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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Smart Glazier Connect

Streamline your Glass Fabrication Process with Smart Glazier Connect

Introducing Smart Glazier Connect, the innovative e-commerce platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing glass fabrication software.

This intuitive software provides fabricators with a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for glaziers to send orders to fabricators.

Glass E-commerce: Receive online orders for various glass types, from IGs to custom tempered glass, through our intuitive portal, supported by built-in alerts to intercept potential errors.

Mobile-friendly Drawing: Experience the industry's premier glass drawing software that outpaces the competition. Fully browser-based, compatible with mobile, tablet, and laptop devices.

Fabrication Ready: Receive drawings ready for fabrication, reducing turnaround time. Convert hand-drawn orders and import DXF/DWG profiles for efficient processing.

Integration Capabilities: Purpose-built send books that can be customized to export everything you need to fabricate your glass in one click. Export to popular fabrication software, such as A+W, Optima, Lisec, and Glasstrax. Create DXF/CAD files for CNC and waterjet machines.

Smooth Imports: Import orders from Showers Online® and more. Streamline data entry, improve efficiency, and boost fabrication output.

Smart Glazier Connect will revolutionize your fabrication process. 

Visit Booth 1813 at GlassBuild to see it for yourself!

or book a demo on our website

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Elevate your Glass Business with Smart-Toolbox

Smart-Toolbox is a glazing job management system designed specifically for the glass industry.  By streamlining the quoting, ordering, scheduling, and invoicing processes for your entire team, Smart-Toolbox removes bottlenecks and boosts efficiency.

With Smart-Toolbox you can:

Quote: Win over clients with quick and accurate interactive online quotes. Your customers can visualize their glass or shower in 3D, accept the quote, and make online payments.

Order: Generate orders for materials and inventory. Vendor management and purchase orders are made simple.

Schedule: Optimize team coordination with intelligent scheduling. Use drag-and-drop to assign tasks and track progress.

Invoice: Accelerate billing cycles and boost cash flow using our instant invoicing capabilities. Integration with popular accounting software ensures seamless financial management.

Report: The comprehensive reports will provide actionable insights into your business performance to help you make informed decisions.

Smart-Toolbox understands how glaziers’ price and quote jobs better than any other software on the market and the user-friendly dashboard enables you to identify and address potential mistakes before they become problems.

Choose Smart-Toolbox today for a more efficient and streamlined glass business.

Visit us at Booth 1813 at GlassBuild or book a demo on our website

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DraftAid is the ultimate AI solution to 2D fabrication drawing challenges

DraftAid generates fully detailed 2D fabrication drawings from 3D models in seconds

Save Time and Boost Drawing Efficiency

  • Automate the drawing process, reducing drawing time from hours to minutes.
  • Free up your team's valuable time for critical design tasks.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and deliver projects on time.

Achieve Accurate and Consistent Drawings

  • Leverage DraftAid's AI model to extract dimensions and place annotations accurately.
  • Ensure consistent drawings that meet your team's existing standards.
  • Avoid manufacturing issues and complaints with immaculate drawings.

Customization and Integration

  • Customize DraftAid to match your specific project and part requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrate DraftAid as an Add-In within your favorite CAD software.
  • Maintain your familiar design environment without disruptions.

DraftAid works as an Add-In within your preferred CAD software, preserving your familiar design environment:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • SolidWorks
  • Siemens NX
  • PTC Creo

Take Your Engineering Workflow to the Next Level with DraftAid

Visit for a demo!


PLAN is the solution that provides APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) functionality to manufacturing companies operating in various industrial enviroments, even highly complex ones. The innovative planning approach makes it possible to generate optimized and reliable production plans, based on the specific logic of each individual production department. PLAN is able to process and plan the entire production chain of the company, with precise tasks of control and coordination of decision-making activities of the production planning function. 


SAP Business One

The SAP Business One application offers an affordable way to manage your entire business – from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and project management, to operations and human resources. SAP Business One helps you to streamline processes, gaining a greater insight into your business, so that you can act fast and make decisions based on real time information to help you drive profitable growth.



The strongest team for designing and modelling in the glazing industry

APOLLON, powered by Inventor, is the fully parametric 3D software for curtain wall and facade modelling, developed especially for the glazing industry, further supplementing and expanding ATHENA (AutoCAD-based) software functions for 2D and 3D design.

Changes are part of everyday life, right? But with APOLLON, changes to the facade geometry, profiles, infills or connections can be implemented with significantly less time and design effort, avoiding costly errors.

Any ATHENA profile system drawing can be easily transferred to APOLLON. To the wire model, easily apply specific or proprietary profiles and have them automatically joined together. Once all parameters and mutual dependencies have been defined, any subsequent changes are carried out consistently and automatically on all profiles, connections, infills and geometries, making planning more flexible. Fixings, brackets, anchors, etc., can also be prepared and implemented parametrically.

Associatively linked production plans, position models and parts lists are generated from the 3D model, which can be imported into ATHENA and compiled into project documentation. The entire design can be transferred to CNC production via the CAM interface.

Changes won’t bother you anymore!

For further information:


Interested in accelerating your design workflow.

Planning a sophisticated curtain wall, façade, or shopfront doesn't take much. A capable designer with enough experience and a flair for technically sophisticated solutions – and a powerful AutoCAD application that is developed especially for the glazing industry and precisely tailored to the designer's requirements.

ATHENA automates tedious daily routines, supports professional design workflow, on time and without errors, and takes a lot of work off the designer's hands by using a parts library, enabling use with any manufacturer profile systems in 2D and 3D, free semi-finished profiles and sheet metals.

ATHENA provides many benefits and outputs through its smart features and functionalities from concept design by rapidly speeding up the shop drawings preparation over elevation by projecting parametric ATHENA objects to create fabrication documentation to intelligent viewports, number of CNC export files, IFC, BIM, and interfaces to APOLLON, CRONOS, Revit, MRP and Logikal.

Let our specialists show you which solutions will make your work easier in the future, increase your efficiency and productivity and give you more security.

Further information:

Plant Production Software

HEGLA-HANIC / Next-Generation Software

With Cut+, HEGLA-HANIC introduced completely reprogrammed software (HMI) for cutting table organization over the past year. At GlassBuild, we will be giving visitors insight into the next generation of the ERP system that can integrate all processes: from digital order collection, storage and individual machines to delivery at the construction site. “Standard OPC UA, digitalization and an increasing level of automation all motivated us to make our ERP even more open with the Dynamics 365 development platform from Microsoft,” said Managing Director Jan Schäpers from HEGLA-HANIC. The new software basis now makes it possible to enable many add-ons, such as for financial bookkeeping or controlling via the Microsoft platform. On the other hand, a wide range of programs can be integrated with only minimal effort. As completely redeveloped software, it is perfectly adapted to all current systems.

With Hegla Laser Technology / The Standard Becomes Added Value

Be it bird protection glass, QR code laser printing, antibacterial panes, heated glass panels or an RF-transparent IG unit: HEGLA boraident wants to explain how easily a standard product can become a commodity with added value. “With a range of samples, we want to give the impression of how flexibly glass can be finished by removing or transforming the functional layer, or via non-destructive printing with our Laserbird,” explained Dr Thomas Rainer, the Head of Development at HEGLA boraident. In addition to the option of creating functional glass without tooling time or an additional service provider, Thomas Rainer sees the “single piece” option as a major advantage: “Via the user-friendly GUI or connection to the ERP, each individual pane can be coated with various finishing treatments without any waited time.”

Glazier Software

Glazier Software is a newly announced software solution that empowers glazing contractors to increase revenue while saving time and reducing costs by streamlining operational workflows and running every aspect of a job in one platform.

With Glazier Software, you can manage all your service work, residential jobs, and commercial jobs from the same spot - digitizing the manilla folder while reducing repetitive tasks and manual handoffs. Stay on top of ongoing jobs with automated follow-ups and win more bids with the automated quote creation feature - instantly turning job requirements into estimates for the fastest bid turnaround time possible.

With Glazier Software you can manage customers, record technician measurements, share documents and photos, create quotes, collect payments, send purchase orders, track materials, schedule technician crews, and much more - all from one platform. MORE revenue, LESS cost. 


North American Contractor Certification (NACC) Program

Professional installation of glass and glazing systems is crucial for today’s building performance needs. And there’s only one program that vets and verifies architectural glass and metal contractors. North American Contractor Certification (NACC) is North America’s ONLY ANSI-accredited, third-party credential for glazing contractors. NACC offers proof of each certified glazing contractor’s documented quality management procedures to ensure safe, correct, quality installations that reduce risk to owners, construction managers, general contractors and building occupants.

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