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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Sustainable Products

GO-512S-280 Glass Coolant Filtration

The FILTERTECH model GO-512S-280 is the perfect solution for coolant processing and filtration for the glass industry. Keeps coolants clean to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and extends coolant life to provide a stable process.


  • All wetted surfaces SS construction
  • Filters continuously even when not grinding
  • Capacity up to 10 GPM
  • Optional chiller
  • Optional chilled water coil
  • Can be portable or stationary
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Minimal dirty return connection height


  • Glass grinding
  • Glass shaping
  • Ceramic grinding
  • Ceramic shaping
  • CNC machining


Providing easy connection to the process, the GO-5125-280 continuously cleans process coolant removing particulate as small as 0.5 micron in size while a flow of 110% of capacity gives constant filtering even when the coolant flow from the process is stopped. The large capacity basket has a removeable stainless steel liner for ease of cleaning. The continuous circulation and cleaning improves process stability while prolonging the life of the coolant and grinding pads. 


Solarban® R77 Solar Control Low-E Glass

Utilizing a magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) solar control, low-emissivity (low-e) coating, Solarban® R77 glass joins Vitro Glass’s family of neutral-reflective low-e glasses to showcase reflectivity that is higher than that of Solarban® 67 glass but lower than that of Solarban® R100 glass.

Thanks to its balanced, reflective visual quality, Solarban® R77 glass is ideal for realizing façade and curtainwall designs intended to capture the visual character of the sky and ambient environment.

On the building exterior, Solarban® R77 glass offers a crisp, silver-blue transmitted color. On the building interior, Solarban® R77 glass provides clear exterior views and soft, natural, neutral daylighting. Its low interior reflectance means Solarban® R77 glass offers crisp, lively views of the outdoors.

Solarban® R77 glass must always be heat-treated, even for laminated applications commonly suited for annealed glass.

Solarvolt™ Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Modules

Solarvolt™ building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) glass modules allow you to use Vitro Glass products to produce CO2-free power — and even potentially replace conventional building components like wall cladding. To meet design and environmental performance objectives, Solarvolt™ BIPV modules can be used with Solarban® low-e coatings, Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass, Acuity™ low-iron glass, our full range of tinted glasses and virtually any other Vitro Glass product. 

Next-generation, energy-efficient design is inevitable when you start with new Solarvolt™ BIPV modules by Vitro Architectural Glass.  

Applications include building facades, sunshading, overhead glazing and balustrades.


Innergy® Architectural Products

Innergy® Architectural Products from Deceuninck North America is a line of fiber-reinforced polymer parts custom designed for curtain wall systems, windows, doors and storefront systems. Innergy AP components deliver metal-like structural strength and very low conductivity for excellent thermal performance.

Innergy AP components are custom designed to fit into existing commercial fenestration products and include pressure plates, structural thermal struts, reinforcements and curtain wall components. This eliminates the need for a complete redesign of existing curtain wall or storefront systems while bolstering their thermal performance. In fact, Innergy AP parts deliver up to 900 times more energy efficiency when compared to traditional materials like aluminum.

579 Series – Commercial PVC Window System

579 Series windows from Deceuninck North America prove that PVC competes in commercial. 579 Series offers enhanced thermal performance for commercial projects, specifically for remodeling, replacement and new mid-rise construction, and serve as an excellent alternative to aluminum.

These contemporary, modern windows are available in more than just white, with a wide color palette, including bronze, black and more. 579 Series windows are versatile, impact-capable (hurricane-resistant) windows that accommodate more than 100 accessory options, giving customers a plethora of design choices.

Simulated divided lites (SDLs) may be used to replace old aluminum windows on commercial structures, effectively upgrading them with 21st century performance while maintaining the existing aesthetic of a building or neighborhood.

Deceuninck will display the 579 Series window for the first time in-booth at GlassBuild America 2021, it was previously introduced virtually at GlassBuild Connect.

Performance highlights:

  • Exterior reinforcement for high design pressure (DP) applications
  • Triple weather stripping at head and sill for optimal performance
  • Impact-capable
  • Sill dam adjusts to meet performance requirements
  • Fusion welded corners in frame and sash add strength and provide better air and water performance that does not deteriorate over time

Guardian Bird1st™ Etch glass

Guardian Glass North America now offers Guardian Bird1st Etch glass in four distinct bird-friendly patterns for exterior building applications.

Guardian Bird1st Etch glass joins Guardian Glass’ family of bird-friendly products to give architects additional options to achieve their desired design aesthetic and glass performance while reducing the likelihood of bird collisions with windows.

By pairing a Bird1st Etch pattern on surface 1 and a Guardian SunGuard® low-E coating on surface 2 of an insulating glass unit, the project can achieve desired energy performance while meeting bird-friendly standards.

Available in four different patterns on translucent glass, Guardian Bird1st Etch glass products include Threat Factor scores1 to quantify collision-avoidance effectiveness.

These products are available on Guardian UltraClear® low-iron glass and standard clear glass and can be paired with Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral® 68, SNX 62/27 and SNX 51/23 coatings on the same lite of glass. The glass can be heat-treated and used with laminated glass for safety. Guardian Bird1st Etch glass is currently available in 96”x130” size on 6mm float glass through the Guardian Select® Fabricator network.

For more information on Guardian Bird1st Etch glass, visit

1 Threat Factor scores indicate the percent of times in which birds will not avoid collision.



BirdKare® is Sevasa's bird-safe glass solution with specific acid-etched design. It minimizes day/night risk of bird collisions with different dot (BK 572, BK-573) or linear patterns (BK 574).

Sevasa's acid-etched visual markers are defined by means of size, density, contrasted surface structure and glass side (exterior, side #1) in order to minimize risks such as mirror effect or fly-through conditions.

It complies with local regulations or national guidelines, when required. It meets the recognized 2x4 rule and other tighter mandatory or voluntary regulations.

Applications: Façades, windows, railings, balconies, sound barriers, windbrakes, shelters, vegetated roof and terraces, glass corners...

Specifications: Options for any glass base, clear, low-iron or coated on side #2 low-E, reflective, solar control ... (to consult). / Thickness from 5/34" to 1/2 " in. / Sizes: standard 88x126" (other sizes to consult)


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