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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Handling/Packaging/ Storage/Transportation

Scoop Dolly

Tall, long and narrow objects like door units, staircases, window units, panel saws and prefabricated walls are difficult to move or load onto a truck. The Scoop Dolly makes loading or unloading these top-heavy objects a breeze. Its unique design allows just the "scoop" section to pivot instead of tilting the entire dolly. This eliminates lifting injuries by not lifting. By adjusting the support saddles forward or backwards, the center of gravity of the object is kept over the dolly base. Objects from 3 ft. to 12 ft. tall can be carried. The unique design allows the dolly to operate like a hand truck on a dolly. Unlike standard hand trucks, the object can be moved in any direction making long objects easy to move. Unlike conventional door dollies or drywall carts, the carrying section pivots instead of the entire dolly. This makes the dolly ergonomically easy to use for one person. Once loaded and tilted back, the load on the Scoop Dolly remains stable without needing to be supported by the operator. Load it and roll it or walk away!

Wood's Powr-Grip 8 " Hand Cup Pad Redesign

New Wood's Powr-Grip  8-inch Hand Cup Pad Redesign

Hand-Cup Features Fast Attach and Release.

Considered by glaziers to be Wood's "Best One Yet"

If you are familiar with the profile of the Wood's Powr-Grip hand-cup, at first glance the new hand cup looks the same, but the 8-inch pad underwent a redesign that rolled out in 2023. The changes are sure to please users: When the cup is first applied firmly to a load surface, the pad establishes an initial grip onto the load, keeping the cup in place until the user finishes the vacuum attachment by pumping the plunger. While some users were able to do this with earlier versions of a standard 8-inch hand cup, the result was never a certainty because it had never been engineered into the pad design. Now, this initial grip can be achieved more consistently.

MRPT411LAC3S vacuum lifter

New Lightweight and Affordable Production Lifter with built in options from Wood’s Powr-Grip

The MRPT411LAC3S vacuum lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip is the first AC-powered rotator/tilter model that includes the company’s exclusive Intelli-Grip® Technology. Benefits of Intelli-Grip include on-board diagnostics, connectivity with the WPG Intelli-Grip App, safety enhancements such as load monitoring and a vacuum-loss warning buzzer, and much more. Other premium options added as standard features on this lifter include:

  • High-duty actuator
  • Tilt speed controller
  • Articulating control handles
  • Other ergonomic controls
  • Vacuum pad shutoff valves
  • Vacuum line quick connectors

With all these features and a 700-pound load capacity, this lifter truly raises the bar for handling glass in production settings.

power lifter for handling glass


The new TKHD85-R cable drag chain from Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp is designed to ensure you get maximum life out of your cable and hose package in dynamic applications. With the TKHD85-R's heavy duty design features that include integrated rollers and aluminum crossbars, you can rest assured that this dynamic cable track can protect your cable and hose package in the harshest of applications.

cable drag chain

Glass Transportation Solutions

Aim Transportation Solutions offers a wide variety of commercial transportation solutions for businesses in all industries, including glass manufacturers and distributors. We work with multiple glass companies, offering dedicated fleet service, where we take care of hiring and retaining drivers as well as dispatching, payroll, compliance and everything that goes into a transportation operation from top to bottom. We also offer full-service leasing to ensure your glass products are being transported in reliable and efficient vehicles that are maintained by our expert diesel technicians and award-winning 24/7, 365 Road Rescue service. Beyond that, we can support you with rentals, maintenance programs, freight brokerage and used truck sales. Our transportation solutions are designed specifically for our customers so they can save time, money and resources and focus more on their core business. Discover more at

Z Series Flat Glass Washer

High-performance glass cleaning system focused on the bottom line with intelligent maintenance features and high-level process control. The Z-Series is engineered to sustain an optimum level of cleaning over years of continuous use, with easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance for minimum downtime. The Z series is offered in working widths of 70, 96, 110 and 132 inches for your convenience.

Reusable Rack Tracking

Reusable transportation racks are a supply chain nightmare. They leave your facility and disappear forever. They can be out of stock, causing production or shipping holds. SMART uses IoT technology to track racks anywhere in North America, with location and inventory data accessible on any device. The system is easily implemented and cost efficient. Major glass companies have experienced a 500%+ ROI in the first year of using the SMART system. 

Glass Rack for Pickup or Van

Glaziers can rely on MyGlassTruck’s aluminum racks for superior weight capacity, quick and easy loading, and a weldless design for years of trouble-free service. Your glass rack can be installed at our locations or shipped to you for self-installation. 

MyGlassTruck exterior racks are available in single or double-sided configurations for pickup trucks and vans in a range of standard lengths and heights to fit most models. Each rack is rated to carry 1,000 pounds per side of the vehicle. Features of MyGlassTruck racks include proprietary, fully padded posts and slats and a 5-inch deep ledge with rubber pads. Adjust-A-Poles with fully adjustable black triangle cleats are included. A tall, front stop prevents glass from sliding forward while providing visibility in traffic. MyGlassTruck racks are fabricated with Huck® fasteners that are superior to welds for joining aluminum and supported with load bearing underbody mounts that tie the weight of the rack and cargo into the vehicle’s frame. 

Options include a removable skirt for servicing the vehicle’s rear wheels; roof-top metal and ladder carriers; Super-Poles with yellow, scissor-style cleats; E-track with cargo straps; and a second ledge system for storing glass on the upper portion of the rack.

OMNI 1800

The OMNI 1800 glazes at elevated heights using a telehandler or off-road forklift, and it can be used inside and outside a building envelope to allow for safe and efficient glazing of glass and windows weighing up to 1800 pounds. Also, it is easy to maintain and repair.

The machine has a fully integrated and independent power supply to drive electric actuators and vacuum pumps. Its Dual Vacuum System includes spring-loaded vacuum cups with 6 adjustable (2 x 16-inch and 4 x 12-inch cups) to deliver greater safety while handling glass.

The OMNI 1800 is operated with a convenient wireless remote (the machine is supplied with two wireless controls), which controls 6 degrees of precise movement for better managing precision glazing. Including, Vertical lift 12”, Forward Extension 12”, 100° Tilt Range (10° rear tilt, 90° tilt to horizontal), Side Shift 12”, 360° Rotation, 60° Side Pivot (30° Left – 30° Right).

Call Chip Olson on (301) 748-7127 to find out more.

Easy-A Crate

Designed to save money on inbound shipping, reduce inventory space and diminish wasteful packaging and outbound space, UFP Packaging delivers all the components you need to easily assemble this packaging solution. Conveniently knocked down and kitted with plated A-frames, our Easy-A modular crates are the ideal solution for shipping fragile items like glass, stone, tile and counters in an upright position. Easy-A has the flexibility to adjust for multiple size products and the ability for versatile bracing configurations for maximum stability.

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