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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA


Glass-U P2

Glass-U P2 systems bring glass balustrade innovation to a new level. This new generation of glass balustrade systems improves the glass alignment and decreasing installation times. It is possible to align glass panels, operating only from the internal side of the balustrade thanks to its patented system ACE-BLOCK technology. Fully tested to meet international and US code standards. 

Level Lock Plus™

Wagner’s Level Lock Plus™ base shoe moulding system is where fast installation meets innovative adjustment. The intuitive locking mechanism allows the glass to tilt up to 2° in either direction to ensure an easy, precise glass alignment. Alignment tabs are available in various angles to ensure base shoes are seamlessly positioned at the beginning of install.

We designed our shoe with a grooved, symmetrical inner channel to allow the mechanisms to be installed from either side of the shoe—providing additional safety when installing on elevated surfaces. The mechanism’s advanced tilting capabilities allows the installed glass to better withstand environmental changes that could lead to cracks, or shattering.

Level Lock Plus™ has been designed to create optimal sightlines without obscuring the intricate details of your design. A post-less system with fully concealed components and the ability to choose between stainless steel or aluminum cladding makes Level Lock+ an ideal glass railing solution.


Guardian Bird1st™ Etch glass

Guardian Glass North America now offers Guardian Bird1st Etch glass in four distinct bird-friendly patterns for exterior building applications.

Guardian Bird1st Etch glass joins Guardian Glass’ family of bird-friendly products to give architects additional options to achieve their desired design aesthetic and glass performance while reducing the likelihood of bird collisions with windows.

By pairing a Bird1st Etch pattern on surface 1 and a Guardian SunGuard® low-E coating on surface 2 of an insulating glass unit, the project can achieve desired energy performance while meeting bird-friendly standards.

Available in four different patterns on translucent glass, Guardian Bird1st Etch glass products include Threat Factor scores1 to quantify collision-avoidance effectiveness.

These products are available on Guardian UltraClear® low-iron glass and standard clear glass and can be paired with Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral® 68, SNX 62/27 and SNX 51/23 coatings on the same lite of glass. The glass can be heat-treated and used with laminated glass for safety. Guardian Bird1st Etch glass is currently available in 96”x130” size on 6mm float glass through the Guardian Select® Fabricator network.

For more information on Guardian Bird1st Etch glass, visit

1 Threat Factor scores indicate the percent of times in which birds will not avoid collision.



BirdKare® is Sevasa's bird-safe glass solution with specific acid-etched design. It minimizes day/night risk of bird collisions with different dot (BK 572, BK-573) or linear patterns (BK 574).

Sevasa's acid-etched visual markers are defined by means of size, density, contrasted surface structure and glass side (exterior, side #1) in order to minimize risks such as mirror effect or fly-through conditions.

It complies with local regulations or national guidelines, when required. It meets the recognized 2x4 rule and other tighter mandatory or voluntary regulations.

Applications: Façades, windows, railings, balconies, sound barriers, windbrakes, shelters, vegetated roof and terraces, glass corners...

Specifications: Options for any glass base, clear, low-iron or coated on side #2 low-E, reflective, solar control ... (to consult). / Thickness from 5/34" to 1/2 " in. / Sizes: standard 88x126" (other sizes to consult)


Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral® Essential 50/25 HT coated glass

Guardian SunGuard® SNE 50/25 HT is a high performance, low-E coated glass that gives architects a subtle, blue-gray color and mid-reflectivity aesthetic.

Architect focus groups helped Guardian Glass deliver a product with a visible light transmission of 48 percent and low solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25 with a crisp, neutral, subtle blue reflected color in the mid-exterior reflective range.

Guardian Glass completed extensive architect testing on Guardian SunGuard® SNE 50/25 HT coated glass to be sure the product met the needs of the architectural community. This new low-E coating combines excellent performance and a pleasing aesthetic, which translates to greater design flexibility.

Designed to be used on the #2 and #3 surface of a standard insulating glass unit, SunGuard® SNE 50/25 HT coating is available on multiple Guardian Glass substrates, including UltraClear® low-iron glass, in 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm thicknesses and has similar durability and processing requirements as other SunGuard® low-E coated glass products. It is available through the Guardian Select® Fabricator network.

SunGuard® SNE 50/25 HT coated glass also offers architects oversized options and bendable applications.

For more information on Guardian SunGuard® SNE 50/25 coated glass, visit

FHC ACHIEVE™ FGR Frameless Glass Railing Systems

Experience and Innovation – Frameless Hardware Company LLC (FHC) is proud to announce the addition of another innovative product to their portfolio of glass railing and windscreen solutions for commercial and residential applications. The FHC Achieve (Patent Pending) Frameless Glass Railing System offers the same performance characteristics of traditional glass railing systems, but with significantly expedited installation times. FHC's proprietary dual angle mechanical shim set geometry and economical installation/removal kit eliminate the hassle of traditional expansion cements and allow for adjustment/removal.

FHC’s Achieve mechanical shim set is a dry attachment system that is removed as easily as it’s installed. Designed and optimized to reduce stress on monolithic and laminated tempered glass, this is the next generation of glass railing systems.  

  • 40% Lighter Than Traditional Base Shoes
  • Innovative “One Seal” 1SGA Gasket Makes Installations Easy. Installers Pre-Load Gasket Before Setting Glass and Use the Same Gasket on the Inside to Finish Installation
  • Innovative Dual Angle Shim Sets  
  • 10’ and 20’ Stock Available Drilled or Undrilled
  • Designed for Heavy Glass Railing and Windscreen Applications
  • Custom Fabrication Available
  • Models for 1/2” – 9/16”, 11/16”, and 13/16” Tempered and Laminated Glass
  • Wide Range of Architectural Finishes

FHC Advance HERC-DOOR™ Glass Entrance System

We are proud to introduce our FHC Advance Series HERC-DOOR™ Frameless Door Rail System. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A., our HERC-DOOR™ rail and patch fittings presents glaziers and fabricators with an innovative solution that provides faster, easier installation with accelerated lead times. You now have a choice.

FHC’s design and engineering team has delivered an all-glass entrance system solution that significantly improves on what is perhaps the most-specified rail system on the market. A thoughtful, and a crowd-pleaser for sure:

-       Innovative UNITIZING GASKET / Dual Inclined Control System (Patents Pending)

-       Easiest and Fastest Rail to Install in the Industry

-       New Modern Crisp Corner Design

-       Class 1 Anodizing UV Stable Finishes That Will Not Fade

-       Increased Glass Bite Improves Holding Strength and Aesthetics

-       Solid One Piece Aluminum Housing

-       State-of-the-Art Solid Forged Brass Plated End Caps With Premium Finishes

-       New Innovative Anti-Clamshell Pad End Cap

-       Available With or Without Lock

-       Available In a Wide Range of Architectural Finishes

Precision Lock® Adjustable Railing

Precision Lock® Adjustable Railing is the latest innovation in glass railing. Allowing the installer to adjust the glass up to two full inches for plumb quickly and easily with no specialized tools, this product provides the best solution to the real-world installation conditions encountered at all construction sites.
With a full range of top rails, hand rails, fasteners, drain blocks, and cladding you can count on Morse Industries to help make your next glass railing job fast and profitable.

Easy Alu

Top or fascia mounted aluminum system with glass mounting rails for optional pre-fabrication, unitized units & simple installation. Features components in anodized, mill or powder-coat finish.

Metropolis Post Windscreen System

With an ultra-slim 3/4” face trim, the new CRL Metropolis Post Windscreen System produces expansive glass spans that deliver seamless transparency and contemporary elegance while meeting code requirements. Its purposeful, low-profile aesthetic lets the view take center stage while providing needed wind protection and safety. An 8-foot maximum system height offers the option to create a striking glass wall.

Metropolis features an intelligent design that combines streamlined visuals with performance engineering. The system meets the wind load requirements set forth in IBC 2018 and ASCE-7/16. 316 stainless steel construction adds stability and durability, which makes Metropolis well-suited for higher elevations.


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