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Insulating Glass

Pivot/Entry Swing Door

The ES-PSD5030T is a versatile Pivot and Entry door system that allows multiple finish options. Designed for captured glass, ssg glass and phenolic panel finish.

- Thermally broken system for improved performance and insulation
- Anodized, painted or wood grain finishes available
- Automatic drop-down seal to close any gap between the door and the floor/frame sill
- Damper control (soft close and wall protection)
- Hold positions at 0, 90 and -90 degrees
- Modular multi-point lock with electric capability (optional)
- Multifunction die-cast aluminum corner joints
- Self-closing pivot hinge.

System Description
• Frame depth: 5 inch
• Maximum sizes:

  • 60” width x 144” height
  • 72” width x 120” height
  • 90” width x 96” height

• Impact door
• ADA threshold
• Designed for multiple options of glass and phenolic panel.

pivot door

Ariplak® ZenSilver

The newest addition to the Ariplak® coating range by Ariño Duglass, Ariplak® ZenSilver offers architects and designers more freedom than ever to create stunning and unique glass facades.

With 47 percent exterior light reflection and only 6 percent interior light reflection, Ariplak® ZenSilver has a beautiful silver tone on the exterior with a neutral black tone on the interior. This makes it possible to create reflective glass facades without compromising on outward visibility.

ZenSilver can be applied on tempered, laminated and insulated glass. It can be applied in bespoke patterns for exterior and interior applications, creating unique decorative patterns as part of the DecometalReflec range. It can also be used to create bird friendly glass, in standard or custom bird friendly patterns.

coated glass

Zebrano Wood Grain Designs by Alice Direct to Glass Printing

Zebrano Wood Grain Designs have been added to GGI's Alice Direct to Glass Ready-to-Print collection, offering architects and designers a superior alternative to natural wood. Zebrano Expresso, Macchiato, Chocolate, and Mocachino provide the aesthetic of natural wood but without the sanding, straining and ongoing maintenance required. The ceramic frit application makes it ideal for interior or exterior applications. The scale, color and opacity can be customized for a one-of-a-kind finish on an ultra-clear low iron glass or low iron satin etched substrate for an easy to clean, durable surface material.

glass printed with woodgrain pattern

SunGuard® SNR 50

SunGuard SNR 50 coated glass provides a remarkable low solar heat gain, a neutral silver appearance and stunning neutral reflectivity, providing options for architects to achieve a specific aesthetic and make their designs come alive. 

SNR 50 offers a balance of medium reflectivity and neutral aesthetic with a 48 percent visible light transmission and 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient.

“Our projects strive for a sense of belonging and strong contextual relevance,” explains Matthew Z. Leach, AIA, Principal/Senior Designer, Page. “Glass should contribute to the vibrance of the project while highlighting the adjacent materials as well as the reflected context. It is important that the color rendition of reflection be as bright but also as neutral as possible. SunGuard® SNR 50 does this without appearing too dark or too reflective. It’s a very natural, neutral glass, evocative of more classic modern architectural glazing systems. It is as well suited for reflecting the bright sky as it is for reflecting beautiful landscapes and cityscapes."

By combining the classical, neutral aesthetic both at normal and angular incidence with superior energy performance, this new product presents attractive exteriors architects seek while helping to provide bright, comfortable interiors.

Isomelt DM15 Matrix

Isomelt DM15 warm melt matrix is a single-component, desiccant matrix for use with PPG’s patented Intercept® warm-edge technology and functions both as a desiccant and hot melt adhesive.

Isomelt DM15 brings the following to the insulating glass manufacturing industry:

  • Industry-leading desiccant matrix drying capacity
  • Excellent adhesion to various Intercept® coil stocks
  • Meets and/or exceeds the requirements of ASTM E2190
insulating glass cross section

Ködispace® 4SG Reactive Thermoplastic Spacer

H.B. Fuller’s Ködispace 4SG Warm Edge Spacer System is the premier solution for both commercial and residential applications. Characterized by high energy efficiency, superior gas retention, and an automated process resulting in more precise spacer placement, Ködispace 4SG is currently the only reactive thermoplastic spacer system available.

The patented formulation chemically bonds to glass and silicone secondary sealant. There is no spacer migration, and it has a higher temperature stability than standard insulating glass with polyisobutylene (PIB) in addition to an increased resistance to incompatible glazing conditions. Its migration resistance is proven through extensive laboratory testing.

The invisible thermoplastic spacer system ultimately results in a more visually appealing insulating glass, creating a harmonious connection between glass and frame. Additionally, the auto-adjusting application provides unparalleled flexible design freedom and triple glazing manufacturing precision.

thermoplastic spacer diagram

Guardian SunGuard® SNR 35 coated glass

Guardian SunGuard® SNR 35 coated glass provides a remarkable low solar heat gain, a neutral silver appearance and stunning neutral reflectivity, providing options for architects to achieve a specific aesthetic and make their designs come alive. SNR 35 delivers a crisp, reflective look and features a lower solar heat gain coefficient of 0.17 for energy saving performance. By combining the classical, neutral aesthetic both at normal and angular incidence with superior energy performance, SNR 35 presents an attractive exterior architects seek while helping to provide bright, comfortable interiors.

building with glass facade surrounded by trees

Quanex Super Spacer®

Super Spacer revolutionized warm-edge technology more than three decades ago and continues to lead the market. The product is used in energy-efficient window designs in residential and commercial applications all over the world, and as architectural applications grow bolder, only Super Spacer has the established track record of proven performance that stakeholders can trust with its inherent flexibility and superior performance.

Super Spacer is a premium energy-efficient and sustainable solution for high-volume production of dual- and triple-pane insulating glass (IG), and it continues to be an ideal product for fenestration manufacturers everywhere. A true dual-seal warm-edge spacer line, Super Spacer products use a high-performance acrylic adhesive for their structural seal, backed by a moisture vapor seal.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are top priorities for architects and builders globally who are continuously seeking the perfect balance of energy excellence, aesthetic beauty and precision. Super Spacer offers the best of both worlds and has demonstrated the proof of performance, reliability and thermal excellence that can be trusted to stand up to today’s most demanding designs and efficiency requirements.

insulating glass spacer

Starphire Ultra Clear® Glass

Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) is 87 percent less green than ordinary clear glass and offers pure, undistorted transmitted color—with absolutely no grays or yellows. With its signature azure blue edge, Starphire® glass maintains its clarity and true color transmittance even at thicknesses up to 19 millimeters (¾-inch). In fact, the surface clarity of Starphire® glass becomes more apparent as the glass gets thicker.  

From offices to homes, Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass is the perfect canvas for dynamic interior design. Express colors and patterns in their purest forms. Evoke luxury on doors, shower enclosures and more. Even in heavy thicknesses, Starphire® glass transmits 90 percent of available visible light—and, unlike its imitators, its signature blue edge is maintained when the glass edge is exposed. 

For exteriors, use Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass to create extraordinary, colorful façades and distinctive spandrels and infuse interiors with pure, vibrant daylight. Starphire® glass also can be used to achieve bird-safe designs with acid-etched patterns and to create design entrances and storefronts that feel bright, open and welcoming—even with extra heavy glass. 

Only Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass allows views so brilliant, you’ll forget the glass is even there.  

VacuMax™ Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG)

VacuMax™ vacuum insulating glass (VIG) by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) integrates with any traditional (and even non-traditional) glazing system to maximize insulation performance. With an R-value of R14⁺, VacuMax™ VIG is the ultimate in thermal glazing, delivering R-values close to those of a traditional wall. 

VacuMax™ VIG units consist of two lites of 4 millimeter glass separated by a non-leaded proprietary metal seal and a vacuum space. The unit’s slim construction and light weight allows it to be incorporated into virtually any traditional glazing system, window frame or curtainwall application. Tempered VacuMax™ VIG units can be used alone as nominal ¼-inch glass to replace monolithic (single-pane) glass or as a substitute for the interior lite in any double- or triple-glazed insulating glass unit (IGU), where it forms a second airspace and creates a hybrid IGU. 

Any glass configuration — from a simple monolithic lite of clear glass to a double-glazed IGU with a Solarban® low-emissivity glass coating on the #2 surface and a bird-friendly pattern on surface #1— can benefit from remarkable performance improvements with VacuMax™ VIG. Consider VacuMax™ VIG for exterior glazing applications that require extraordinary performance, including renovations, new construction, office buildings, educational institutions, hospitality and healthcare facilities.  

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