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Supplies and Tools


Automatic Cutting and Machining Center

5-6 axis CNC cutting and machining center designed to perform all the machining and cutting in an optimized way on PVC profiles.

The system is composed of an automatic bar loading magazine which feeds, through a gripper pushed by a brushless motor, a Machining Module capable of accommodating up to 12 spindles (6 Standard) High Speed and a rising 1-blade Cutting Module that guarantees extremely precise cuts.

Compact and versatile, it is a system built with the most innovative technology available on the market and guarantees extremely high reliability and precision over time.

Advanced Solutions:

  • Versatile, reliable and precise over time.
  • Optimize production lists:
    Fewer bars used thanks to Graf Synergy software.
  • Maximum Precision Over Time:
    Automatic profile alignment system (it linearizes the bar that is not perfectly straight) and CNC Profile gripper with reading of the real position by centesimal magnetic strip.
  • User Friendly:
    Intuitive system for simple management of work cycles.
  • High Technology:
    Machining Module capable of hosting up to 12 High Speed spindles (6 Standard) a rising 1-blade Cutting Module.

Fab Cut F1 is equipped with a modern production list management software that allows you to automatically import the cutting lists, allowing the optimization of the number of bars to be used while keeping track of the machine's operation.

An automatic profile alignment system is also installed on the system which, in the event that the bar is not perfectly straight, linearizes it allowing optimal workpiece processing.


The first and only 4-head CNC welding machine in the world that completely eliminates the welding bead from the corner and allows you to weld profiles with glass or a closing panel already inserted inside the switchboard.

Unique machine of its kind, it performs perfect welding guaranteeing absolutely flat and homogeneous surfaces also with profiles that, instead of the metal reinforcement, have inside them non-weldable products such as fiberglass, aluminum or other components.

5 Reason to choose SL4 FF EVO:

  • Allows welding profiles coated with any type of film or foil.
  • Time and cost reduction: After welding, there is no need to clean or touch up.
  • Labor reduction: Not having to finish the corners, only 1 operator is required to load the profiles.
  • Space saving: Extremely compact machine (starting from just 20 square meters).
  • Solves the problem of profile tolerances: It has a special automatic calibration system that allows you to compensate the profiles tolerances.

The basis of the project is the V-Perfect Technology, a patent that allows you to work painted or coated PVC profiles with films but also to combine them with acrylic coatings or real materials such as laminates in wood or aluminum and without having to touch up with the marker anymore.

All the necessary operations are therefore carried out automatically, including milling with the High Speed system.

Zialoc Boot Silicone Transition Strip

Zialoc Silicone Boot or Zialoc Silicone Strip, is a customizable sheet rubber that is used in curtain wall and window wall systems. This product is perfect for internal applications and acts as a barrier against air and water infiltration. This product was introduced by TBP Converting as an efficient way to span gaps between curtain wall openings and their adjacent air and vapor barrier systems. The product quickly found uses in many other scenarios such as test walls, curtain wall splices and general transition gaps.

TPV Setting Blocks

  • PIB Compatible
  • Gunable Silicone Sealant Compatible
  • Cheaper than silicone, but just as high performing 
  • Fully recyclable TPE material
  • 19 standard sizes available
  • Dense material won't distort over time.
setting blocks


Glass work is more dangerous than other types of manufacturing. Too often, that means the gear you need to keep people safe is bulky and cumbersome. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Magid’s new PPE innovations for glass handling are changing the game to offer the highest levels of protection with unmatched comfort and range of motion. Finding flexible, non-marring gloves that still provide enough cut resistance to keep workers safe isn’t easy. In 2023, Magid innovated raw glass handling work gloves with non-marring crinkle latex that offers soft, flexible comfort and two times the durability of traditional latex palm. The GPD585 offers cut level A5 and the hi-vis version (GPD985) is rated cut level A9.

cut-resistant work gloves


Glass work is more dangerous than other types of manufacturing. Too often, that means the gear you need to keep people safe is bulky, cumbersome, and hot. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Magid’s new PPE innovations for glass handling are changing the game to offer the highest levels of protection with unmatched comfort and range of motion. Our revolutionary M-GARD® breathable garments are up to 30 percent lighter than competitive products and deliver critical ANSI Cut Level A5-A9 protection at a great value. These garments feature AeroDex® Technology and integrate new fibers and yarn wrapping techniques to give you lighter weight garments that won’t trap heat. The new mesh back version was introduced in 2023 and aids in heat dissipation. Choose AeroDex® for the highest levels of cut protection with unmatched comfort and breathability at a price that can’t be beat!

cut-resistant work garments

Reusable Rack Tracking

Reusable transportation racks are a supply chain nightmare. They leave your facility and disappear forever. They can be out of stock, causing production or shipping holds. SMART uses IoT technology to track racks anywhere in North America, with location and inventory data accessible on any device. The system is easily implemented and cost efficient. Major glass companies have experienced a 500%+ ROI in the first year of using the SMART system. 

Ultra Speed CNC Peripheral wheel

1-  Open at the back of wheel allow cooling injection, all machines can have internal cooling function

2-  Cooling injection to opening: direction the same as wheel rotation means more water spray from segments

3-  A large number of holes allow cooling and chips to flow out much faster for quicker cooling

4-  Fast cooling brings ultra high speed; fast chip flow allows ultra-high surface finishing

5-  Patent design with unique anti-deformation capability that lasts extremely long

6-  PRY wheel suggested to work at RPM8000+

CNC peripheral wheel

Ultra Drill

Our drill features:

1-Two to three times the tool life vs. standard core drill bits

2-No dressing required for life of drill bit

3-Better wear "curve" results in cleaner high-quality holes throughout life of drill bit

4-Measurable payback & reduced production costs; longer life + less maintenance & downtime + consistent quality. 


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