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QX Continuous Glass Tempering Furnace

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glass tempering furnace

Xinglass QX Continuous glass tempering furnace can be used for tempered glass production that requires extremely high output, and can also be used for film curing of amorphous silicon coated solar glass and other types of solar glass. The output of the continuous glass tempering furnace is increased by many times, which is suitable for processing large quantities of glass products, and can be continuously operated for 24 hours a day.

The heat insulation and heat preservation performance of the furnace insulation layer are excellent. With advanced furnace insulation layer technology, it is firm and durable. It will not fall off and affect the quality of the glass surface. The temperature of the outer surface of the furnace is not higher than 50℃. All insulation materials are imported high-performance heat-resistant insulation materials with high thermal resistance, which saves at least 25 to 40 percent of the electric energy compared with traditional tempering furnaces.

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