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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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New Products Introduced at GlassBuild

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    cutting and drilling machine
    New at GlassBuild

    DELTA - D

    Delta - D is an automatic cutting and drilling machine with auto-feed feature to perform automated production for simple but repeated operations. 

    Thanks to its user-friendly HMI where you can set the cutting lengths and drilling information. It's servo controlled auto feed unit will be driving the profile through the cutting and drilling unit, ready parts will be coming out from the opposite side. Operator only needed to feed new profiles and collect the finished parts. 

    Delta-D will automate your shop and boost your production with its strong and durable steel construction. 

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    bottle of Tile Shield
    New at GlassBuild

    Tile Shield, Ceramic & Glass Protective Coating

    Tile Shield® is an advanced poly-siloxane coating that microscopically seals & protects pool tile and other surfaces to form an anti-corrosion/anti stain finish that “Blocks Out” permanent stains & build-up from damaging the surface. Tile Shield is great on glass & acrylic safety fences and partitions that come in regular contact with chemically treated pool water chemicals and minerals from splashing pool water. Tile Shield inhibits pitting, scratching, corrosion and other damage that can occur from brushing and exposure to chemicals, minerals, heat/humidity, chlorine, oils and other contaminants.

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    bottle of Solar Shield
    New at GlassBuild

    Solar Shield, Protective Coating

    Dirty Solar Panels are no joke. Cleaning solar panels can be very difficult. Dust, soil, leaves and water are common contaminates on solar panels that can buildup and reduce the efficiency of the panels over time and present ongoing problems for the glass life. Rain alone will not keep solar panels clean and prevent soiling or etching. Dirty solar panels reduce performance by more than 10%. 

    Unelko now offers Solar Shield® a nano scale protective coating & sealant that durably bonds to photovoltaic glass. Solar Shield offers lasting and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels.  

    Solar Shield can be applied in factory to glass solar panels at an OEM level before installation or by certified applicators in field. The product is technical, but easy to apply and creates a hydrophobic coating that seals the panels against deterioration and degradation. One application lasts from 3 to 15 years depending upon application, exposure, abrasion, environment and a light maintenance routine. 

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    New at GlassBuild

    Scoop Dolly

    Tall, long and narrow objects like door units, staircases, window units, panel saws and prefabricated walls are difficult to move or load onto a truck. The Scoop Dolly makes loading or unloading these top-heavy objects a breeze. Its unique design allows just the "scoop" section to pivot instead of tilting the entire dolly. This eliminates lifting injuries by not lifting. By adjusting the support saddles forward or backwards, the center of gravity of the object is kept over the dolly base. Objects from 3 ft. to 12 ft. tall can be carried. The unique design allows the dolly to operate like a hand truck on a dolly. Unlike standard hand trucks, the object can be moved in any direction making long objects easy to move. Unlike conventional door dollies or drywall carts, the carrying section pivots instead of the entire dolly. This makes the dolly ergonomically easy to use for one person. Once loaded and tilted back, the load on the Scoop Dolly remains stable without needing to be supported by the operator. Load it and roll it or walk away!

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    lift and slide door
    New at GlassBuild


    SL130 is a lift-and-slide door system with thermal break produced to create the most comfortable panoramic designs.

    SL130 doors do not occupy the inner space, release large opening and allow to combine several rooms or a room with a terrace.

    SL130 lift-and-slide door system with thermal break provides great opportunities — it can replace a wall, has high anti-burglary features, improves illumination and significantly saves usable area.

    SL130 system is available in various options (one-, two-, three-track systems, different types of thermal efficiency, a wide range of hardware from leading brands), which allows solutions for projects depending on the requirements for thermal efficiency and comfort.

    Maximum Light — additional room space. The height of the leafs can be up to 11 ft., max. width — 10'-6", opening width with connection elements is increased up to 64 ft.

    High thermal properties. Due to the use of large polyamide thermal breaks and the possibility of triple glazed units of up to 2" thick, the thermal properties of this option are significantly increased.

    Safety. The system is equipped with burglar resistant elements and there is an opportunity to use brake in resistant hardware. 

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    bifold door
    New at GlassBuild

    BF73 Bi-fold System

    BF73 bi-folding door system is a modern, exclusive option for glazing of premises, that combines panoramic visibility, maximum comfort in use, and high performance of energy efficiency and safety.

    BF73 system can be used in both residential and commercial buildings: terrace exits, or in show rooms and conference halls in business centers and hotels.

    BF73 Panoramic doors do not take up interior space, free up a large opening and allow you to combine several rooms or a room with the surrounding exterior (terrace, garden, lawn).

    BF73 doors are available in outward and inward opening types. At the same time, there is a design option, in which one of the doors is used as the main leaf without involving other bi-folding structures. This allows the implementation of various types of structures, depending on the requirements and characteristics of the premises.

    BF73 Thermally insulated panoramic structures can replace a wall, have a high degree of burglar protection, improve the illumination of premises and save useful space.

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    Rhinodox software
    New at GlassBuild


    RhinoDox is designed to provide a consistent bid process that allows you to efficiently create, manage, and track your bid responses with greater accuracy — faster. All while creating a rich data set that helps identify and win more of the right jobs

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    New at GlassBuild

    The Econoclave

    The Econoclave® is state-of-the-art in glass laminating autoclave technology and provides more advanced features and higher performance than any other autoclave product on the market. With its advanced engineered design and the world's leading CPC control system, no other product can match its capabilities and performance.

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