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Oct. 18-20, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

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    man taking photo with cell phone
    New at GlassBuild

    A+W iShape II

    Our second-generation A+W iShape II allows for quicker fabrication, greater functionality, and increased user-friendliness. To start, place A+W’s reference L-angles inside the template’s perimeter. Utilizing the app’s camera feature, the user photographs the template against a contrasting background. The data, including perimeter and radii, are calculated in the cloud with the special L-angles serving as the scaling tool of the template. Users then receive a ‘confidence factor’ regarding the template’s quality and, if acceptable, the user can email the file to A+W CAD Designer, where imperfections (folds, unintended crooked cuts, etc.) can be massaged out with the line tool. Now the shaping/nesting file (dxf) is ready for cutting. If templates are a significant part of your business or even a significant spend of your time, A+W iShape is the solution for you.

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    App for fenestration manufacturing displayed on phone
    New at GlassBuild

    A+W Smart Companion for Fenestration Manufacturing

    Barcode scanners are an indispensable tool for window and door manufacturers. Smartphones and smart devices are playing an increasingly important role, when equipped with the A+W Smart Companion App for the A+W Cantor software solution. Smartphone cameras allow barcodes to be scanned directly and to display additional information. The app supports materials management and requests, dynamic forms (the customer customizes their own scenarios in Production), and increases digitalization. The intuitive user interface requires no training, which helps save time and money.

    A+W Smart Companion for A+W Cantor is currently available for Production and Stock.

    In the dispatch area of production, the app can book finished elements and accessories onto racks while also assigning them to an area. This allows several elements to be scanned simultaneously in so-called continuous mode (camera mode).

    As a mobile info terminal (read mode), the app provides support by displaying, for example, the production status of individual order items. This provides information at all times during production.

    The stock area allows goods receipt, material transfer postings, and inventory postings to be completely processed via the app. For example, an overview of all counted items can be displayed and found directly in A+W Cantor.

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    FeneTech, A 2020 company

    FeneVision Core

    Built from the shop floor up and refined over two decades, FeneVision gives you real-time operational control, insight and agility. Its dynamic bill of materials configurator enables rapidly pricing, producing and delivering hundreds or thousands of unique units daily, complete on time, even if you work with seemingly infinite product variations. It connects everything and everyone, including your customers’ customers. And with ongoing user input, we keep improving it.

    Recent updates include but are not limited to:

    • Improved Shipping Routes user experience. All existing functionality remains the same with the addition of the ability to now add and maintain blocked dates and filter to only show routes for a specific customer.
    • FeneVision WEB has been redesigned to make it mobile responsive. This feature allows salespeople to enter and update quotes via an online website interface from their phone or tablet. The ease with which dealers, contractors and even customers can now upload quotes will make a huge difference in getting those orders into the pipeline and production started. 
    • Capacity completion logic revamped. 
    • Ability to move items from one container to another container in Container Tracking and Mobile. 

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    shopping cart screenshot
    New at GlassBuild

    IC Commerce: dedicated online store with doors, windows, garage doors

    IC Commerce is an innovative online store dedicated to products such as Windows, Doors, Roller Shutters, Blinds, Garage Doors and other products from the whole fenestration industry.

    Selling windows, doors, roller shutters, garage doors, exterior and interior blinds, IC COMPLEX is equipped with all the necessary tools for online sales: IC Commerce. The online store software is fully integrated into the IC COMPLEX system, so products created in the configurators can be accessed directly in the store catalog. The system allows customers to search for such predefined products and then edit them using configurators. Depending on their preferences, consumers can search for products using categories and filters in the store, or immediately go to the selected configurator and use it to configure the product.

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    roll of labels

    Permanent Certification Labels

    Gold NFRC/AWS permanent certification labels demonstrate certification to building officials and other end-users for compliance with building code and incentive program energy and structural performance requirements. They are typically affixed to window head concealed by a sash in the closed position, most fitting into a channel as narrow as 5/8-inch wide. NFRC permanent labels must be applied with an accompanying temporary label to be removed by the consumer after final inspection by a building inspection official.

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    computer screen displaying product builder

    Product Builder

    The Product Builder is a powerful design solution for the production of parametric constructions with extruded profiles like fire doors, sun protection, balustrades, conservatories. It is a solution for manufacturers that do not use calculation or drawing software, allowing constructions with profiles to be made as parametric models based on scripts. The models allow the manufacturer to generate machine data, barcode labels, DXF drawings, numerous reports and, if necessary, give feedback to the manufacturers ERP system. From Product Builder the production lists are sent straight to the machine work floor enabling focus on the following tasks.

    Using extremely powerful scripting models and algorithms, this software provides endless possibilities when it comes to executing design ideas and turning them into drawings and production lists.

    Industries that produce large numbers of similar but customized products can benefit from using our Product Builder, though the ease of implementation and execution is a great tool for manufacturers of any size.


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    software package

    Proliner Glass Package

    Accurate digital measuring for Flat or Curved glass made easy!

    Glass fabricators using the Proliner have improved their overall production process by significantly reducing the time required for measuring and creating digital templates for glass constructions. Due to the Proliner’s accuracy, expensive waste products caused by inaccurate measurements now belong to the past.

    There is a clear distinction in the requirements for creating digital templates for flat glass constructions and (double) curved glass constructions. We offer special solutions for both. Operators can easily create, check and change digital measurements in the factory or on the job site and use the rapidly created DXF files for further processing or as direct input for machinery.

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    glass templating packages

    Proliner Glass Templator package (Architectural and Bent Glass)

    Since there is a clear distinction in the requirements for creating digital templates for architectural glass and (double) curved glass constructions, we developed complete glass package solutions for both.

    The Proliner Architectural Glass package is a complete digital templating solution that enables architectural glass fabricators to measure, check, edit and export digital templates of balustrades, backsplashes, worktops, windows, physical templates, and other flat glass shapes on-site as well as in the factory.

    The Proliner Bent Glass package is a complete digital templating solution for measuring and creating digital templates of bent glass constructions. The Bent Glass software enables glass manufacturers to model, flatten, frame and compare 3D glass shapes.

    Prodim will analyze your business activities and particular requirements and use our many years of experience in the glass industry to create the best total package for improving your templating and business processes now and in the future.

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