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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

Interior Doors & Frames (Commercial)

Palisades S100 Sliding Door and Wall System

Palisades S100 Sliding Door from CRL Delivers Grand Scale with Remarkable Simplicity

The expansion of the Palisades product line features ultra-slim rails and large-scale panels for residential and commercial buildings.

C.R. Laurence (CRL), the leading full-service provider of architectural metals, glass fittings and professional-grade glazing supplies, expands its distinctive Palisades collection with the new S100 Sliding Door System.

The system allows for expansive views while delivering exceptional structural and thermal performance with remarkable simplicity. Palisades S100 is compatible with the recently introduced Palisades S90 bi-folding door and wall system for a seamless look in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key features include:

  • Slim 1-5/16” rails and stiles
  • 13-foot maximum frame height
  • 7-foot maximum panel width
  • Fluid, frictionless glide with precision-engineered stainless steel track
  • 12 standard configurations with effortless, one-handed operation
  • Specialized seals providing superior resistance to air and water infiltration
  • Certified to meet CW minimum design pressure of 40 psf and CW maximum

    allowable deflection of L/175—ideal for demanding environments

  • Standard finishes, including black bronze anodized, satin anodized, black and

    white powder coat with 90% gloss; custom colors available



A new Casma compact mortise cylinder lockset (the most compact into the market) with multiple finishes and functions with ADA compliant thumb turn.
The product is ideal for premium interior office spaces and dormitories thanks to the F12 function.

Two versions available: frameless and framed (it is suitable for jamb installations)

Technical characteristics

  • Suitable for 3/8”-1/2” glass thickness
  • The framed version has a 9/16” step
  • Easy to assembly
  • Available finishes: anodized aluminum, satin or polished brass and satin or polished stainless steel
  • Many handles available in various finishes
  • Wall and glass lock receiver available


MUTO premium and comfort multi-function sliding door systems are designed for use with glass, wood, and other door materials. MUTO’s streamlined header conceals a spectrum of operative features that enhance usability. With user-friendly options to customize solutions, the sleek mechanisms remain out of sight. The system offers new options for telescopic and recessed applications.

This full featured sliding door system offers impressive convenience. Features include an optional self-closing action; damping DORMOTION to provide a cushioning effect either at closing only or at both closing and opening; optional status indicator allows connection to a facility management system; synchro function bi-parts both doors of a pair by movement of either door; and easy installation and accessibility thanks to a removable front cover. Height adjustment is available once the door panel is hung and DORMOTION damping does not require glass preparation and is suitable for a retrofit. An adaptable profile is available for suspended ceilings. In addition, MUTO is tested for use with tempered laminated glass (TLG).



Frenum, the hydraulic hinge for interior applications and showers.
It is a true door closer, completely manufactured in Italy, suitable for doors up to 220lb.
Frenum can be installed on frameless glass, aluminum frame or wood doors.

Technical characteristics

  • Factory preset strength EN 1154 – 2 (ADA compliant)
  • Max. door weight 220lb
  • Suitable for 3/8”,1/2” glass thickness
  • Max. door width 39,4”
  • 90° Hold-Open o NHO available
  • Easy to install, it takes less than 10 minutes like standard free-swinging glass doors
  • World first with the standard patches’ dimensions and glass notches
  • Adjustable bottom pivot and closing speed to suit any installation requirements
  • Super-fast installation
  • Complies with ASA and ANSI codes
  • Available finishes: anodized aluminum, satin or polished brass and satin or polished stainless steel


UNIQUIN is a new interior, demountable multifunctional wall system for room configuration and access application that appeals on both the visual and structural levels. It offers the possibility to individually design and separate interior space with glass – for higher transparency and advanced well-being. The coordinated design of all components is flexible, functional, and allows for subsequent modifications, if required. In addition, the acoustic element helps absorb sound waves and increase acoustic performance up to 41dB.

UNIQUIN features flush-fitting profiles complemented by hardware and locking systems in the same coordinated design. UNIQUIN can be fitted with fixed elements made of glass, or other materials in thicknesses between 3/8 inch and 7/8 inch. It is ideal for virtually any location requiring separate spaces such as relaxation areas in offices, break areas, conference rooms, hotel rooms where smaller, segmented space is needed, and large rooms where acoustic separation is needed such as fitness rooms.

Designers, installers and everyday users can take advantage of UNIQUIN’s unique design and performance capabilities and ease-of-installation. Features include, but are not limited to matched design with individually combinable components: profiles, fittings, locking systems and more and integration with access control systems.