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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Tempering Equipment

Mappi Supertemper

Mappi SUPERTEMPER, the new frontier for the tempering of fire resistant glass

There are various indicators of resistance and "hardness" of glass that are measured and researched to comply with the various regulations and applications: one of the main ones is the "Surface Stress" which is measured in Mpa. A tempered glass normally has a Surface Stress around> 69 MPa (10,000 Psi); However, there are particular applications, in which the customers' request is to have a “Surface Stress” of 160 Mpa or higher.

Mappi has developed particular technologies which condense the innovative solutions necessary to achieve a Surface Stress of 160 Mpa or higher in the normal dimensions of a tempering furnace. Mappi today introduces a brand, Mappi SUPERTEMPER, which identifies this unique possibility, a brand that all its customers can use to give even more value and prestige to their products.

A Mappi SUPERTEMPER tempering furnace achieves the characteristics necessary to certify E30 glass for fire resistance. A tempering furnace with the Mappi SUPERTEMPER option maintains all the characteristics that have made Ats 4.0 and Fox the milestones for those seeking excellence.




The TP Compact is a innovative tempering machine that can temper any type of flat glass (float, reflective, enamelled, screen-printed, processed and low-emissivity glass).

The TP Compact needs no further input. It is extremely easy to tweak parameters, such as glass thickness during production. This means you will be able to change the glass thickness without having to stop the machine or wait for the temperature to adjust. 

Thanks to our special patent and high quality materials, the system will reach an operating temperature of 680 °C in 60 minutes when it is first switched on and in 30 minutes at each subsequent session. This allows you to switch it off every night or over the weekend and switch it on again when you need it, rather than wasting your resources on electricity that does not contribute to your production. This eliminates the cost of maintaining the furnace temperature and makes the TP Compact not only cost effective, but more sustainable than any other tempering machine on the market.

The TP Compact’s heating section is entirely managed by our software, which independently regulates the zone in the furnace. Each zone is equipped with its own resistance, thermocouple, static relay, fuse, and dedicated temperature control channel. 



Productivity and flexibility at the highest levels

The new challenge for the glass industry is to keep pace with increasing demands for productivity and flexibility by remaining competitive. This entails a new entrepreneurial spirit, investments and, above all, a reconsideration of the corporate organization.

For over 60 years Bottero S.p.A. has been responding to these challenges with professionalism and expertise, thanks to its proven experience in integrated glass handling and storage systems, in cutting systems for float and laminated glass, beside the technologies 4.0 combined with AI.

With over 200 plants for the float glass production, Bottero is the “unmissable” partner for all those that produce and transform the glass.

Being the global indisputable leader in the field of cutting tables, Bottero S.p.A. expresses itself at its best in the integrated systems of storing, handling, cutting and processing of glass (grinding and drilling also in shape) with a wide range of products.

Some of our proposals:

  • Automatic warehouse equipped with aerial overhead gantry systems;
  • Shuttle system for the automatic feeding of cutting lines;
  • Automatic stocking system of rest pieces;
  • High-performing cutting line 548LAM X-Y for laminated glass;
  • Automatic cutting lines for laminated glass and float glass (363BCS);
  • Automatic robotized area with automatic unloading on A-racks, L-racks and harp racks

EVO, the platform that goes beyond cutting

The EVO cutting platform is the top of the range Bottero cutting systems, offering exclusive performance and flexibility. Thanks to the option of equipping the machines with two additional tools besides the cutting tool, the EVO systems can be equipped, in addition to the low-e glass grinding, for example, for laser cutting or labelling of the processed piece. This option makes the EVO systems ideal for forming part of the automated and controlled production flow, which is typical in advanced glass factories and set forth in the “Industry 4.0” regulation.

The EVO range stands out due to its modularity and versatility, thanks to which the float cutting tables can be totally configured according to specific customer requirements: from stand-alone cutting tables intended for small productions, up to intensive high automation level production systems, fully integrated with Low-E grinding devices and marking, and loading and breakout modules.

Each constructive and functional feature of the EVO range is designed to ensure extreme processing precision and maximum productivity, at the service of each specific production requirement.


LandGlass ULTRA JET Tempering Furnace

The LandGlass ULTRA JET Tempering Furnace features OptiFlow Technology via a splitter in the convector of the heating oven that ensures convection evenness. Additionally, intelligent isoControl Technology provides an upgraded built-in heat control system that provides a smooth heating curve.

The Ultrajet dramatically reduces the edge kink defects occurring in the heating chambers. This feature significantly improves the flatness of the tempered glass.

Xinglass Glass Tempering Furnace

The new QX-GTH glass tempering furnace from Xinglass has advanced automatic functions that can largely help reduce the production cost and labor cost. It is designed for various glass types, including clear glass, patterned glass, sandblasted glass, coated glass, concave-convex glass, tinted glass, hard-coated glass and soft-coated Low-E glass. The tempered glass meets standards ANSI Z97.1, EN 12150-1:2000, GB15763.2-2005, and the tempering standard of JIS R 3206.

In need of meeting the customers’ needs for more reliable and flexible control for the heating process, the control system has integrated a new intelligent heating control algorithm. It ensures heat is evenly distributed with 10 percent accuracy improvement. The QX-GTH glass tempering furnace uses high heat-resistance insulation materials. It improves the heating performance and the quality of tempered glass. In addition, Xinglass’ air convection technology realized uniform temperature distribution under different loading modes.

The quenching section of the newly designed tempering furnace is a big innovation as well. This new design uses the inertia of the blower impellers for cooling the glass. It can cool down the glass in various ways, which minimizes the waste of energy from the rotation of blower impellers. With the usage of advanced separate quenching technology, the furnace not only ensures the tempering quality but also achieves the purpose of energy-saving. The optimized quenching process reduces most product defects for soft coating and hard coating low-E glass. This technology is well received by glass fabricators.

Owl 4 Furnace Optimization System

Owl 4 Furnace Optimization System: Recipe Selection / Load Validator / Missing Part Notifier. 

New to the Owl 4 - Missing Part Notifier technology:

  • Provides a check for losses in the furnace.
  • The Owl 4 communicates with an Osprey to confirm all parts in a load are present. If not, it will alarm the operator. 
  • Missing Part Notifier provides a .csv report for all loads

The Owl 4 collects data in real-time, the furnace recipe is defined and heat time is optimized for the load as it enters the furnace. The Owl 4 will also detect fault conditions in the glass or load geometry to stop the glass load before the load enters the furnace.

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