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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA


New at GlassBuild
Sevasa Lineas Collection glass partition shown in an office, obscuring the view from one room into the next

New etched/engraved glass collection with linear patterns.

  • LINEAS-T (transparent)
  • LINEAS-S (satined)
  • LINEAS DINAMIC (3D motion)
  • SATENLINEAS (screen effect)

A subtle play of light with SatenDecor® satin, light diffusion and bright effects known from CriSamar® engraving. Choose privacy or transparency. Elegant, sophisticated, versatile and functional interior design:

  • Unalterable over time, it does not degrade or blur, unique light and brightness.
  • High resistance to fingerprints and very easy to clean.

Available in clear, low-iron, color and mirror* / Thickness: 3 - 12 mm (1/8” to ½”) and size Standard 2250 x 3210 mm (88” x 126”). It can be tempered and laminated*

*except double-sided products.

SatenDecor® and CriSamar® are trademarks from SEVASA.