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Hand Tools

MRPT411LAC3S vacuum lifter

New Lightweight and Affordable Production Lifter with built in options from Wood’s Powr-Grip

The MRPT411LAC3S vacuum lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip is the first AC-powered rotator/tilter model that includes the company’s exclusive Intelli-Grip® Technology. Benefits of Intelli-Grip include on-board diagnostics, connectivity with the WPG Intelli-Grip App, safety enhancements such as load monitoring and a vacuum-loss warning buzzer, and much more. Other premium options added as standard features on this lifter include:

  • High-duty actuator
  • Tilt speed controller
  • Articulating control handles
  • Other ergonomic controls
  • Vacuum pad shutoff valves
  • Vacuum line quick connectors

With all these features and a 700-pound load capacity, this lifter truly raises the bar for handling glass in production settings.

power lifter for handling glass

Ultra Speed CNC Peripheral wheel

1-  Open at the back of wheel allow cooling injection, all machines can have internal cooling function

2-  Cooling injection to opening: direction the same as wheel rotation means more water spray from segments

3-  A large number of holes allow cooling and chips to flow out much faster for quicker cooling

4-  Fast cooling brings ultra high speed; fast chip flow allows ultra-high surface finishing

5-  Patent design with unique anti-deformation capability that lasts extremely long

6-  PRY wheel suggested to work at RPM8000+

CNC peripheral wheel

Ultra Drill

Our drill features:

1-Two to three times the tool life vs. standard core drill bits

2-No dressing required for life of drill bit

3-Better wear "curve" results in cleaner high-quality holes throughout life of drill bit

4-Measurable payback & reduced production costs; longer life + less maintenance & downtime + consistent quality. 


Carbide Glass Scoring Wheels

Fletcher-Terry’s carbide wheels are produced from a specially formulated micro-grain tungsten carbide material giving each cutting wheel extraordinary performance, strength, resilience with superior edge quality and easy, clean break out for glass products. Our wheels are produced using a CNC proprietary method for high-speed glass scoring applications and support quick order turn around. Available in wheel OD sizes from 3.937 to 6.655 millimeters and sold in tubes of 20 wheels. Market exclusive blister packaging is also available.  

Atlas Saw Blades

Since 1948, Atlas Saw & Tool Technology has been providing customers with the highest quality saw blades and sharpening services. Specializing in cutting tools for the plastics, wood, metal and paper industries, Atlas also manufactures and designs custom saw blades based on unique performance specifications. The saw blade product portfolio is vast and includes blades in a variety of sizes for woodworking including ripping, cross cut, scoring, trim and double sided materials. In addition, Atlas sells blades for several types of mechanical plastics, acrylic, phenolic and foam board. Sharpening services and blade management programs are available to prevent production downtime related to saw blade changes and rotations.


Glass-Chek ELITE (#GC3200)

The GC3200 measures the glass & air space thickness of a window, and also identifies the surface location and type of low-emissivity coating in the window. The ELITE also has the ability to identify laminated glass and measure the inner-layer thickness of the lami itself. The graphical display shows a drawing of the profile of the window, labeling each glass surface. The graphical display makes the window construction and low-e location much easier to comprehend. The GC3200’s ability to store recent measurements in its memory to be reviewed later is a convenient feature. Everyone agrees, if you replace any windows in the field, the GC3200 is a MUST-OWN product to eliminate thickness mistakes, and to make sure you are replacing the window with the same type of low-e coating you are taking out.  This also helps the replacement window look more similar to the one you are taking out. An added benefit is the time you save in the field by gathering all of this information so quickly.

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