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Handling/Packaging/ Storage/Transportation

Glass Labels with Ultra Removable Adhesive

Specialty labels for the glass and tempering industries. Our Ultra Removeable labels are manufactured to be placed on and removed from any glass object many times over without leaving any glue or residue behind.

Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Infor CPQ has over 20 years of experience in fenestration and is widely regarded by the analyst community as the best solution for manufacturers, with its ability to handle simple and very complex pricing and configuration. Infor CPQ brings our customers’ products to life through an interactive, dynamic, real-time, 3D engagement experience for selection visualization. This supports brand engagement during the research process and captures the anonymous users’ interest long before engagement with sales, driving inclusion in unknown opportunities.

From within a corporate website, quoting experience, CRM, and / or ERP, Infor CPQ’s rich, compelling, visual platform allows any user – an anonymous prospect, customer, salesperson, distributor, dealer – to research, select, specify, quote, and order their simple and complex products faster. This wins more business, differentiates brand, and avoids wasted time, duplicate activities, costly errors, and friction within the processes.

Infor CPQ’s unique and deep manufacturing integration is standard with Infor (and non-Infor) ERPs, using the exact same technology to generate accurate bills, routings, shop orders, CAD drawings, and model assemblies. This decreases costs, by leveraging a single technology platform from research to delivery.  Infor CPQ’s enterprise solution delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the fenestration industry. 

pricing app

Patriot LT Glass Truck Body

The Patriot LT open glass truck body has plenty of capacity but is still easy to maneuver. It’s often added to a fleet to accommodate growth beyond van and pickup racks and can be fitted to a range of cab-over and standard cab-chassis for class three through class five trucks. The Patriot LT is available in 12-foot through 18-foot rack lengths with uninterrupted ledges to accommodate wide sheets of glass. Nine-foot-tall outer racks offer plenty of vertical storage. The interior racks face a roomy platform for walk-in loading, and an optional over-the-cab metal carrier handles all types of storefront channel.

MyGlassTruck designs and builds every glass truck at their facility in Glassboro, New Jersey. Their team of glass transportation experts, engineers and technicians ensures that your glass body is manufactured to your exact specifications. They will help guide you from your initial quote and engineering through delivery and implementation of your new vehicle. Call 1-844-364-4022 or visit for more information.

Barkow Model P212-A on 2023 Isuzu NPR

Barkow 12-feet long by 105-inch-high aluminum fully welded glazing body. Ten Stake-Loc self-locking stakes are included, cantilevered metal carrier with removable bars in center and rear of body and a toolbox in the rear skirt. B load holding slats throughout. Manufactured by craftsmen.

2023 Isuzu NPR chassis cab. 14,500 GVWR, 6.6 liter gas engine, six-speed automatic transmission, power windows and locks. AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth. Painted white. Full factory warranty.

This complete glazing vehicle is currently available for sale and can be driven away from GlassBuild in Las Vegas October 20th.

glass-handling truck and rack


At Smartlift, we understand that glass can be difficult to handle. That's why we've designed our glass lifters to make your job easier. With our unique design, you can mount windows of any size with ease. And because our glass lifters are made of high-quality materials, you can trust that they'll last. We also offer a variety of accessories, such as suction cups and extension bars, to make your glass lifting job even easier. So if you're looking for glass lifting equipment that can make your job easier, look no further than Smartlift. Thanks to our glass lifters, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more.

TX Precision

TX Precision is the WALCO® industrial laminator for high precision bubble-free and wrinkle-free protective film application.

Running both integrated in an automatic line or as a stand-alone equipment, TX Precision is suitable for any production.

The machine can operate on a wide range of flat surfaces: Glass, Wood, Metals, Laminates, Plastic Sheets, Panels and many others.

Its High Precision automatic cutting system allows a net cut fitting your needs: exactly at the edge, or negative (inside the edges), and even positive.

Thanks to its automatic film tension control, the TX Precision calculate automatically the length of each piece and apply/cut the film accordingly, avoiding any film elongation.

The TX Precision can be equipped with different options depending on your applications/materials and with our Smart Tech Protection innovative solutions. WALCO® systems and machines are built-to-order, ranging from simple to complex: depending upon your unique production and operational requirements.

The machine is available in different widths from 1400 to 2800 millimeters.


WALCO® VX2 is the first revolutionary vertical laminator designed specifically for the application of protective film on Insulating Glass Units (IGU) and flat glass!

Fully automated, the VX2 uses a patented WALCO® technology that allows the application of protective film on both sides of the glass in a single pass thanks to its automated adjustment system. Equipped with intelligent technology, it is automatically adjusted to the length and height of glass up to 3,000 millimeters.

Simultaneous double-sided application reduces cycle time and protects the outside and inside of a window from the hazards of handling and transportation to the window manufacturer, and once installed on a construction site.

Equipped with an automatic and adjustable cutting system configurable thanks to its digital display, the VX2 allows a free margin, enabling window manufacturers to easily install the profile without removing the film.

The machine has been tested with most commercially available protective films. We recommend Forglass 9561 film by NOVACEL® protective films for a perfect application.

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