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See You Next Year, Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

New Products Introduced at GlassBuild

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    four-wheel metal roller track
    New at GlassBuild

    1000 Quad Series

    With four wheels and a dual-layer bogie system, the 1000 Quad Series is the big smoothie that turns even the largest panels into a total pushover.

    By evenly distributing the load across all wheels via the dual-layer bogie system, the 1000 Quad Series guarantees smooth panel operation and effortless opening and closing.

    Highlights include:

    • Panel loads up to 880 pounds makes it ideal for large architectural panels.
    • Wheels available in stainless steel for those who prefer to go with what they know works.
    • Wheels also available in CNC machined polymer material. Just as reliable but more affordable, more durable and much quieter.
    • Two dual-layer bogie system carriages to spread distribution evenly.
    • Slim design that works well in thinner frame profiles.
    • Easy to upgrade from our 1000 Duo Series

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    strike router
    New at GlassBuild

    2400ASR Auto Double-Prep Strike Router

    The 2400ASR is built for speed; it prepares 3 to 4 double strike jambs a minute or 4 to 5 single strike jambs a minute. Due to its high-speed cycle, it can be included in a production line or as an independent, high-volume workstation. It machines flat single or double rabbeted and split jambs, and the strike plate can have full lip, no lip, or a T-strike. It also provides machining for double full lip for a ball catch. The system is easy to operate with an intuitive, graphical touchscreen that enables quick selection of desired functions. The high frequency router motor is quiet, durable, and long lasting. The strong steel enclosure and double hand sensors keeps operator’s hands away from moving parts. The 2400ASR can accommodate a strike plate from 1/2 to 8 inches. The system can hold a 70- to 96-inch jamb with a width of 2-1/2 to 10-1/2 inches. The jamb thickness can be 3/8 to 1-1/2 inches. Optional features include a vacuum system.

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    building facade with sunshade
    New at GlassBuild

    8010 Series Single Blade Adjustable Sunshade

    No two projects are the same when it comes to energy-efficient design. That’s why the CRL 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade offers flexibility in managing solar exposure and building envelope aesthetics. Blade angles can be adjusted from 0 to -35 degrees in 5-degree intervals with specialized brackets that attach to storefront and curtain wall frames. This unique feature delivers a sunshade system that can be tailored to a building’s geographical location.

    The 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade enhances aesthetics as it does solar protection. Multiple blades can be attached to storefront or curtain wall frames, either horizontally or vertically. Airfoil or rectangular styles are available for improved visual compatibility. Splice joints can be specified to create a streamlined and continuous adjustable blade. These customizable aesthetic configurations are interchangeable, resulting in truly distinct façades.

    With resiliency and sustainability playing a significant role in building design, the CRL 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade System offers a versatile and effective solution for reducing solar heat gain. Doing so alleviates interior cooling loads, thus improving energy efficiency. The Single Blade Sunshade is best suited for high performance storefront and curtain wall systems.

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    metal roller
    New at GlassBuild

    9000 Series

    For heavyweight architectural window and door panels, it's important to have a roller that not only handles the weight, but also functions with ease.

    When you're using the 9000 Series rollers from Anthony Innovations, even the biggest panels can't resist.

    Highlights include:

    • Panel loads up to 800 pounds make it ideal for large architectural panels.
    • Wheels available in stainless steel for those who prefer to go with what they know works.
    • Wheels also available in CNC-machined polymer material. Just as reliable, but more affordable, more durable and much quieter.
    • Single-bogie carriage for balanced load distribution and smoother glide.
    • Customizable mounting tabs and spacers make it easy to adapt different existing systems or upgrade from our 8000 Series.

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    man taking photo with cell phone
    New at GlassBuild

    A+W iShape II

    Our second-generation A+W iShape II allows for quicker fabrication, greater functionality, and increased user-friendliness. To start, place A+W’s reference L-angles inside the template’s perimeter. Utilizing the app’s camera feature, the user photographs the template against a contrasting background. The data, including perimeter and radii, are calculated in the cloud with the special L-angles serving as the scaling tool of the template. Users then receive a ‘confidence factor’ regarding the template’s quality and, if acceptable, the user can email the file to A+W CAD Designer, where imperfections (folds, unintended crooked cuts, etc.) can be massaged out with the line tool. Now the shaping/nesting file (dxf) is ready for cutting. If templates are a significant part of your business or even a significant spend of your time, A+W iShape is the solution for you.

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    App for fenestration manufacturing displayed on phone
    New at GlassBuild

    A+W Smart Companion for Fenestration Manufacturing

    Barcode scanners are an indispensable tool for window and door manufacturers. Smartphones and smart devices are playing an increasingly important role, when equipped with the A+W Smart Companion App for the A+W Cantor software solution. Smartphone cameras allow barcodes to be scanned directly and to display additional information. The app supports materials management and requests, dynamic forms (the customer customizes their own scenarios in Production), and increases digitalization. The intuitive user interface requires no training, which helps save time and money.

    A+W Smart Companion for A+W Cantor is currently available for Production and Stock.

    In the dispatch area of production, the app can book finished elements and accessories onto racks while also assigning them to an area. This allows several elements to be scanned simultaneously in so-called continuous mode (camera mode).

    As a mobile info terminal (read mode), the app provides support by displaying, for example, the production status of individual order items. This provides information at all times during production.

    The stock area allows goods receipt, material transfer postings, and inventory postings to be completely processed via the app. For example, an overview of all counted items can be displayed and found directly in A+W Cantor.

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    window profile
    New at GlassBuild


    Economic and demonstrably excellent. The AT 740 window stands for great product quality with all the benefits you can expect from a “state of the art” aluminum window. Burglar resistance up to RC3, sound protection and excellent insulation in compliance with the latest EnEV can be implemented with this system.

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    New at GlassBuild


    APOLLON is a full parametric 3D CAD / modeling software for Façade- and Curtain Wall design. Mullion-Transom-, Unitized- or Free-Form façades, all of them work. The software covers the steps from building the model to production plans, part lists and CNC output for the machine. As a “standalone” product, APOLLON is the ideal complement to ATHENA and contains Autodesk Inventor®.

    Façades or Curtain Walls can usually be designed easily and efficiently with ATHENA (CAD software for Façade construction based on AutoCAD®). Details in 2D, Models in 3D. With ATHENA can this be done easily and efficiently.

    If the façade project is very complex and/or varied, however, full parametric software can be useful. This is where APOLLON comes into play. A parametric 3D modeling of a façade or unitized façade can be done perfectly.

    APOLLON is profile system-independent, but does not contain any profile master-data (except a small sample database). The profile master-data will be generated as project data during the design process. Advantage: Changes to the profile data, e.g. because of static requirements, are straightforward to make. The master data grows from time to time.

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