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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Storefront & Entrances

Innergy® Architectural Products

Innergy® Architectural Products from Deceuninck North America is a line of fiber-reinforced polymer parts custom designed for curtain wall systems, windows, doors, and storefront systems. Innergy AP components deliver unparalleled structural strength with very low conductivity for excellent thermal performance.

Innergy AP components are custom designed to fit into existing commercial fenestration hardware systems and come in a variety of options, including pressure plates, structural thermal struts, reinforcements and other curtain wall components. This eliminates the need for a complete redesign of existing curtain wall or storefront systems while bolstering their thermal performance. Innergy AP components possess the strength of aluminum but are much more thermally efficient. They impart 900 times more energy efficiency than aluminum, possess 100% flexural memory, exhibit zero creep under structural loads, and have a 7,500 Kilopounds per square inch (Kpsi) bending modulus.

Innergy AP pressure plates are fastened to the outside of mullions in a curtain wall system to hold the glass in place.

The rigid thermal reinforcements provide support and a thermal break for window and door systems and serve as an energy-efficient alternative to aluminum inserts.

Curtain wall components are customized solutions designed to meet the design, structural support requirements and energy efficiency of the building they are used for.

USAW700 FEMA361-21 Storm Impact Rated Window System for Protection from Tornadoes & Hurricanes

USBP is proud to launch our new USAW700 aluminum frame window system tested to FEMA361-21 requirements in order to withstand the most violent weather conditions, including hurricanes and tornadoes. The window system can  provide simultaneous protection from blasts, forced entry and a protective ballistic rating of UL 752 Level 5. The system is designed to meet all of today's architectural requirements including a full 1-inch thermal break to ensure optimal levels of energy conservation. Come visit us at Booth 2611 to learn more!

storm impact window system

Select SL11 SD Standard Duty Concealed Geared Continuous Hinge

83-, 85-, 95- and 120-inch lengths standard for nominal door heights. Custom lengths are available. 

Heavy Duty hinge also available. Tested per BHMA standards. Up to 200-pound doors (high-frequency) and up to 400-pound doors (medium-frequency) without frame or door reinforcement; up to 600-pound doors (low-frequency) with the use of Rivnuts in the frame and door. 

Clear, Dark Bronze and Black anodized aluminum finishes in stock. 

We also have the following electric preps available: EPT, ATW, EMS, CTW4, CTW5, CTW8, CTW10, CTW12, CMG, AP and RP.

concealed hinge

Aluminum Storefront Doors

Whether you need a single or double-door solution, we've got you covered. Our storefront doors come in a variety of standard sizes and finishes, so you can choose the perfect match for your business. And with our great prices and easy online ordering, it's never been easier to upgrade your storefront and boost your customer's curb appeal.

aluminum storefront doors

Aluminum Window Grilles

FrontLine Bldg. Products Inc., a 40+ year veteran in the grille business, has the solution for storefront grilles. Our Aluminum Surround grille has a robust construction using a double corner key design and a 1-3/8-inch depth that screws into your new or existing storefront frame. The Glaze-In Surround grille attaches at the time of the frame installation. For both surround grilles, the intermediate grille profile is screwed to the surround profile for additional durability. Silicone discs eliminate rattle and allow for easier spray-cleaning. We also have our go-to SDL grilles that are tape-applied available in a myriad of profiles.

Any of our aluminum grille options use our closed halving joint (“dado”) for a stronger grille assembly. Grilles are available in angled and radius shapes, fully assembled for easy installation to save time on your jobsite or unassembled (SDL only) to save shipping costs. Any option is available in color matched paint or anodized, providing a beautiful, finished look to your storefront.

You can find us at GlassBuild America Booth #212!



storefront window grilles

ArmorPlast Gen II

For excellent smash-and-grab protection, our ArmorPlast Gen II overglaze standard-duty storefront retrofit system is a popular lightweight system that is incredibly strong and provides exceptional security at an affordable price. We have designed the ArmorPlast Gen II Standard Series security framing to offer extreme durability with a smaller footprint than our larger models. Compatible with 1/4- or 3/8-inch ArmorPlast security or ballistic infill panels. Extrusion assemblies come standard with setting blocks, gaskets and fasteners.

YHS 50 TU Storefront System

With storefront systems being a crucial element to many of today’s architectural projects - particularly retail and mixed-used - the thermally broken and pre-glazed YHS 50 TU storefront system is designed to meet the continued need for fast installation and high thermal performance while withstanding the most demanding conditions.

This system builds on the success of the manufacturer’s existing YHS 50 TU storefront system but includes specific options to increase installation speed, improve thermal performance and continue to withstand extreme conditions like hurricane impact and blast mitigation. 

The thermally broken storefront system utilizes ThermaBond Plus® technology to greatly improve the adhesion of the polyurethane thermal break material to the extruded aluminum. The system features the Model 35H/50H entrance door with maximum-security deadbolts or optional exit devices for egress requirements. It seamlessly integrates with the manufacturer’s architectural windows with vent offerings.

The pre-glazed YHS 50 TU storefront system can handle 10-foot-tall spans at 70 pounds per square foot (psf) with standard mullions and 12-foot-tall spans at 40 psf.  It also offers a U-value of 0.41, with standard low-emissivity glass, and can achieve higher thermal performance with advanced glazing. It is also incredibly versatile with multiple options, including:

  • Pre-glazed or field glazed;
  • Inside or outside glazed options;
  • Compatibility with YKK AP’s H-series entrances; and,
  • Optional glazing configuration tested to STC = 43; OITC = 35.
storefront glazing system

SuperClear® 45-HS-LI

SuperClear® 45-HS-LI is the first and only patented, USA-made, non-wired, tint-free, monolithic, fire protective glazing product for all 45-minute doors, sidelites, transoms and openings. Listed and labeled by both UL and Intertek, SuperClear® 45-HS-LI is available in large sizes and meets NFPA 252/257 and UL 9/10C with hose stream and CPSC Cat. II Impact Safety without the need for films or laminates.

Available with fast lead times, SuperClear® 45-HS-LI has superior cost savings, durability, VLT, STC and OITC performance compared to expensive filmed and laminated ceramics used in the same 45-minute applications.

It is proudly USA-made and available with a lifetime warranty.

Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass

Only Starphire UltraClear® Glass by Vitro Architectural Glass allows views so brilliant, you’ll forget the glass is even there. For interiors, exteriors and heavy and safety glass applications in thicknesses up to ¾ inch, no low-iron glass consistently maintains its transparency, color fidelity and vivid beauty like Starphire® glass.

Acid-etch it. Backpaint it. Digitally print on it. The design options are endless. Whether you want to showcase intricate patterns, vibrant colors or no color at all, Starphire Ultra-Clear® low-iron glass is the ultimate blank slate — featuring 87% less green than ordinary “clear” glass and an azure blue edge you won’t find elsewhere. 

For more information, visit

Project Credits:

Project: Epic I
Location: Dallas, Texas
ProductsSolarban® 90 Starphire® Glass, Solarban® 72 Glass
Architect: Perkins+Will
Glass Fabricator: Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®
Glazing Contractor: Harmon
Photography: Tom Kessler

Product Builder

This UNILINK software product allows you to create production lists by means of parametric
models, like fire doors, sun protection, balustrades, conservatories... In fact all constructions (models)
that are made on a regular basis but with different parameters (like dimensions) can be created. The
possibilities of this software are almost unlimited since the models are based on an extremely powerful
scripting language. DXF Drawings can be made as well as parts lists.

Since the release, this software has been very successful and is used for many different applications.
This solution is very interesting for companies with a limited number of products.


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