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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

Window Hardware (Commercial)

Crimsafe Security Screens

Crimsafe North America offers aesthetically appealing security and hurricane protection screens and doors fabricated with a 304-grade hi-tensile stainless steel woven mesh.  This mesh is secured within a structural grade aluminum frame using an internationally patented screw clamp design.  These products have increased in demand every year as crime continues to increase and homeowners become increasingly concerned with safety and storm protection.  Crimsafe is expanding and looking to add Dealers and Licensed Fabricators throughout North America.


Unlike traditional wrought iron security doors, burglar bars, or hurricane shutters, Crimsafe Security Screens are stylishly designed to complement any décor.  More importantly, Crimsafe security screens and doors are knife resistant, bash resistant, pry-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and nearly impenetrable.  Crimsafe offers the ultimate in design flexibility; offering a full line of hinged doors, sliding doors, sliding window screens, fixed window screens, Safe-S-Cape® (emergency exits), bi-fold doors, bi-fold windows, and patio enclosures.


Caldwell’s Revolutionary Outswing Operator the OMNI DRIVE™ is a Modular Operating System for Project Out and Outswing Casement Windows. It drives both the multi-point lock system and vent in a single operation. Caldwell’s OMNI DRIVE™ allows for screen frames up to .5” depth to remain in place while easily operating the window from the inside.

This ADA Capable system (application dependent) provides single handle control for complete vent operation. The unique, easy to use horizontal handle movement provides an ergonomic, aesthetic solution for system operation.

Our Newest Handle, the OMNI DRIVE™ Rainbow Handle moves the way a rainbow looks: laterally, without extending into the room! All OMNI DRIVE™ handles are available in Extended, utilizing our increased leverage design to help your commercial windows achieve ADA Compliance of less than 5 pounds of operation force (application dependent).

The OMNI DRIVE™ handle can also be easily replaced with our OMNI Auto-DRIVE™ Automation System.