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Machinery & Equipment

Product Builder

The Product Builder is a powerful design solution for the production of parametric constructions with extruded profiles like fire doors, sun protection, balustrades, conservatories. It is a solution for manufacturers that do not use calculation or drawing software, allowing constructions with profiles to be made as parametric models based on scripts. The models allow the manufacturer to generate machine data, barcode labels, DXF drawings, numerous reports and, if necessary, give feedback to the manufacturers ERP system. From Product Builder the production lists are sent straight to the machine work floor enabling focus on the following tasks.

Using extremely powerful scripting models and algorithms, this software provides endless possibilities when it comes to executing design ideas and turning them into drawings and production lists.

Industries that produce large numbers of similar but customized products can benefit from using our Product Builder, though the ease of implementation and execution is a great tool for manufacturers of any size.


computer screen displaying product builder

UNILINK Platform

UNILINK is an independent automation platform for production on CNC machines in the industry for aluminum, steel and PVC profiles used for doors and windows or any other profile industry.

Our platform includes a machine independent, vector based, 3D macro programming interface designed to be user-friendly, fast and capable of managing huge macro libraries.

There is a list editor to view and edit your production data. The UNILINK platform can import data from any construction software and export to any brand CNC profile milling and cutting machine. 

The software contains functionalities like tool assignment, anti-collision and bar optimization. The user creates all complex production lists with a maximum of automation, determining from the office if a machine is capable of running a job without collisions and receiving a visual report of the tool assignment before starting the machine. The machine operator only handles the profiles, allowing the machine to work continuously.

Additionally, we offer a powerful optimization module that ensures a minimal use of material. Any excess can be easily integrated in the following optimization. The same goes for damaged profiles; for example, damaged spots on bars can be detected and cut out by the optimizer.

UNILINK provides partners a comprehensive toolbox for managing tasks within their machinery, even multiple brands of machines, different construction software or different companies. We will create the right solution and grow together as loyal partners in the art of automation.


computer screen displays UniLink app

BVC's SS-R200 Round vacuum cup for all Cnc machines

BVC announced last year the all-new vacuum cup SS-R200, the all-new round vacuum cup for all CNC routers. This Better Vacuum Cup comes in three standard heights such as 105 millimeters, 150 mm and 200 mm for the CMS fabricators. Just like all of the other BVC cups, this cup does not need the foam gasket to be used. The BVC flexible lip seal mirrors the part for a perfect lip seal. Damage to a BVC cup is a simple 30-second repair. See videos online at Made in the USA guarantees a quality product. 

Haffner SAC 845


The SAC-845 automates the application of screen mesh to a pre-assembled screen frame. The SAC-845 utilizes barcode scanning or direct ERP input to identify the screen frame, automatically choose and apply the correct screen mesh, insert the screen spline, and trim excess perimeter screen mesh. Estimated typical cycle time for a 24- by 36-inch window screen frame is approximately 35 seconds, including all handling.


  • 0.140” to 0.200” screen spline diameter
  • 2 position screen mesh applicator to optimize utilization and reduce scrap
  • Typical .010” thickness, polyester, nylon or PVC screen mesh
  • Input via HMI screen or via bar code scan
  • Minimum frame size 15” x 15”
  • Maximum frame size 30” x 60”, larger sizes available upon demand
  • Typical frame profile size, minimum- .375” x 1.125”, maximum- .5” x 1.125”.140” to .200” screen spline diameter


  • Model SAC-855 can accommodate larger sizes such as 48″ x 96″ patio doors as well as smaller window sizes

Comet R4I

CNC machining center with 5 controlled axes, for machining bars or
workpieces made of aluminum, PVC, light alloys in general or steel up
to 4 meters long.

The machine has independent motor-driven vises that enable the vises
to be positioned in concurrent operation time.

The 4th and 5th axis allow the electric spindle to be controlled by the
N/C continuously in the range -15° to +90° on the horizontal and -360°
to +360° on the vertical axis for machining the top face and all the side
faces of the workpiece.

It is equipped with a 12-place tool magazine on board the X-axis slide,
capable of containing a side milling cutter.

It also has a traversing work table which makes workpiece loading/unloading easier and increases the machinable section considerably.



5-axis CNC mobile gantry machining center, designed to run milling, drilling, threading and cutting processes on large bars in aluminum, PVC, light alloys and steel. The mobile part of the machine mainly consists of a gantry equipped with precision motorization rack. The high-power electrospindle (15 kW in S1) with HSK-63F tool connection allows even heavy-duty machining to be run with excellent speed and accurate results.

The new local safety cab was designed to combine top functionality, accessibility, soundproofing and light with safety and ergonomic requirements.

The operator has broad glazed surfaces to check machining execution and, thanks to the total opening system of the cab in two separate parts, easy access during cleaning and maintenance. The cab interior includes the complete segregation of the work area from the remaining sections of the tool magazine and other accessories supplied on the trolley, ensuring maximum chip collection towards the conveyor belt and, as optional, dedicated extraction of machining fumes.

The 24-place tool magazine is housed in the mobile gantry; it is equipped with an exchanger arm system that considerably reduces tool change times. A 500 mm blade tool is housed separately in a dedicated magazine system.


Introducing the SBZ118 Profile Machining Center

Compact 3-axis profile machining center with optional 5-sided machining ensures high productivity through precision, ergonomics and customizable equipment options.

Compact, fast, versatile: Elumatec, one of the world’s leading premium suppliers of systems for machining aluminum, PVC and steel profiles, has combined the functionality of larger models with an extremely compact design in the SBZ 118 profile machining center. “This combination makes the SBZ 118 the perfect introduction to the world of CNC machining,” says Chris Nicholls, Chief Sales Officer at Elumatec AG. The prototype of the SBZ 118 was on display for the first time at the ÉquipBaie trade fair in Paris from 21 to 24 September 2021.

With its machining length of three meters, the SBZ 118 profile machining center is the most compact CNC machine in the current Elumatec range. Although it requires little space in production, the 3-axis profile machining center offers full functionality for routing, drilling and notching. Automated CNC machining can be carried out from up to five sides with an optional angle head and end milling machine. The inclined bed technology and the on-board 5-fold tool changer make it easy to use, and the new front visor enables ergonomic and above all safe operation, even for tall people. A side service door facilitates set-up and maintenance.

TX Precision

TX Precision is the WALCO® industrial laminator for high precision bubble-free and wrinkle-free protective film application.

Running both integrated in an automatic line or as a stand-alone equipment, TX Precision is suitable for any production.

The machine can operate on a wide range of flat surfaces: Glass, Wood, Metals, Laminates, Plastic Sheets, Panels and many others.

Its High Precision automatic cutting system allows a net cut fitting your needs: exactly at the edge, or negative (inside the edges), and even positive.

Thanks to its automatic film tension control, the TX Precision calculate automatically the length of each piece and apply/cut the film accordingly, avoiding any film elongation.

The TX Precision can be equipped with different options depending on your applications/materials and with our Smart Tech Protection innovative solutions. WALCO® systems and machines are built-to-order, ranging from simple to complex: depending upon your unique production and operational requirements.

The machine is available in different widths from 1400 to 2800 millimeters.


WALCO® VX2 is the first revolutionary vertical laminator designed specifically for the application of protective film on Insulating Glass Units (IGU) and flat glass!

Fully automated, the VX2 uses a patented WALCO® technology that allows the application of protective film on both sides of the glass in a single pass thanks to its automated adjustment system. Equipped with intelligent technology, it is automatically adjusted to the length and height of glass up to 3,000 millimeters.

Simultaneous double-sided application reduces cycle time and protects the outside and inside of a window from the hazards of handling and transportation to the window manufacturer, and once installed on a construction site.

Equipped with an automatic and adjustable cutting system configurable thanks to its digital display, the VX2 allows a free margin, enabling window manufacturers to easily install the profile without removing the film.

The machine has been tested with most commercially available protective films. We recommend Forglass 9561 film by NOVACEL® protective films for a perfect application.

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