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Oct. 18-20, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV


United States

Company Profile

Novagard is a leading-edge silicone, hybrid, and foam company providing products for building construction professionals in the siding, window, and door industry for over 35 years.

Our premier sealant, NovaFlex Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant, is a neutral cure silicone formulation that allows for permanent flexibility and excellent adhesion to most common building materials. It is used is used most frequently within the window and door industry as glazing or structural back-bedding. 

We also offer a new state of the industry NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant, a two-component, neutral cure silicone that rapidly builds adhesive and elastomeric strength while bedding or glazing, to help speed up your production line. It allows for movement of assemblies within minutes of application without glass shifting.

Novagard also offers NovaFlex Ultra-Low Migration Glazing Sealant and NovaFlex Ultra-Low Migration High Impact Sealant. The ultra-low migration chemistry protects the IG secondary seal and is recommended and specified by leading IG manufacturers.

ISO 9001:2015 (QMS with Design), IATF 16949:2016 (QMS with Design). Certified WBE & WOSB.

Products & Information

NovaFlex Ultra-Low Migration High Impact Glazing Sealant

Engineered to prevent any harm from coming to the IG secondary seal, NovaFlex Ultra-Low Migration High Impact Glazing Sealant develops a sure bond to most substrates and offers extremely high tensile strength to provide the longest lasting seal possible for high-impact windows.

NovaFlex Ultra-Low Migration High Impact Glazing Sealant is a non-corrosive, single-component, oxime silicone sealant and/or adhesive. A non-flowable, paste product, it presents an excellent balance between rate of cure, adhesion, and physical properties. It is designed to have ultra-low plasticizer migration into the IG secondary seal. This protects other window components from attack and degradation. This conforms to the recommendation of IG manufacturers on all Impact Window fabrication to ensure a long lasting seal. This product has been approved as part of the system to obtain Miami-Dade and HVHZ approval for glazing applications.

NovaFlex Ultra-Low Migration High Impact Glazing Sealant develops bond to most common substrates without the use of a primer. This ready-to-use, single-component compound is typically used as an adhesive to bond dissimilar materials, as a sealant for creating formed-in-place gaskets, or a multitude of other applications. It emits a lower odor than conventional acetoxy-cured silicones.


NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant

Designed to meet the demands of today’s modern window manufacturing industry, NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant (MQG) develops high initial green strength so you don’t have to slow your production waiting for traditional glazings to cure.

NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant is a two-component, 100% silicone, neutral cure sealant that rapidly builds adhesive and elastomeric strength for bedding and glazing of glass in residential and commercial window designs. NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant allows for movement of assemblies within minutes of application without silicone transfer or glass shifting. It allows for high unit throughput, low pumping viscosity on production equipment, and void-free filling of the sealant joint.

NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant demonstrates outstanding long-term resistance to natural weathering including: extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain and snow, with negligible change in elasticity. All with the flexibility of a variable ratio, two-part, neutral-cure silicone.


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