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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Weatherseal Products


Compression seal. Foam, PP, TPE, and Dual Extrusion gaskets

  • Highly engineered embossed polyethylene liner
  • UV stabilization
  • Resilient urethane open-celled foam
  • Dual durometer insert
  • A range of foam types and cladding colors
  • Halogen-free
  • Cut-to-Lengths
  • Custom profile availability
  • Polypropylene Thermoplastic Elastomer availability

Multiple-Durometer Seals + High-Performance Coatings

Cooper Standard Industrial and Specialty Group’s (ISG) dual- and tri-extrusion materials create a profile with excellent compression set on the sealing side and a rigid base (slide-in or kerf mounted) that is easily inserted into a channel. Multiple-durometer profiles can be manufactured from EPDM, high-temperature silicone and plastic.

Such multiple-durometer profiles are derived from our iDea® Seal Technology. This co-polymer design features a custom or standard EPDM bulb and rigid plastic base. The result is a seal with an excellent compression set that easily slides into a channel and minimizes stretch.

High-performance coatings can also elevate seal performance. Slip coatings further improve part installation (low coefficient of friction), abrasion resistance or enhance aesthetics. In addition, coatings can offer long-term durability due to their excellent heat and freeze release properties, great weatherability and chemical resistance.

The coating process is performed in-line with the polymer extrusion, making it a cost-effective way to add value to our customers products. Cooper Standard ISG has the ability to coat an entire sheet, or a localized area, to meet your specific application performance requirements.

From standard to custom, we have the solution for you. Contact our engineers today to discuss the right design elements for your next project.


Accurate Seal Design & Optimization - FEA Analysis

Cooper Standard Industrial and Specialty Group’s (ISG) engineering team is focused on optimizing your rubber and plastic sealing profiles from creation to execution. We couple our rubber and plastic design expertise with Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) to fully optimize products to meet tight tolerances and deliver reliable, high-performing products.

FEA technology can help predict how components will perform in real-life applications. It allows our engineers to design profiles to perform under a specific application's impact, compression, or stress. FEA analysis assists to ensure precision, performance, and efficiency in our results.

Our engineers are experienced in creating rubber and plastic sealing solutions for Storefront, Curtainwall, Entry Door, Residential Windows, Interior Wall Systems, Skylights  and Garage Door Systems. Our engineers assist in everything from material selection to design performance. Below are a few featured products that we will display at GlassBuild America, booth 1713. 

  • Molded Corners, molded end details
  • Door seals
  • Die-Cut parts
  • Dual Durometers
  • Standard Profiles
  • iDea® seal capabilities
  • Fortrex®
  • Wide range of materials and capabilities – Commercial and Residential

Contact our engineers today to discuss your next project. 800.683.0676

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