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Oct. 18-20, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

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Weatherseal Products

Custom Extrusions

At Vip, we have decades of experience manufacturing thousands of unique custom plastic extrusions in almost every shape, size, and color you can imagine. Our specialty lies in making plastic profiles specifically for many window and glass applications. You tell us what you need, and we will manufacture it, meeting the highest quality standards.

We have an incredibly talented team of estimators, customer service and production professionals who will ensure your extruded plastic part will perform exactly as you need it to.

Our capabilities range from very complex, custom-made parts and profiles to simple, more common and standard shapes. We make our dies in house, so have the flexibility to create brand new parts when you are ready to order. Everything we manufacture is done at the time you place your PO. We do not carry inventory on most items and focus solely on one job at a time. And we manufacture parts in almost all plastic and rubber materials available.

If you need custom or standard extrusions, weather seal, gaskets, setting blocks or any other product to finish off your glass project, Vip can help make it happen.

large assortment of extrusion profiles

UltraCell Foam Seal

Ultrafab is proud to introduce our Ultra Cell® MicroCellular Foam Seals that feature new technology that offers better overall performance than any other weatherseal. This innovative product from the Ultrafab team leads the industry in compression set resistance, weatherability and color stability. The thermoplastic foamed interior of the seal also provides consistent low closing forces that can be tailored to your application needs.

TPE Foam Compression Seals

Softer weather seals with increased stability are a gap in the marketplace, as the industry evolves to meet growing demand for larger more expansive units. At AmesburyTruth, we are excited to introduce enhanced formulations within our Foam-Tite compression products that allow manufacturers to accommodate these needs. We now offer weather seals with reinforced stiffeners that can help to reduce shrinkage up to 50 percent, decreasing air and water infiltration. In addition, we offer seals with less than 5 pounds of compression force to assist manufacturers in achieving ADA compliance. As a solution provider, AmesburyTruth can collaborate with manufacturers to find innovative options that decrease labor requirements when inserting weather seals.

Please stop by booth #8029 to learn more about AmesburyTruth’s off-line and in-line insertion programs! 

foam compression window seals

Private Label Foaming Glass Cleaner

Available in 19 and 4-ounce cans. Cleans glass, mirrors, windows, shower glass, auto glass, chrome, and other hard surfaces. Guaranteed not to leave any film, streak free. Industrial strength. Non-ammoniated. Contains cosmetic grade alcohol for best performance. Can sprays in any position even upside down, and will spray 100% of contents. 50 cases (12 cans per case) per pallet is minimum order. Free freight on all orders. Customized artwork design will be provided for a small charge.

Super Spacer

A flexible, silicone foam spacer product, Super Spacer® provides the maximum in perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units and prevents condensation. Desiccant-filled with pre-applied side adhesive, the structural foam spacer significantly simplifies insulating glass (IG) production.

Featuring a vapor barrier backing, the product must be used in combination with conventional IG sealants such as hot melt butyl, polyurethane and solvent-free polysulfide. Dual seal equivalent sealants may also be used.

silicone foam spacer

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