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Smart Glazier Connect

New at GlassBuild
computer displaying software

Streamline your Glass Fabrication Process with Smart Glazier Connect

Introducing Smart Glazier Connect, the innovative e-commerce platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing glass fabrication software.

This intuitive software provides fabricators with a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for glaziers to send orders to fabricators.

Glass E-commerce: Receive online orders for various glass types, from IGs to custom tempered glass, through our intuitive portal, supported by built-in alerts to intercept potential errors.

Mobile-friendly Drawing: Experience the industry's premier glass drawing software that outpaces the competition. Fully browser-based, compatible with mobile, tablet, and laptop devices.

Fabrication Ready: Receive drawings ready for fabrication, reducing turnaround time. Convert hand-drawn orders and import DXF/DWG profiles for efficient processing.

Integration Capabilities: Purpose-built send books that can be customized to export everything you need to fabricate your glass in one click. Export to popular fabrication software, such as A+W, Optima, Lisec, and Glasstrax. Create DXF/CAD files for CNC and waterjet machines.

Smooth Imports: Import orders from Showers Online® and more. Streamline data entry, improve efficiency, and boost fabrication output.

Smart Glazier Connect will revolutionize your fabrication process. 

Visit Booth 1813 at GlassBuild to see it for yourself!

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