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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

Supplies and Tools

Osprey 10 Complete

Osprey 10 Complete Anisotropy, Overall Bow Recognition + Distortion

  • NEW to Osprey 10 Complete -Overall Bow Recognition - OBR is a LiteSentry proprietary quality test that recognizes bowed or bi-stable pieces of glass in real-time and displays results alongside other Osprey data before pieces are removed from the furnace unload table.
  • The Osprey measures all types of anisotropy, optical distortion, flatness, and local and overall bow over the entire area of the glass. 

The Osprey system is installed over the unload conveyor of a flat glass heat-treatment line, measuring and reporting anisotropy, optical distortion, flatness, and thickness of the heat-treated glass. Each glass sheet is measured and data is collected and stored for each glass sheet.

Osprey 10 Inspection Systems from Litesentry

Magid® D-ROC® RepTek Grip® Silicone Palm Coated Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

Glass work is more dangerous than other types of manufacturing. Too often, that means the gear you need to keep people safe is bulky, cumbersome, and hot. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Magid’s new PPE innovations for glass handling are changing the game to offer the highest levels of protection with unmatched comfort and range of motion. Finding flexible gloves that won’t smudge glass, but that still provide enough cut resistance to keep workers safe isn’t easy. Magid innovated window manufacturing gloves that lasts up to 6X longer than the competition and are certified by HB Fuller for butyl adhesion resistance. These gloves deliver a combination of high cut resistance, dexterity, and durability for protection no other solution on the market can beat!


Magid® M-Gard® with AeroDex® Technology Extremely Lightweight Cut-Resistant Tops

Glass work is more dangerous than other types of manufacturing. Too often, that means the gear you need to keep people safe is bulky, cumbersome, and hot. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Magid’s new PPE innovations for glass handling are changing the game to offer the highest levels of protection with unmatched comfort and range of motion. Our revolutionary M-GARD® breathable garments are up to 30% lighter than competitive products and deliver critical ANSI Cut Level A7-A9 protection at a great value. These garments feature AeroDex® Technology and integrate new fibers and yarn wrapping techniques to give you lighter weight garments that won’t trap heat. Choose AeroDex® for highest levels of cut protection with unmatched comfort and breathability, at a price that can’t be beat!


Adseal Structural 4940


  • Ideal for two and four-sided curtain walls and architectural panel manufacturing
  • Meets ASTM C920, S, NS, class 50, NT, G, A, O
  • Excellent adhesion to anodized aluminum and glass
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Excellent resistance to UVs
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low VOC

Education and training

NFRC provides a wide range of educational resources that empower people to identify the windows, doors, and skylights that can help make their homes and buildings more comfortable and more energy-efficient while also contributing to the green and healthy building movement. 

Gforce Max Scratch Removal Kit

For over 15 years, GlasWeld’s distortion-free scratch removal system has saved companies millions by reducing wasted glass and time. Now, they’re making the process easier than ever with the new Gforce Max. 

Engineered specifically for scratch removal, the Max features an integrated water feed system, ergonomic rubber grip, and self-leveling backer pad. Even beginner techs can use the Max to remove scratches in minutes without causing distortion.

Save 90% of scratched glass and watch your profit margins skyrocket with GlasWeld’s Gforce Max.


High Speed Wheels for CNC Machines

“High Speed Wheels” are BDT’s new peripheral wheels for CNC machines for glass and Dekton processing with high performing features in terms of speed and quality results. The idea behind these wheels is to highlight their special feature, that is to say working speed. The market is now requesting high quality, more performing and faster tools, and the advantage cannot only be the result, but also savings in time and ease-of-use.

The entire BDT staff has been working for some months on the design of a new range to satisfy all requests coming from end users and distributors. And that’s what Bovone Diamond Tools has decided to challenge… with three types of wheels: flat edge wheels, trapezoidal wheels and routers. The particular feature of the flat profile wheels is the new design of the sectors, which are smaller and set more closely together; as a result, they can reach speeds of 10 metres/minute, operating at 7,500 rpm.

The trapezoidal wheels are made differently compared with traditional ones and have a different grit size. Accordingly, they can reach speeds of up to 8 metres/minute, again at 7,500 rpm. The new routers also feature the modified sector design and can reach speeds of up to 50 per cent higher than traditional ones, being estimated to operate at around 12,000 rpm. The wheels were tested on a new machining centre recently purchased to allow in-house testing of peripheral wheels, and thus represent the result of this important investment. The excellent results obtained with glass processing were repeated with Dekton, showing its very close relationship with glass.


EF5 - Premium Diamond Peripheral Wheels

The new EF5 line of premium diamond peripheral wheels, from Salem Fabrication Supplies, combines high operating speeds with excellent life. As part of our Storm Series of products, these wheels use the most advanced diamond tool technology to create the optimum matrix – enabling them to operate at speeds up to 10 m/min without sacrificing life. The wheels in this series feature lightweight composite or aluminum bodies which provide better balance and help to reduce unnecessary spindle wear. The EF5 line offers unbeatable performance – taking your production to the next level. Contact Salem today to learn more. GO BEYOND THE EDGE.


EnerEDGE Warm-Edge Spacer

EnerEDGE® is a pre-desiccated, ready-to-apply, cellular silicone warm-edge spacer that is suitable for a wide range of insulating glass constructions in fenestration applications. EnerEDGE spacer is inset and applied to a glass lite’s perimeter to enable fabrication of dual and triple-glazed IG units in conjunction with a quality applied perimeter sealant.

ISO 17025 Laboratory Testing

ISO 17025 certified laboratory specializing in product certification testing of building envelope and fenestration systems and products such as windows, doors, curtain walls, window walls, railings, structural wall panels, and hurricane protection products.