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Oct. 18-20, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

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    strike router
    New at GlassBuild

    2400ASR Auto Double-Prep Strike Router

    The 2400ASR is built for speed; it prepares 3 to 4 double strike jambs a minute or 4 to 5 single strike jambs a minute. Due to its high-speed cycle, it can be included in a production line or as an independent, high-volume workstation. It machines flat single or double rabbeted and split jambs, and the strike plate can have full lip, no lip, or a T-strike. It also provides machining for double full lip for a ball catch. The system is easy to operate with an intuitive, graphical touchscreen that enables quick selection of desired functions. The high frequency router motor is quiet, durable, and long lasting. The strong steel enclosure and double hand sensors keeps operator’s hands away from moving parts. The 2400ASR can accommodate a strike plate from 1/2 to 8 inches. The system can hold a 70- to 96-inch jamb with a width of 2-1/2 to 10-1/2 inches. The jamb thickness can be 3/8 to 1-1/2 inches. Optional features include a vacuum system.

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    glass cutting table
    New at GlassBuild

    CleanCut™ 1800 Series Glass Cutting Table

    GED’s CleanCut™ 1800 Series of glass cutting tables—which includes a cutting only model (1800) and an edge deletion and cutting model (1800-D)—complement the CleanCut 1700 Series and is scaled to accommodate larger glass, a maximum of 96 by 130 inches (244 by 330 centimeters). The systems combine patented technologies in hardware and software that allow customers to produce more insulating glass units, in a shift, more efficiently and at higher quality. Programmable cutting and deletion force uses electro-pneumatic actuation to deliver precise amounts of pressure for each glass stock resulting in reduced glass waste due to breakage, improved scoring and deletion quality, and reduced operations disruption. A regenerative braking system feeds unused power back to grid to provide energy savings and reduce the elimination of braking resistors and excessive heat generation. This all adds up to lower total operating costs and higher quality residential windows. Learn more at or call 330-963-5401. Read the press release. Visit the product web page.

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    New at GlassBuild

    Comet R4I

    CNC machining center with 5 controlled axes, for machining bars or
    workpieces made of aluminum, PVC, light alloys in general or steel up
    to 4 meters long.

    The machine has independent motor-driven vises that enable the vises
    to be positioned in concurrent operation time.

    The 4th and 5th axis allow the electric spindle to be controlled by the
    N/C continuously in the range -15° to +90° on the horizontal and -360°
    to +360° on the vertical axis for machining the top face and all the side
    faces of the workpiece.

    It is equipped with a 12-place tool magazine on board the X-axis slide,
    capable of containing a side milling cutter.

    It also has a traversing work table which makes workpiece loading/unloading easier and increases the machinable section considerably.

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    insulating glass spacer machine

    Erdman High Speed Parallel Process Dura Spacer IG Line

    The Parallel Process Line derives its name from the innovation of shuttling the topping lite to a back lane. Therefore, the two glass lites run parallel to each other. This and other advancements lead to a significant increase in speed over other lines.

    Vertical Insulating Glass Parallel Process Line vs. Traditional IG Line

    • Vertical automation is more ergonomic and has less wasted motion by the operator (not going from horizontal to vertical and back)
    • No manual touches to glass after washer
    • No close contact between operators
    • 3 to 4 operators versus 7 to 9 operators on a traditional line
    • Auto placement of spacer location
    • Argon is filled and finished on the line.
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    New at GlassBuild

    Haffner SAC 845


    The SAC-845 automates the application of screen mesh to a pre-assembled screen frame. The SAC-845 utilizes barcode scanning or direct ERP input to identify the screen frame, automatically choose and apply the correct screen mesh, insert the screen spline, and trim excess perimeter screen mesh. Estimated typical cycle time for a 24- by 36-inch window screen frame is approximately 35 seconds, including all handling.


    • 0.140” to 0.200” screen spline diameter
    • 2 position screen mesh applicator to optimize utilization and reduce scrap
    • Typical .010” thickness, polyester, nylon or PVC screen mesh
    • Input via HMI screen or via bar code scan
    • Minimum frame size 15” x 15”
    • Maximum frame size 30” x 60”, larger sizes available upon demand
    • Typical frame profile size, minimum- .375” x 1.125”, maximum- .5” x 1.125”.140” to .200” screen spline diameter


    • Model SAC-855 can accommodate larger sizes such as 48″ x 96″ patio doors as well as smaller window sizes

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    fenestration machining center

    MC304 ARIEL-5 Machining center 5 axis

    Ariel-5 is a 5 axis gantry type vertical spindle CNC machining centre, ideal for curtain walls and window wall profiles, but with great flexibility for any other in industrial sector.

    For high speed machining of aluminum, steel, brass, copper and PVC materials. The standard MMI version has individually motorized vises that simultaneously move into position for the next operation and with the optional MAM equipment can move during cycle.

    The Ariel-5-MDT is a complete machining solution that is able to cut the pieces to length, using the MDT clamp system independently and move the cut pieces to determined locations within the machine to allow end machining as well as the normal face and side workings. The Ariel-5-MDT can be used in numerous applications including windows, doors and curtain walls, automotive to aerospace, engineering, internal partitions, sign manufacturing, air conditioning and refrigeration. We have installed these machines for a very diverse range of applications including machining slots, pockets, holes, custom shapes, end slotting, tapping and rigid tapping, drilling and flow drilling.

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    machining center for doors and windows
    New at GlassBuild

    MC312 TAURUS

    Mecal’s MC312 Taurus 5 Axis Machining Centre is an enclosed 8-meter (315-inch) 5 Axis machining center, for ultra-high-speed machining of aluminum, steel, brass, copper and PVC materials. 

    The Taurus cannot be beaten on productivity. It is on average 30 percent faster than its nearest rivals, can be used in numerous applications including windows, doors and curtain walls, automotive, aerospace, engineering, internal partitions, sign manufacturing, air conditioning and refrigeration. We have installed these machines for a very diverse range of applications including machining slots, pockets, holes, custom shapes, end slotting, tapping, rigid tapping applications, drilling and flow drilling. 

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    film application machine

    PDS ProFilm System

    PDS PROFILM System allows fabricators to protect their glass immediately through a high-speed inline applicator that is capable of maintaining insulating glass (IG) line speeds.

    Why People Choose Protective Film

    • Product cleanliness from factory to finish
    • Reduces end of job cleaning time and costs (weld splatter, stucco, paint, mud, concrete, etc.)
    • Reduces potential for damage during manufacturing
    • Minimizes scratches during installation
    • Reduces product returns
    • Replaces interleaving between IG units
    • Serves as low-cost insurance

    System features:

    • Auto measuring technology that simplifies the life of the operator
    • Fast – ability to film more than 1,500 operating sized units per shift
    • No film trimming required. Operators just load and unload.
    • Module Sizes: 60 by 60 inches; 60 by 90 inches; 96 by 120 inches or made-to-order 
    • Accepts varying widths of film (8 to 16 inch)
    • Adjustable edge cutbacks (minimum 1⁄2 inch from edge).

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