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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Glass Fabricating Equipment

Xinglass Glass Tempering Furnace

The new QX-GTH glass tempering furnace from Xinglass has advanced automatic functions that can largely help reduce the production cost and labor cost. It is designed for various glass types, including clear glass, patterned glass, sandblasted glass, coated glass, concave-convex glass, tinted glass, hard-coated glass and soft-coated Low-E glass. The tempered glass meets standards ANSI Z97.1, EN 12150-1:2000, GB15763.2-2005, and the tempering standard of JIS R 3206.

In need of meeting the customers’ needs for more reliable and flexible control for the heating process, the control system has integrated a new intelligent heating control algorithm. It ensures heat is evenly distributed with 10 percent accuracy improvement. The QX-GTH glass tempering furnace uses high heat-resistance insulation materials. It improves the heating performance and the quality of tempered glass. In addition, Xinglass’ air convection technology realized uniform temperature distribution under different loading modes.

The quenching section of the newly designed tempering furnace is a big innovation as well. This new design uses the inertia of the blower impellers for cooling the glass. It can cool down the glass in various ways, which minimizes the waste of energy from the rotation of blower impellers. With the usage of advanced separate quenching technology, the furnace not only ensures the tempering quality but also achieves the purpose of energy-saving. The optimized quenching process reduces most product defects for soft coating and hard coating low-E glass. This technology is well received by glass fabricators.

Xinglass Glass Washing Machine

The Xinglass QX-GW Series glass washing machine is used for washing flat or bent glass with high-quality requirements. It can effectively remove the dirt, oil, watermark and stains from the glass surface. The new technology has improved the production speed and integrated more stainless steel parts.

The QX-GW Series glass washing machines can satisfy the current market demands of the most cost-effective and high-efficient solutions. It is designed for various applications, including commercial and residential glass, windows and doors, architectural and furniture glass, shower enclosures, appliance glass, and more. The machine can wash all types of glass such as clear glass, patterned glass, sandblast glass, coated glass, concave-convex glass, reflective glass, colored glass, and other types of glass, such as low-E, laminated, insulated glass or soft-coated glass.

The machine has also adopted a new control system, it can be connected to the control system of the Xinglass tempering line. The user can control both washing and tempering from one control center. The glass can be washed, then tempered, then washed in a full-automatic process. No operator interaction is needed.

Argon Check Analyzer

Argon Check Analyzer is a low-cost, hand-held, and rapid feedback gas fill analyzer that provides an accurate reading of initial fill percentage. The sample probes provide point of fill readings to quickly
determine manufacturing accuracies. Real-time reading and small sample size provide a single
reading accuracy that should not require another fill cycle after testing.


• Easy user interface - one touch control
• Simple to use
• Accurate, reliable results
• Rapid calibration
• Hand held and portable
• Advanced sensor technology
• Small sample size
• Real time reading

person operating the argon check analyzer

Omni 1800

The OMNI 1800 is easily attached to a forklift and can be used inside and outside a building envelope to allow for safe and efficient glazing of glass and windows weighing up to 1800 pounds. 

  • Six degrees of movement (with Wireless Remote):

    • 360 degree rotation
    • 12” side shift
    • 40° side pivot – 20° left + 20° right
    • 12” Vertical lift
    • 100° forward tilt to horizontal
    • 12” forward extension

Quality Scanner 3D

The Quality Scanner 3D Technology provides the most up-to-date, industry-leading multi-channel defect detection technology for integration into a variety of glass fabrication processes, either vertically or horizontally. The defect detection performance of the 3D Quality Scanner exceeds the standards defined under EN1279 and ASTM C1036 allowing for best in class defect detection, classification and reporting.



ECO Scanner

The ECO Scanner has evolved into the most effective, flexible and cost-competitive entry-level glass defect detection system available in the market. Not only does the ECO Scanner meet or exceed the demands required for visual glass quality in a number of countries, it can be easily integrated into both new or existing glass processing applications.

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