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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Window/Door Fabrication Equipment

83-CLM-327 special edition profile wrapping line

The 83-CLM-327 profile wrapping line has a manual slot nozzle but with an automatic foil position control and adjustment, the frame is open on the operator side to allow easy access to the operator to also adjust challenging shapes.

The drive is infinitely adjustable and the entire line is controlled via a 7" Touch Screen monitor

This edition is equipped with the “FUX Quick Slide Drive” quick adjustment of drive wheels, as well es an integrated external humidifier.

The 83-CLM-327 has its world premiere at this GlassBuild America 2021.

WinTrax™ Intelligent Logistics System & Handheld + Unique Interactive Experience

Utilizing cutting-edge RFID technology, WinTrax™ intelligent logistics system tracks window assemblies through the production process to shipment. A manufacturer can see real-time product location as window assemblies with uniquely encoded tags pass through gateways at each production stage. Use the new WinTrax Handheld to quickly locate lost windows with ease. Gain complete visibility of any window and reduce material, labor and window fabrication production costs.

How much will you save with WinTrax? Use our online Cost Savings Calculator.

PLUS, get to know GED IG and Window Systems and Software with an interactive window manufacturing plant featuring GED products. Take equipment tours and learn about machine key features, view videos and literature in a resource library, and browse 20,000+ genuine OEM parts for GED machines on The GED Store--GED's eCommerce site.


DMC-050 PVC Profile Processing Centre

The DMC-050 Series Profile Machining Center is specifically designed around North American PVC window systems to perform all cutting, milling, drilling and marking operations required for the processing of vinyl lineal profiles. The DMC-050-00 has a dual lineal feed system for processing frame profiles and the DMC-050-10 can process up to four sash profiles concurrently. As lineal processing is fully automated and CNC controlled, each machine requires only one operator to load PVC lineals and unload fully processed sash/frame profiles.

These multi-axis machines optimize the processing of window frame and sash components by incorporating CNC automation tied directly to a fabricators ERP integrated manufacturing system. Fully automated processing reduces component staging, material handling and labor input. Other features include vertical pneumatic clamping, scrap evacuation conveyor system, digital data error message monitoring and bar code labeling.

MAC-440 Aluminum Profile Processing Center

MAC 440 Machining Center is designed to perform standard operations on profiles such as milling, drilling, notching and marking, flowdrill and tapping, with computer control. The operations performed on more than one cutting machine are collected in a single machine, ensuring production speed and quality standardization, at the same time, labor cost is reduced.

The MAC 440 Profile Machining Center performs all operations on the profile with 0.1 mm precision with its ability to interpolate in 4 axes. The operation can be performed at all angles between + 120 ° and -120 ° continuously in the A axis.

The wide profile processing capacity is capable of processing profiles with different designs and sizes. System includes 10 tools and cutting blade, the tool change is automatic according to the process to be performed. Because the Tool Magazine is placed inside the machining head, MAC 440 can perform the tool change while it takes position for the next operation. With profile supports on the left and middle, MAC 440 can be used as two stations, thus allowing profile processing in one station while profile loading / unloading at the other station, thus increasing the production capacity up to 30%.

Robotic IG Direct-to-Sash & offload

Our latest innovation is using a robot to unload the Erdman® Dura or Super Spacer High Speed IG Line. The robot can unload directly into a prepared sash or on to a glass staging rack. The robot reduces the chance of injury from unloading larger heavy IG units, and reduces operators required to run the line.

S125 Static Table - Interlayer Cutter

Single- to low-ply precision cutting, marking, and punching of glass interlayer material

Eastman’s static table system is capable of cutting, marking, and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of up to 60 inches per second (152.4 cm/sec.). The static table system is available in a range of system lengths and widths to meet the demands for prototypes, one-offs and full-production runs. The system’s high-precision configuration features multi-axis motion for more defined and accurate cuts. Material is spread across the static table by an operator or with the use of a pneumatic gripper bar. The open plenum vacuum system design ensures evenly dispersed airflow for optimal material hold-down. This computer-controlled system features zoning capabilities to enable cutting in one area while the operator is simultaneously picking parts in another, maximizing daily production capacity.

  • Choice of standard, heavy-duty, or fiber tool head, featuring individually aligned and calibrated tool spindles with your choice of over 60 blades, punches, and notches.
  • A library feature within the operating control software allows the operator to save commonly used tool pressures and blade assignments based on job and material files.
  • Prevent unauthorized changes to the system and software with restricted login access.

C125 Conveyor System - Interlayer Cutter

Continuously cut and convey glass interlayer material with consistent speed and control

The Eastman Eagle C125 conveyor system, an automated interlayer cutter, boasts supreme capabilities for single- to low-ply cutting requirements. It has the ability to continuously convey rolled material goods with consistent speed and control. Eastman's gantry and tool head design are engineered to cut a variety of interlayer materials while exceeding industry standards for accuracy. The robust conveyor design delivers unrivaled levels of material utilization and is often capable of cutting multiple layers without plastic overlay. This computer-controlled cutting system requires minimal operator guidance to automatically feed and spread the material to the identified start position.

  • Exclusive InMotion™ software enables the conveyor to continuously move while the gantry is cutting (option)
  • Tremendous efficiency for pattern pieces exceeding the table length
  • Choice of 60 blades, punches, and notches

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