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Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2024 | Dallas, TX

GlassTrax & Glaziers Online

St. George
United States

Company Profile

Shoot! They only gave me 1000 characters to explain how GlassTrax is the best ERP glass software in the industry and you should definitely buy it for your company. How can I be expected to write the best piece of literature you've ever read with such limitations? There's so much pressure. I need to get this just right, with the perfect balance of information and humor, with a pinch of pizzazz (have you ever noticed how the word "pizzazz" contains the word "pizza" in it? Dang, now i'm hungry...probably as hungry as your employees are for better software). Dagummit! I've already used half of my character count. Speaking of half, did you know that GlassTrax is usually less than half the cost of our competitors without sacrificing functionality? Pretty awesome, huh? 

Ok, I need to settle down and get this written. My boss is on the other side of my desk, waiting with his arms folded while tapping his foot. He looks mad when he waits. Do you get mad when waiting to hear back from you software's tech support agents? GlassTrax agents are so quick to respond that your brain won't believe it, but your heart will love it. 

GlassTrax is number one. All other software programs are number two or lower. 

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