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PDS ProFilm System

film application machine

PDS PROFILM System allows fabricators to protect their glass immediately through a high-speed inline applicator that is capable of maintaining insulating glass (IG) line speeds.

Why People Choose Protective Film

  • Product cleanliness from factory to finish
  • Reduces end of job cleaning time and costs (weld splatter, stucco, paint, mud, concrete, etc.)
  • Reduces potential for damage during manufacturing
  • Minimizes scratches during installation
  • Reduces product returns
  • Replaces interleaving between IG units
  • Serves as low-cost insurance

System features:

  • Auto measuring technology that simplifies the life of the operator
  • Fast – ability to film more than 1,500 operating sized units per shift
  • No film trimming required. Operators just load and unload.
  • Module Sizes: 60 by 60 inches; 60 by 90 inches; 96 by 120 inches or made-to-order 
  • Accepts varying widths of film (8 to 16 inch)
  • Adjustable edge cutbacks (minimum 1⁄2 inch from edge).

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