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Weatherseal Products

Schall-Ex® L-15/30 WS Pivot

The Athmer Schall-Ex® high-performance drop seal is the standard for sound isolation. 

The pivot model features an adjustable roller actuator which can negotiate the edge of your jamb, wherever the door sits in the frame.  

As you may know, in order for the whole thing to work, the drop seal needs to be mortised alongside the pivot closer body, so a thicker door is required to accommodate both. Using a FritsJurgens System M or System One pivot in the door, you are looking at a minimum 2-3/4" door to provide the required clearances.

Sure, the actuator is cool, but it's what's packed the profile that is really the reason to specify Athmer dropseals.

  • Sound reduction up to 50db
  • Parallel and self-leveling deployment (no dragging).
  • Self-extinguishing silicone seals.
  • Removable actuator for protection of seals during construction.



FOAM seal has an excellent sealing function regarding multiple aspects:

  1. Extraordinary memory - the polyurethane foam gives high durability and rebound performance
  2. Stability - high thermal conductivity and stain proof
  3. Available in various colors
  4. Sound-proof function - foam is a good absorbent of sound.

Economize on energy - powerful sealing performance that prevents hot air from coming in.

foam window seal

Pile weatherstrip

Pile weatherstrip is suitable for various types of aluminum/plastic steel doors and windows. With high-rebound, long-lasting yarn mixed with antibacterial and anti-mold masterbatches, pile weatherstrip has the following options:

  1. Siliconized PP yarn to gain water resistance
  2. Optional adhesive backing with hot-melt glue
  3. Different densities, width and height according to usage
  4. Customized color
  5. Monofilament yarn for stiffness.
pile weathterstrip

warm edge frames and spacers for integrated blinds glass

CHINA WARM  EDGE TECHNOLOGY (NANJING) CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of warm edge frames and spacers for integrated blinds glass in China. Annual output is 30 million meters. The products have the following characteristics: 1. Effectively block the heat conduction through the edge of the insulating glass, thereby reducing K value of integrated blinds glass. 2. Excellent anti-condensation performance reduces the risk of condensation in integrated blinds glass. 3. Excellent support strength ensures the quality of the integrated blinds glass. 4. Good compatibility with supporting materials. They have a wide range of applications in the building industry, such as energy-saving doors and windows, energy-saving curtain walls, sunlight rooms, etc.

warm edge frames and spacers for integrated blinds glass

5000 Series Window Kerf Seals

  • 5001 is a co-extruded kerf seal with a 0.23-inch foam bulb
  • 5002 is a co-extruded kerf seal with a semi-hollow 0.30-inch bulb for optimal compression 
  • Both parts feature anti-stretch rigid stems with flexible fins for easy installation
  • UV Stabilized TPV offers excellent resistance to weathering, chemicals and compression-set
  • Fully recyclable TPE material
  • AAMA 702 Certified
  • These products are ideal for residential and light-commercial compression sealed window applications
  • Free samples available at
window seals

High Performing Sealing Systems

Now offering custom extruded and injection molded sealing solutions in EPDM, TPE, TPV, PVC, TPO, and others. Co-extrusion with different resins, as well as co-extrusion with roll form steel or wire for structural and thermal control.

Secondary fabrication including welding, notching, punching, taping and inserts.


Pools & Patio Screen

Pool & patio screen product is very good to keep insects out of your porch enclosure. It is a very durable screen material. Density is usually 18*14/inch and 16*14/inch, weight is 130g, 140g, 160g, etc.

screen roll

Fiberglass Insect Screen Mesh

Fiberglass insect screen mesh is made of glass fiber by means of a single filament plastic coating process, plain woven and thermal finalizing. It is best for keeping out a wide range of pests and insects.

screen mesh

Expanding Foam Sealant Tape

Expanding foam sealant tape is a compressible tape that combines the sealing properties of closed cell foam with the flexibility and conformability of an open cell tape. New foam sealant tape replaces caulk, spray foam, putty and other liquid sealants to provide an airtight and watertight seal for over 20 years. Expanding foam sealant tape does exactly as the name implies to fill gaps, seal joints, and provide insulation in window and door applications by blocking air, vapor, moisture and dust infiltration, especially on irregular surfaces and spaces.

Foam sealant tape is also great for gasketing, weatherstripping and more. Saturated foam sealant tape is a clean and convenient alternative to traditional sealants, which can become messy and difficult to use, especially in varying temperatures and environmental conditions. On the other hand, LAMATEK’s expanding foam tape remains easy to use.

This unique tape is made from a resilient, open cell, expanding urethane foam that is impregnated with a proprietary saturant so it provides superior sealing qualities without the compression set or restrictions of most closed cell foams.

expanding foam sealant tape

CX Series Kerf Mount Casement Seal

The CX series seal from Coda is a foam-filled bulb seal with a patent-pending rigid carrier design to aid in easy installation into vinyl profiles, as well as the ability to wrap a window after it has been welded. With Coda's patented installation process, operators can easily "roll" the bulb seal into a sash or frame with minimal effort and be sure the seal is installed securely and at the correct depth into the kerf slot.

window casement seal

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