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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Residential Windows & Doors


SL130 is a lift-and-slide door system with thermal break produced to create the most comfortable panoramic designs.

SL130 doors do not occupy the inner space, release large opening and allow to combine several rooms or a room with a terrace.

SL130 lift-and-slide door system with thermal break provides great opportunities — it can replace a wall, has high anti-burglary features, improves illumination and significantly saves usable area.

SL130 system is available in various options (one-, two-, three-track systems, different types of thermal efficiency, a wide range of hardware from leading brands), which allows solutions for projects depending on the requirements for thermal efficiency and comfort.

Maximum Light — additional room space. The height of the leafs can be up to 11 ft., max. width — 10'-6", opening width with connection elements is increased up to 64 ft.

High thermal properties. Due to the use of large polyamide thermal breaks and the possibility of triple glazed units of up to 2" thick, the thermal properties of this option are significantly increased.

Safety. The system is equipped with burglar resistant elements and there is an opportunity to use brake in resistant hardware. 

BF73 Bi-fold System

BF73 bi-folding door system is a modern, exclusive option for glazing of premises, that combines panoramic visibility, maximum comfort in use, and high performance of energy efficiency and safety.

BF73 system can be used in both residential and commercial buildings: terrace exits, or in show rooms and conference halls in business centers and hotels.

BF73 Panoramic doors do not take up interior space, free up a large opening and allow you to combine several rooms or a room with the surrounding exterior (terrace, garden, lawn).

BF73 doors are available in outward and inward opening types. At the same time, there is a design option, in which one of the doors is used as the main leaf without involving other bi-folding structures. This allows the implementation of various types of structures, depending on the requirements and characteristics of the premises.

BF73 Thermally insulated panoramic structures can replace a wall, have a high degree of burglar protection, improve the illumination of premises and save useful space.

Howden's ExVel Composite Turbo Fans

At GlassBuild America, Howden is featuring our unique ExVel™ Composite Turbo Fans that are revolutionizing safety, reliability and performance for glass producers. Our state-of-the-art carbon fiber composite turbo fans are helping producers create a safe, sustainable and cost-effective future.

Our ExVel™ Composite technology is the new state of the art in centrifugal fan technology.  Building on our 20 years of development and installation experience, we have developed unique carbon fiber based composite technologies specifically applied to the complex structure, application, and operation of a centrifugal fan impeller.

Our carbon fiber composite combined with our turbo fan impeller structure, which is unique in the fan industry, results in a substantially robust structure which allows users to maximize efficiency gains, power savings and carbon footprint reduction, and at the same time increase flow and pressure performance from their fans as either new machines or retrofits into existing fan installations.


Automatic Cutting and Machining Center

5-6 axis CNC cutting and machining center designed to perform all the machining and cutting in an optimized way on PVC profiles.

The system is composed of an automatic bar loading magazine which feeds, through a gripper pushed by a brushless motor, a Machining Module capable of accommodating up to 12 spindles (6 Standard) High Speed and a rising 1-blade Cutting Module that guarantees extremely precise cuts.

Compact and versatile, it is a system built with the most innovative technology available on the market and guarantees extremely high reliability and precision over time.

Advanced Solutions:

  • Versatile, reliable and precise over time.
  • Optimize production lists:
    Fewer bars used thanks to Graf Synergy software.
  • Maximum Precision Over Time:
    Automatic profile alignment system (it linearizes the bar that is not perfectly straight) and CNC Profile gripper with reading of the real position by centesimal magnetic strip.
  • User Friendly:
    Intuitive system for simple management of work cycles.
  • High Technology:
    Machining Module capable of hosting up to 12 High Speed spindles (6 Standard) a rising 1-blade Cutting Module.

Fab Cut F1 is equipped with a modern production list management software that allows you to automatically import the cutting lists, allowing the optimization of the number of bars to be used while keeping track of the machine's operation.

An automatic profile alignment system is also installed on the system which, in the event that the bar is not perfectly straight, linearizes it allowing optimal workpiece processing.

eos® Windows and Doors

eos® windows and doors are designed to meet the criteria for ENERGY STAR 6.0, and they have earned its “Most Efficient Window” designation by outperforming standard ENERGY STAR requirements. The new eos patio door complements Deceuninck’s eos window system and is designed for easy manufacturing/fabrication and excellent energy efficiency. In addition, eos doors come with an optional sill that meets the most recent Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. This flatter, ADA-compliant sill allows for easier ingress and egress.

  • Accommodates up to 1-¼-inch insulating glass (IG) packages.
  • Range of solid and laminated colors.
  • Available as two-panel, sliding patio door or direct set offered in two, three or four lite configurations.
  • Light Commercial DP 45 (design pressure).
  • Designed for Residential DP 50 (design pressure).
  • Air infiltration of .09.
  • Welded frame with mechanical assembly capability for mechanical sills.
  • .27 U-factor in double pane configuration without foam.
  • .20 U-factor in a triple pane configuration without argon gas or foam filled frames (.17 U-factor with argon).
  • Optional ADA Sill.
window profile

1000QUAD Series Door Roller

Introducing the 1000QUAD Series Door Roller, a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your door system experience.

With an impressive 880 pounds panel load capacity (440 pounds per roller), this roller sets the stage for handling larger and heavier doors with utmost ease. The main housing has been meticulously engineered to enhance strength, providing unparalleled structural integrity that ensures long-lasting performance. Its dual-layer bogie carriage guarantees even load distribution, resulting in flawlessly smooth panel operation and extended product longevity. The linear design simplifies the adjustment process, making fine-tuning hassle-free. Thanks to precision bearing components, the operating force is minimized, contributing to seamless functionality. The innovative inclusion of an adjustment screw system not only avoids wheel contact, preventing potential damage, but also features an increased screw pitch, offering superior mechanical advantage for effortless adjustments.

Elevate your door system's potential with the exceptional features and benefits of the 1000quad Series Door Roller.

5000 Series Door Roller

Introducing the revolutionary 5000 Series Door Roller – the ultimate solution for seamless and robust door systems. With a remarkable 275 pounds load capacity, this roller empowers you to craft doors weighing up to 550 pounds, opening new design possibilities. Its end adjustability effortlessly adapts to existing rail profiles, simplifying integration. Constructed with precision using pressed metal components and forged axels, this roller excels under heavy loads, ensuring longevity. The incorporation of polymer wheels guarantees whisper-quiet operation, safeguarding the tracks from wear and ensuring enduring performance. Enhanced by precision bearing components, the roller operates with minimal force, enhancing user experience. The ingeniously designed single bogie carriage guarantees even load distribution, culminating in flawlessly smooth door operation. From installation to everyday use, this roller maintains structural integrity, promising durability and a prolonged lifespan. For added convenience, the fully retractable wheels streamline panel installation, epitomizing innovation in every detail. Upgrade to the 5000 Series Door Roller.

door roller

Generation 4 Folding Glass Walls

Generation 4 Folding Glass Walls is a platform of eight different systems designed to meet requirements for a wide array of project types—all with similar aesthetics, features, and performance—for both commercial and residential applications, interior or exterior. Now, choice is made easier as specifiers use the system base that best fits the project.

Being a customizable product family, Generation 4 offers multiple sill and hardware choices, and flexibility through customized configurations—all in three material choices—aluminum, solid wood, or clad. Technology developments include a multifunctional thermal break design offering the slimmest, most energy efficient bi-fold door available. Other developments are the ability for the panel stacks to move to either side of the opening—also enabling unlimited widths—something never achieved in a bi-fold door before.

Product Innovation:

  • First and only bi-fold door that has no opening width limitations.
  • Unique floating panel sets can stack either to the left or right.
  • Only ADA-compliant sill with a water rating and a high heel resistant feature.
  • Patented multifunctional thermal break design.
  • Patented TwinX design and consistent seal between the panels meets higher wind loads.
  • Patent pending adjustment feature adjusts width for construction tolerance.
folding glass wall

NanaWall Reinforced 647-847

NanaWall created a folding glass wall that was specifically designed for multifamily buildings with an opening glass wall that provides access to the outside environment similar to those of single-family residential designs. This allows architects to design a building that integrates the outside into the unit floorplan or the amenity space, enabling it to morph into a natural extension of the living or gathering area, amplifying the usable space square footage. This benefits the occupants by way of access to larger outside balconies, terraces, or amenity spaces and brings in fresh air ventilation and natural daylighting regardless of geographical location due to the high energy efficiency and system strength.

A new feature was designed to provide the structural integrity needed for the higher window loads. The patented TwinX mechanism aligns panels over 7 feet in height. TwinX interlocks the panels together when the system is closed providing a consistent seal between the panels, specifically engineered to meet higher wind loads.

Developers and owners can differentiate their properties from others on the market and create premium appeal for potential buyers.

reinforced folding glass wall

Window Operator (7.5”, 9.5”, 13.5”)

Single arm operator body: High-pressure die-casting zinc body, powder coating finish

Gear arm: Hardened carbon steel, electroplating then powder coating. For coastal climates, we offer stainless steel as an option

Cover: PC+ABS, or zinc can be an option

Handle: zinc, powder coating

Available Colors: White, tan, brown, polished brass, stained nickel, gold. Customized colors available.

Package: 20PCS/BOX

      7.5" 9.2KG/BOX

      9.5" 10.08KG/BOX

    13.5" 10.86KG/BOX

window operator

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