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Supplies and Tools

Glass Labels with Ultra Removable Adhesive

Specialty labels for the glass and tempering industries. Our Ultra Removeable labels are manufactured to be placed on and removed from any glass object many times over without leaving any glue or residue behind.

Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Infor CPQ has over 20 years of experience in fenestration and is widely regarded by the analyst community as the best solution for manufacturers, with its ability to handle simple and very complex pricing and configuration. Infor CPQ brings our customers’ products to life through an interactive, dynamic, real-time, 3D engagement experience for selection visualization. This supports brand engagement during the research process and captures the anonymous users’ interest long before engagement with sales, driving inclusion in unknown opportunities.

From within a corporate website, quoting experience, CRM, and / or ERP, Infor CPQ’s rich, compelling, visual platform allows any user – an anonymous prospect, customer, salesperson, distributor, dealer – to research, select, specify, quote, and order their simple and complex products faster. This wins more business, differentiates brand, and avoids wasted time, duplicate activities, costly errors, and friction within the processes.

Infor CPQ’s unique and deep manufacturing integration is standard with Infor (and non-Infor) ERPs, using the exact same technology to generate accurate bills, routings, shop orders, CAD drawings, and model assemblies. This decreases costs, by leveraging a single technology platform from research to delivery.  Infor CPQ’s enterprise solution delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the fenestration industry. 

pricing app


  • Portable product stands and tabletop display case to showcase your products in the most functional and compact manner 
  • Tabletops, table stands, pop-up displays, fold-down displays, carrying handle solutions, etc. 
  • Fabric slip covers to not only protect your investment, but also help market your brand in your choice of material 
  • Marine vinyl, denier polyester fabric, screen printing, embroidery, etc. 
display cases and stands

Tuff-N-Lite Glazier Jacket

Tuff-N-Lite Cut-resistant Glazier Jacket with AirFlow Tech

The Keel Zippered Jacket offers easy access for putting on or removing the jacket with a full front nonmetallic, scratch-resistant zipper while providing the comfort and breathability of casual clothing. However, with an ASTM-1790 cut level 4, our jackets give you the cut and slash protection you expect from the Tuff-N-Lite PPE line. Orange sleeves provide maximum visibility. The ribbed collar provides excellent neck protection and is lined with Coolmax® for comfort and comes with a 3- or 4-inch collar height for more protective coverage. The breathable fabric stretches in any direction for comfort and a full range of motion while offering superior resistance to lacerations and abrasions. Added wrist guards for extra security that have hidden thumb loops or thumbholes for better hand protection. Tuff-N-Lite® PPE products are treated with Micro-Texpur® anti-microbial to dramatically reduce harmful microbe growth resulting in reduced odors, mold, and mildew. Easily laundered in cold water and dried in low heat!

Vista Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Compound

Salem Fabrication Supplies brings you Vista, an exclusive premium cerium oxide glass polishing compound. Vista is a versatile, competitively priced, white polishing compound that is equally effective in both production glass polishing applications and glass cleaning in pre-silvering scrubs. Vista’s formulation exhibits a free-flowing sheeting action that reduces both carry-out and the necessity for the post polish cleaning of glass and equipment. Contact Salem today to learn more. GO BEYOND THE EDGE.

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Salem Fabrication Supplies is a division of Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc.

We Are 100% Employee Owned.

container of Vista polishing compound next to scoop

ClearPad VPIR-200

Ritec ClearShield® Durable ‘Non-Stick’ Easy-Clean Glass Surface Protection

NEW! ClearPadTM VPIR-200 vertical pad Ritec ClearShield® application with infrared-reflective (IR) pre-heating


The most efficient way of pad-applying Ritec ClearShield®

  • Reduces handling, labor costs and application training
  • Faster production with IR pre-heating for instant curing
  • Increased and consistent coverage rate
  • Management and control software to maximize product usage and avoid waste
  • Small footprint.
machine that applies surface protection to glass

Magid® D-ROC® RepTek Grip® Silicone Palm Coated Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

Glass work is more dangerous than other types of manufacturing. Too often, that means the gear you need to keep people safe is bulky, cumbersome, and hot. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Magid’s new PPE innovations for glass handling are changing the game to offer the highest levels of protection with unmatched comfort and range of motion. Finding flexible gloves that won’t smudge glass, but that still provide enough cut resistance to keep workers safe isn’t easy. Magid innovated window manufacturing gloves that last up to 6 times longer than the competition and provide butyl adhesion resistance. These gloves deliver a combination of high cut resistance, dexterity, and durability for protection no other solution on the market can beat!

2 pairs of safety gloves

Magid® M-Gard® with AeroDex® Technology Extremely Lightweight Cut-Resistant Garments

Glass work is more dangerous than other types of manufacturing. Too often, that means the gear you need to keep people safe is bulky, cumbersome and hot. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Magid’s new PPE innovations for glass handling are changing the game to offer the highest levels of protection with unmatched comfort and range of motion. Our revolutionary M-GARD® breathable garments are up to 30 percent lighter than competitive products and deliver critical ANSI Cut Level A7-A9 protection at a great value. These garments feature AeroDex® Technology and integrate new fibers and yarn wrapping techniques to give you lighter weight garments that won’t trap heat. Choose AeroDex for the highest levels of cut protection with unmatched comfort and breathability at a price that can’t be beat!

upper body protective garment

A+W Smart Companion for Fenestration Manufacturing

Barcode scanners are an indispensable tool for window and door manufacturers. Smartphones and smart devices are playing an increasingly important role, when equipped with the A+W Smart Companion App for the A+W Cantor software solution. Smartphone cameras allow barcodes to be scanned directly and to display additional information. The app supports materials management and requests, dynamic forms (the customer customizes their own scenarios in Production), and increases digitalization. The intuitive user interface requires no training, which helps save time and money.

A+W Smart Companion for A+W Cantor is currently available for Production and Stock.

In the dispatch area of production, the app can book finished elements and accessories onto racks while also assigning them to an area. This allows several elements to be scanned simultaneously in so-called continuous mode (camera mode).

As a mobile info terminal (read mode), the app provides support by displaying, for example, the production status of individual order items. This provides information at all times during production.

The stock area allows goods receipt, material transfer postings, and inventory postings to be completely processed via the app. For example, an overview of all counted items can be displayed and found directly in A+W Cantor.

App for fenestration manufacturing displayed on phone

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