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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Residential Windows & Doors


NC 18-axis machining centre, designed to perform milling, drilling, cutting and end-milling operations on aluminum and light alloys in general. QUADRA L2 is made up of an automatic profile magazine and a thrust feed system for profiles sized up to 7500 mm complete with profile clamping gripper drive. Due to the movement of the gripper, the feeder returns to its initial position thus allowing the loader to prepare the next profile. In the central part are situated the milling module, two cutting modules and the end-milling module.

The NC 4-axis milling module is equipped with 4 up to 6 electrospindles and enables the whole contour of the workpiece to be machined, however it is oriented. The NC 3-axis mail cutting module is made up of a Ø 600 mm blade, with down stroking movement. The secondary module mounts a blade Ø 350 with horizontal movement on three axes NC. The end-milling module operates on two NC axes by means of a milling head. QUADRA L2 also comprises an automatic outfeed unit leading from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. The unit is made up of a magazine with transverse belts for unloading machined workpieces with a length of up to 4000 mm (7500 mm optional).

The machining unit is fitted with a cabin soundproofing the central operational part, which not only protects the operator but also reduces the acoustic impact on the environment.


Innergy® Architectural Products

Innergy® Architectural Products from Deceuninck North America is a line of fiber-reinforced polymer parts custom designed for curtain wall systems, windows, doors and storefront systems. Innergy AP components deliver metal-like structural strength and very low conductivity for excellent thermal performance.

Innergy AP components are custom designed to fit into existing commercial fenestration products and include pressure plates, structural thermal struts, reinforcements and curtain wall components. This eliminates the need for a complete redesign of existing curtain wall or storefront systems while bolstering their thermal performance. In fact, Innergy AP parts deliver up to 900 times more energy efficiency when compared to traditional materials like aluminum.

ENGINUITY™ Automation for Hung or Slider Windows & Patio Doors

Caldwell is pioneering fenestration automation in all sizes and applications! Caldwell’s ENGINUITY™ Systems automate Hung or Slider Windows and Patio Doors, without interfering with sight lines. Our Automation systems come with built in safety features, UL approval, and smart home compatibility which allow for many green initiatives. They are also an effective way to meet ADA Requirements (application dependent).

ENGINUITY™ for Hung or Slider Windows is available for both Surface Mount (on the window front) and Concealed (in the window jamb). Whatever your window style or extrusion, we have a solution for you. Out of reach windows can now be easily opened! Or, set to open via home automation systems!

As featured in DWM Shelter’s 2019 Green Award for INNOVATION and 2020 Readers’ Choice Award for Hardware – Automated.


RENOLIT is pleased to announce additional EXOFOL FX Black exterior films to our standard stock range. The trend of dark colors, in particular black, shows no sign of slowing. As a result we now offer five different black options. With different hues and surface embossings, we have a solution to fit any need.

These black films round our our standard offering of other popular colors like architectural bronze, grey, clay, almond and more.

EXOFOL FX remains the only true acrylic / PVDF film on the market. This combination of materials allows EXOFOL FX to offer an industry-leading 20-year warranty. This warranty applies to all U.S. and Canadian climate zones.

Visit us and see for yourself.


CNC machining center with 5 controlled axes, for machining bars or workpieces made of aluminum, PVC, light alloys in general or steel up to 4 m long.The 4th and 5th axis allow the electric spindle to be controlled by the N/C continuously in the range -15° to +90° on the horizontal and -360° to +360° on the vertical axis for machining the top face and all the side faces of the workpiece.It is equipped with a 12-place tool magazine on board the X-axis slide, capable of containing a side milling cutter. It also has a traversing work table which makes workpiece loading/unloading easier and increases the machinable section considerably.

The Comet R4 has independent motor-driven vices that enable the vices to be positioned in concurrent operation time.

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The 5-axis CNC profile machining center, GARNET 5X, has the capacity to process aluminum profiles of various sizes, thanks to its FANUC automation system and HSD spindle, which allows processing at any angle between 0° / 180° on A-axis and 0° / 360° on B-axis degrees providing solutions in a wide range of operations.

GARNET 5X comes with an 11 kW spindle motor with an automatic tool replacement feature. Automatic rotary tool replacement magazine which moves with gantry for 10 + 1 tools allows for time savings when running different processes that require tool replacement. With full automatic clamp positioning, GARNET 5X automates many tasks assuming the workload of the user. GARNET 5X has an optional independent clamp positioning system with a servo motor on each of them. 

Blink 7/8" Custom

Blink 7/8” Custom Blinds + Glass are available in custom sizes up to 18 sq. ft. They are compatible with 2-panel sliding patio doors, casement windows, awning windows and sliding windows that accommodate a 7/8” IG. Window and door manufacturers can now offer light and privacy control upgrade options for their standard running product lines, which will allow them the ability to increase profits with no risk or up-front investment.


Horizon Auto Drive 770

The Horizon Auto is a mobile glass lifting machine operated by one man and is ideal for laying glass weighing up to 770 pounds from vertical to horizontal. Also standard are side and forward shift capabilities, along with the capacity to rotate glass 360 degrees. Glass handling in shop is well served by the Quattrolifts Horizon Auto.

Options available:

  • Vacuum Cups for Curved Glass
  • Window Frame Carrier
  • Foam Vacuum Pads for Stone
  • Can be fitted with a Dual Pump Vacuum System

Soft Tech ERP Extensions Module

A pre-defined ERP solution for businesses - the ideal start-up option to power integration between Soft Tech V6 and Microsoft’s Business Central.

Soft Tech’s ERP Extensions Module offers a pre-defined ERP solution for businesses who want to make a start on improving efficiencies within their estimation.

The initial integration work has been done for you

Instead of starting from scratch, Soft Tech can provide a base data transfer to Microsoft’s Business Central ERP platform. Once this base data is available in Business Central, you can choose to customize your specific requirements beyond the basic data, either internally yourself, or with the assistance of our specialist teams at Soft Tech.


Soft Tech Dealer Web Module

For Manufacturers who have a Dealer Network that want and need to quote their own projects and sell complete whole units quickly and efficiently.

Dealer Management Dashboard

For Manufacturers, keep on top of your dealer network requirements with the Dealer Module Dashboard. Gain unique intelligence to help manage incoming workload effectively while tracking estimates, orders, sales and geographic metrics.

Drawing Board Based Configurator for Dealers

Dealers can easily create frames requiring complex customization and dimensioning, e.g. low-rise storefront, with real-time 3D rendering for quotes. Send quotes directly to your customer. Once the quote has been accepted, place the order directly with the manufacturer, reducing quoting/ordering time for dealers.


Want to exhibit at GlassBuild America 2022?

Join us October 18-20 in Las Vegas! Showcase your equipment, products and services, increase your brand awareness and win business at GlassBuild America, the largest glass, window and door trade show in North America.