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See You Next Year, Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

Now that We Know the Value of Human Interaction, Let's Dig In

Getting back to seeing people in a face-to-face setting is something that has me more excited about GlassBuild than normal. For years I think we took events like GlassBuild for granted. When we haven’t been able to get out and be in front of others, we now know the true value there. For more than 16 months, since I joined the incredible team at Ubiquitous Energy, I have been giving presentations over Zoom. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a great avenue to show people what the future of a window could be, but being able to walk and talk with them on a trade show floor is something that cannot be duplicated from behind a computer screen. 

Energy of Human Interaction 

It’s really all about the energy. In the same way that my company has developed incredible technology with a transparent photovoltaic window coating which harnesses solar energy from the glass surface and generates electricity (all while remaining visibly indistinguishable from traditional windows), the energy of human contact and interaction is something that drives every successful business process. 

For more than a year, we made do and diversified how we presented and how we communicated. Now this September at GlassBuild, I can’t wait to get back in a venue that allows me to get genuine and immediate reactions. 

New Appreciation for Being Together

I’ve been in and around the glass and fenestration industry for more than 26 years and after not being able to get out and about, the realization is that an event like GlassBuild truly is crucial to all of our business efforts. Afterall we could always just go see someone anytime we seemingly wanted. But those rules were changed for us, and now with the opportunity to be back together we should appreciate it and take full advantage of this chance.

So, I’ll be there, attending the Glazing Executives Forum, walking the floor, meeting with people, talking up a product that I truly think will change the game (transparent, smart, energy efficient glass), and I’ll value every minute of that “real” face time I’m going to get.

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Join us October 31-November 2 in Atlanta, GA! Showcase your equipment, products and services, increase your brand awareness and win business at GlassBuild America, the largest glass, window and door trade show in North America.