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Oct. 18-20, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

FHC ACHIEVE™ FGR Frameless Glass Railing Systems

New at GlassBuild

Experience and Innovation – Frameless Hardware Company LLC (FHC) is proud to announce the addition of another innovative product to their portfolio of glass railing and windscreen solutions for commercial and residential applications. The FHC Achieve (Patent Pending) Frameless Glass Railing System offers the same performance characteristics of traditional glass railing systems, but with significantly expedited installation times. FHC's proprietary dual angle mechanical shim set geometry and economical installation/removal kit eliminate the hassle of traditional expansion cements and allow for adjustment/removal.

FHC’s Achieve mechanical shim set is a dry attachment system that is removed as easily as it’s installed. Designed and optimized to reduce stress on monolithic and laminated tempered glass, this is the next generation of glass railing systems.  

  • 40% Lighter Than Traditional Base Shoes
  • Innovative “One Seal” 1SGA Gasket Makes Installations Easy. Installers Pre-Load Gasket Before Setting Glass and Use the Same Gasket on the Inside to Finish Installation
  • Innovative Dual Angle Shim Sets  
  • 10’ and 20’ Stock Available Drilled or Undrilled
  • Designed for Heavy Glass Railing and Windscreen Applications
  • Custom Fabrication Available
  • Models for 1/2” – 9/16”, 11/16”, and 13/16” Tempered and Laminated Glass
  • Wide Range of Architectural Finishes

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