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8010 Series Single Blade Adjustable Sunshade

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building facade with sunshade

No two projects are the same when it comes to energy-efficient design. That’s why the CRL 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade offers flexibility in managing solar exposure and building envelope aesthetics. Blade angles can be adjusted from 0 to -35 degrees in 5-degree intervals with specialized brackets that attach to storefront and curtain wall frames. This unique feature delivers a sunshade system that can be tailored to a building’s geographical location.

The 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade enhances aesthetics as it does solar protection. Multiple blades can be attached to storefront or curtain wall frames, either horizontally or vertically. Airfoil or rectangular styles are available for improved visual compatibility. Splice joints can be specified to create a streamlined and continuous adjustable blade. These customizable aesthetic configurations are interchangeable, resulting in truly distinct façades.

With resiliency and sustainability playing a significant role in building design, the CRL 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade System offers a versatile and effective solution for reducing solar heat gain. Doing so alleviates interior cooling loads, thus improving energy efficiency. The Single Blade Sunshade is best suited for high performance storefront and curtain wall systems.

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