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See You Next Year, Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

How Trade Shows Deliver Advantages for Businesses

Reconnect & Build Relationships

Businesses around the world are looking for new opportunities to drive growth in the post-pandemic era. Trade shows are set to play a critical role in reconnecting businesses by providing a safe environment to network and build strong relationships. It is reported that 84% of trade show attendees have a more positive opinion of a business, brand, service, or product after a live interaction. This statistic reminds us that many people are looking for more of a “human touch,” even when the overwhelming majority of business interactions are handled online or through an app on your phone.

Trade shows put you and your team on the ground, face to face with your prospects and customers unlike other events or marketing channels. No matter how much time one spends doing business online, there is no substitute for face-to-face interactions with industry insiders, competitors, vendors, prospects, and customers. There is a real power to these interactions that cannot be measured, but instead can be witnessed in future business transactions and brand awareness.

When planning your attendance to GlassBuild America, I recommend practicing these seven principles to get the most out of your experience. 

Plan Ahead, Then Follow Through 

  1. Understand Return on Investment (ROI)
    Meet influencers of your industry and also interested, motivated, and eager-to-purchase prospects and customers, too. It has been reported that the cost of meeting a new prospect at a trade show is 43% cheaper than meeting at their office.
  2. Expand Your Network
    Take every opportunity to connect with forward-thinking companies and professionals, who can help you move your business beyond 2021.
  3. Educate Yourself
    Engage in continuing education to enhance your business, reach more customers, strengthen your industry knowledge, learn new marketing techniques, and network with similar companies in different areas of the country.
  4. Meet Exhibitors & Attendees
    Plan out your strategy of meeting companies to learn more about their products and services, which can help you expand your company now or down the road.
  5. Create Brand Awareness
    Spread awareness of your company and services through genuine interactions that elevate your brand and push you to the front of the line as industry leaders. Later you can use the trade show for marketing and advertising purposes.
  6. Analyze the Competition
    Learn from the most successful companies in an industry to discover what you can work into your products, services, marketing channels, or turn into your own competitive advantage. Nowhere else will you have this many opportunities to learn from more established, successful companies. Nowhere else will all their “secrets” be on full display.
  7. Learn about New Products
    Learn from industry leaders how they are changing the landscape and advancing products and services to address industry-wide issues, such as the labor shortage with robotics or software solutions.

It is hard to imagine a better opportunity than a trade show for companies of any size to expand their network, increase brand awareness, meet new prospects, meet customers in person, educate themselves about the industry, analyze their competition, and gain credibility and influence all at the same time. 

GlassBuild America is less than two months away and with that, a great opportunity to grow your business, make authentic connections, and gather insight about the industry. Will we see you at GlassBuild America? If so, please stop by our booth (#2421) to learn how to move your company beyond 2021 with innovative software!

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