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Insulating Glass Equipment


The Z-Series is our premium glass washer and is offered in 70", 96", 110" and 132". The Z Series platform is a high-performance glass cleaning system focused on the bottom line.  Intelligent maintenance features and high-level process control help to place this washer above others.  The Z-Series is engineered to sustain an optimum level of cleaning over years of continuous use and offers easy access to internal components for cleaning, maintenance, and minimal downtime.

Robotic Arm Loader with CNC Cutter

Please watch the video of our latest semi-jumbo(108- by 144-inch) CNC Linear Motor glass cutting line, including a robotic glass loading system, which can load 25 to 30 different types of glass. The design minimized floor space requirements while also accommodating building column interferences. Glassline’s CNC LM Cutting Machine design provides high speed, high acceleration, AND tight tolerances. It is very low maintenance due to the use of linear motors and a patented direct drive cutting head, eliminating the use of any belts or gears to wear. Call today to discuss how we can help collaborate on your project, for the best solution for YOU. GLASSLINE®, a name you have trusted for 50 years.

Glass Rectangle Slitting (Strip Cutting)

Appliance, as well as some other manufacturers, need to process small parts for things such as refrigerator shelves. It is more costly and difficult to handle if the raw glass comes from the float line in small pieces. Therefore a slitting line is one solution, whereby the glass can be shipped in larger blanks, and slit, or cut down into the smaller pieces required. Slitting is the process of using multiple cutting heads to score a sheet in a straight line. This slitting can happen with the glass moving past fixed cutting heads, or by placing the cutting heads on a bridge with the glass fixed in position. In the case of the example shown, the block is automatically loaded by our overhead loader, and the block is automatically positioned so that the slit pieces are of a nominal size tolerance. The glass is then transferred under the slitting bridge which has five slitting heads. These heads are automatically set up to size by the program based on the size of the block and the size of the parts desired. The glass is then transferred, the scores are snapped, and the individual parts are fed into a Glassline double edger, which is the only edger fast enough to handle parts at this speed. Other slitting configurations can be proposed depending on your needs.

Erdman High Speed Parallel Process Dura Spacer IG Line

The Parallel Process Line derives its name from the innovation of shuttling the topping lite to a back lane. Therefore, the two glass lites run parallel to each other. This and other advancements lead to a significant increase in speed over other lines.

Vertical Insulating Glass Parallel Process Line vs. Traditional IG Line

  • Vertical automation is more ergonomic and has less wasted motion by the operator (not going from horizontal to vertical and back)
  • No manual touches to glass after washer
  • No close contact between operators
  • 3 to 4 operators versus 7 to 9 operators on a traditional line
  • Auto placement of spacer location
  • Argon is filled and finished on the line.
insulating glass spacer machine

PDS ProFilm System

PDS PROFILM System allows fabricators to protect their glass immediately through a high-speed inline applicator that is capable of maintaining insulating glass (IG) line speeds.

Why People Choose Protective Film

  • Product cleanliness from factory to finish
  • Reduces end of job cleaning time and costs (weld splatter, stucco, paint, mud, concrete, etc.)
  • Reduces potential for damage during manufacturing
  • Minimizes scratches during installation
  • Reduces product returns
  • Replaces interleaving between IG units
  • Serves as low-cost insurance

System features:

  • Auto measuring technology that simplifies the life of the operator
  • Fast – ability to film more than 1,500 operating sized units per shift
  • No film trimming required. Operators just load and unload.
  • Module Sizes: 60 by 60 inches; 60 by 90 inches; 96 by 120 inches or made-to-order 
  • Accepts varying widths of film (8 to 16 inch)
  • Adjustable edge cutbacks (minimum 1⁄2 inch from edge).
film application machine

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