demands. For us, we tend to lose sight of how vast and complex this business is.

As fabricators and installers, the entire supply chain and manufacturing processes have an impact on our ability to meet our obligations with our customers. What GlassBuild offers is an opportunity to take a step back, zoom out, and look at the “forest.” In other words, it allows us to understand all of the different companies, machines, parts and components involved in order to furnish the products we use every day. Although most of our customers are not concerned as much with the nuances of this business, for us it provides the knowledge and detail we need to frame our communication in a concise manner.

Additionally, GlassBuild gives us a peak into new technologies, best practices and, last but not least, connecting with like-minded peers to share our stories and ideas. I am looking forward to the entire experience this October/November in Atlanta and I’ll see you there!

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