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Mappi America subsidiary of Mappi International will present an all new and empowered range of products, where new MTH (with a maximum load floor of 3300x6000 mm) joins the well-known, state of the art, ATS 4.0 and Fox.  All new Mappi furnaces are Powered by Siemens qualified, ready to be integrated with a potentially infinite number of software applications and to communicate in real time with other machines and with the Company Management, Logistics, Maintenance and Planning. Thanks to a series of innovations, Mappi furnaces can implement Supertemper functionality, a great innovation in fire-resist- ant glass tempering, and directly produce flame certified E30 resistant glass. It can do it in a faster, easier, more economical way than has ever been done in this particular industry.

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Mappi has always been attentive to the security of its customers and has decided to invest its research in Edge Computing. Edge computing is an emerging computing paradigm that refers to a range of networks and devices at or near the user. Edge is about processing data closer to where it is generated, enabling processing at higher speeds and volumes, leading to greater action-driven results in real time, and allowing you to have your data in house therefore with greater security. This does not preclude, however, the possibility of using all or part of the data in the cloud so that it can be exchanged with other systems or ERPs. This system involves the use of more data, faster processing and, with the help of artificial intelligence, the ability to perform predictive checks on the machine.


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