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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

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Residential Windows & Doors

EVO, the platform that goes beyond cutting

The EVO cutting platform is the top of the range Bottero cutting systems, offering exclusive performance and flexibility. Thanks to the option of equipping the machines with two additional tools besides the cutting tool, the EVO systems can be equipped, in addition to the low-e glass grinding, for example, for laser cutting or labelling of the processed piece. This option makes the EVO systems ideal for forming part of the automated and controlled production flow, which is typical in advanced glass factories and set forth in the “Industry 4.0” regulation.

The EVO range stands out due to its modularity and versatility, thanks to which the float cutting tables can be totally configured according to specific customer requirements: from stand-alone cutting tables intended for small productions, up to intensive high automation level production systems, fully integrated with Low-E grinding devices and marking, and loading and breakout modules.

Each constructive and functional feature of the EVO range is designed to ensure extreme processing precision and maximum productivity, at the service of each specific production requirement.


Chelsea Building Products 9430 Series Double Hung window

The 9430 Series Double Hung window highlights a sleek, angled siding cover. The welded frame and sash enhances structural integrity and increases weatherability. This model accepts 3/4” to 7/8” insulated glass and the area behind the new construction nail fin is flat to meet siding installation requirements. Low profile, beveled frame maximizes daylight opening. The sill is engineered for high water performance with NO weep system required. Light Commercial LC rated. Optional Structural Mull system adds additional strength to multiple window combinations when required. Coordinating Two- and Three-lite Horizontal Sliders, direct set Picture windows, and replacement versions are available.

Since 1975, Chelsea Building Products, Inc. has been designing and extruding PVC and composite profiles for the building materials market. From its headquarters in Oakmont, PA, Chelsea is an integrated manufacturer providing product design, material development, extrusion tooling technology, and finished product to manufacturers and distributors throughout North America.


Chelsea Building Products inoview™ Window System

Chelsea inoview™ is an advanced window system with optimal thermal and structural performance. Inoview’s multi-hollow profiles enhance thermal, structural, water, air and sound performance. It was designed to maximize thermal performance of up to .14 U-Value without exotic IG or foam filling. Inoview is available for residential, light commercial, remodeling, new construction and coastal impact markets. Lamination options allow for further design possibilities.

Since 1975, Chelsea Building Products, Inc. has been designing and extruding PVC and composite profiles for the building materials market. From its headquarters in Oakmont, PA, Chelsea is an integrated manufacturer providing product design, material development, extrusion tooling technology, and finished product to manufacturers and distributors throughout North America.

EnerEDGE Warm-Edge Spacer

EnerEDGE® is a pre-desiccated, ready-to-apply, cellular silicone warm-edge spacer that is suitable for a wide range of insulating glass constructions in fenestration applications. EnerEDGE spacer is inset and applied to a glass lite’s perimeter to enable fabrication of dual and triple-glazed IG units in conjunction with a quality applied perimeter sealant.

Pinnacle™ Balance by AmesburyTruth

Sash weight management has met its match with the new Pinnacle™ Block & Tackle Balance System from AmesburyTruth! 

This revolutionary new balance uses a pawl locking feature that eliminates dependence on specific pocket geometry for the balance to lock properly. It is easy to install with a simple twist and turn in or out of the jamb. Pinnacle also features a universal clip that can be easily hung or screwed into the jamb, allowing installation flexibility.

The innovative new design allows for a direct pivot bar interlock with the steel channel, aiding in achieving a higher load rating. This direct to channel pivot connection also provides more manufacturing tolerance, requires less space inside the jamb pocket, and alleviates the need for multiple t-lock variations. With its comprehensive design and reliable performance, the same balance can be used across different window lines to reduce inventory and overall SKU count.  

Pinnacle Balance, innovation from a brand you trust!

Visit AmesburyTruth at Booth #1321 to see Pinnacle on display!

1350 Patio Screen Door with Inset Handle

Quanex has added its popular inset handle option to its 1350 patio door screen series. Customers will be able to order this model with an inset handle and can choose from locking and nonlocking options to improve door sightlines and aesthetics for the end user. These options also provide added safety and security, both of which are a must for homeowners. Configurations include standard color options and various mesh options, such as BetterVue™ and UltraVue™ for increased airflow and optical clarity. Contact your Quanex representative today to get more information about the R2-1350 Patio Screen Door. 



The latest addition to the fleet continues to broaden. Corsair is a higher class of product in terms of operation, performance and style. The Corsair door is now available in a 2-track and 3-track for even larger openings. Customizable for new construction or replacement use in two, three, four and six panel configurations up to eight feet high. The Corsair delivers performance with its 1 1/4” IG capacity, a DP50 class rating and impact capability.



NC 18-axis machining centre, designed to perform milling, drilling, cutting and end-milling operations on aluminum and light alloys in general. QUADRA L2 is made up of an automatic profile magazine and a thrust feed system for profiles sized up to 7500 mm complete with profile clamping gripper drive. Due to the movement of the gripper, the feeder returns to its initial position thus allowing the loader to prepare the next profile. In the central part are situated the milling module, two cutting modules and the end-milling module.

The NC 4-axis milling module is equipped with 4 up to 6 electrospindles and enables the whole contour of the workpiece to be machined, however it is oriented. The NC 3-axis mail cutting module is made up of a Ø 600 mm blade, with down stroking movement. The secondary module mounts a blade Ø 350 with horizontal movement on three axes NC. The end-milling module operates on two NC axes by means of a milling head. QUADRA L2 also comprises an automatic outfeed unit leading from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. The unit is made up of a magazine with transverse belts for unloading machined workpieces with a length of up to 4000 mm (7500 mm optional).

The machining unit is fitted with a cabin soundproofing the central operational part, which not only protects the operator but also reduces the acoustic impact on the environment.


ENGINUITY™ Automation for Hung or Slider Windows & Patio Doors

Caldwell is pioneering fenestration automation in all sizes and applications! Caldwell’s ENGINUITY™ Systems automate Hung or Slider Windows and Patio Doors, without interfering with sight lines. Our Automation systems come with built in safety features, UL approval, and smart home compatibility which allow for many green initiatives. They are also an effective way to meet ADA Requirements (application dependent).

ENGINUITY™ for Hung or Slider Windows is available for both Surface Mount (on the window front) and Concealed (in the window jamb). Whatever your window style or extrusion, we have a solution for you. Out of reach windows can now be easily opened! Or, set to open via home automation systems!

As featured in DWM Shelter’s 2019 Green Award for INNOVATION and 2020 Readers’ Choice Award for Hardware – Automated.


CNC machining center with 5 controlled axes, for machining bars or workpieces made of aluminum, PVC, light alloys in general or steel up to 4 m long.The 4th and 5th axis allow the electric spindle to be controlled by the N/C continuously in the range -15° to +90° on the horizontal and -360° to +360° on the vertical axis for machining the top face and all the side faces of the workpiece.It is equipped with a 12-place tool magazine on board the X-axis slide, capable of containing a side milling cutter. It also has a traversing work table which makes workpiece loading/unloading easier and increases the machinable section considerably.

The Comet R4 has independent motor-driven vices that enable the vices to be positioned in concurrent operation time.

Come visit us at booth # 1331



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