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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Packaging Equipment

T17 Insulating Glass Spacer

Innovative Triple Pane Technology

PDS IG Equipment has launched a new and innovative product to address ever-tightening energy code requirements. The T17 spacer is a flexible, thin, stainless-steel spacer, offering insulating glass fabricators a simple and cost-effective alternative to producing traditional triple pane insulating glass units. The T17 offers the performance of a traditional triple pane unit with only a single spacer. Its unique design enables the use of thinner center lite glass while having only two edge seals, versus a traditional four edge seal triple pane design, decreasing the opportunity for gas and moisture movement across the primary sealant and resulting in a more durable, thinner and cost-effective alternative for triple panes.

Combining the T17 spacer technology with the PDS fully automated IG fabrication system enables highly efficient triple pane production. The unique, fully automated spacer application technology requires no added labor compared to traditional dual pane operation. The PDS IG system includes online vacuum argon filling (with optional krypton) and IG secondary sealing capability. The production of single spacer triple pane IGs using the PDS T17 platform is the future for fabricators migrating their insulating glass production from dual to triple pane.

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