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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Glass Fabricating Equipment

Osprey 10 Complete

Introducing the ultimate post tempering inspection system in the Osprey 10 Complete with Overall Bow Recognition!

Are you ready to take your glass processing to new levels of quality while improving your bottom-line? Witness the Osprey 10 Complete in action with a demonstration at booth 3221.

The Osprey 10 Complete is the proven industry leader, where our customers literally do not run their tempering without an Osprey inline.  Fast accurate optimization and process control.

The Osprey 10 Complete, brought to you by LiteSentry-Softsolution, is unlike anything else on the market. It's a revolutionary system that measures ALL optical distortion, anisotropy, skunk stripe, cutting-edge neural network to detect overall bowed or bi-stable glass pieces in real-time post tempering. No more worries about defective glass going unnoticed!  100% of the product inspected, 100% of the time with quantified results, and robust databases and images for every measured part.

And guess what? It's compatible with any brand of tempering furnace, making it an unbeatable choice for glass processing companies like yours.


Embrace the future of glass processing with the NEW BowScanner at booth 3221!

Discover our incredible BowScanner, a groundbreaking product from LiteSentry-Softsolution. Are you tired of facing unexpected setbacks and extra costs due to bowed or bi-stable glass pieces? Say goodbye to those troubles with an advanced, automated, inline real-time BowScanner.  

Take control of your process, whether it is an insulating glass unit or lamination line, storage or a logistics line. Improve your process throughput and safety concerns when you have a BowScanner in your process avoiding glass jams and breakage. The BowScanner can be integrated into a LineScanner or as a stand-alone system. 

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision! Get your BowScanner details at GlassBuild America Booth 3221 – see you soon!


T17 Insulating Glass Spacer

Innovative Triple Pane Technology

PDS IG Equipment has launched a new and innovative product to address ever-tightening energy code requirements. The T17 spacer is a flexible, thin, stainless-steel spacer, offering insulating glass fabricators a simple and cost-effective alternative to producing traditional triple pane insulating glass units. The T17 offers the performance of a traditional triple pane unit with only a single spacer. Its unique design enables the use of thinner center lite glass while having only two edge seals, versus a traditional four edge seal triple pane design, decreasing the opportunity for gas and moisture movement across the primary sealant and resulting in a more durable, thinner and cost-effective alternative for triple panes.

Combining the T17 spacer technology with the PDS fully automated IG fabrication system enables highly efficient triple pane production. The unique, fully automated spacer application technology requires no added labor compared to traditional dual pane operation. The PDS IG system includes online vacuum argon filling (with optional krypton) and IG secondary sealing capability. The production of single spacer triple pane IGs using the PDS T17 platform is the future for fabricators migrating their insulating glass production from dual to triple pane.


The new TKHD85-R cable drag chain from Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp is designed to ensure you get maximum life out of your cable and hose package in dynamic applications. With the TKHD85-R's heavy duty design features that include integrated rollers and aluminum crossbars, you can rest assured that this dynamic cable track can protect your cable and hose package in the harshest of applications.

cable drag chain

SentryGlas Trim Table

Casso-Solar Technologies has worked together with Kuraray to develop a system to trim excess SentryGlas® after lamination is completed. This equipment eliminates the need to use hot knives to clean up assemblies by using an infrared heater to heat the excess interlayer along an entire edge and allowing it to be trimmed with a standard razor blade. For ¼- over ¼-inch assemblies this process takes about 20 to 30 seconds per edge, reducing the time it takes to produce quality finished product. Comes with easy-to-use single button operation.

These tables can be provided in an array of standard voltages and sizes to handle up to 120- by 120-inch glass and adjustable for up to 2 inches thick. Some custom options include operator cut-outs, tilt load/unload capability, clamping systems and edge rollers. 

glass trim table


The SEAMMAXX-PRO MKII™ has been designed to follow our SeamMaXX PROrange of seaming lines, acknowledged as the highest output fully automatic seaming lines worldwide. Up to six or seven random sized lites per minute seamed top and bottom on all four edges in thicknesses from 3 to 12 millimeters. The fastest most compact L-shape lines require the smallest footprint of any seaming system and can be fed direct from breakout, adjusting fully automatically to each lite’s dimensions.

The new version which will premier at GlassBuild America in Atlanta, incorporates the latest technology and software allowing the machine to perform at maximum output with minimal maintenance, stoppages and adjustments. 

glass fabricating machine


Introducing the revamped ATLAS 2.0® Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System, pioneering the future of glass fabrication. Building on the power of its predecessor, ATLAS 2.0® delivers triple pane insulating glass units (IGUs) in 20-second cycles, but now with the added benefit of the renovated IG Assembly system, transitioning from hydraulic to electrical actuation and with new upgraded controls, leading to enhanced precision and ease of maintenance.

Flexible and schedule-driven, ATLAS 2.0® smoothly integrates with existing Intercept® lines, and handles a versatile range of IGU combinations, assembling units from 14 by 16 to 72 by 100 inches in any order sequence. The machine-controlled consistency still promises uniform, high-quality IGUs but with increased output – and thanks to the advanced engineering and heavy-duty construction, this system is built to outlast.

The touchless assembly with automatic alignment ensures optimum production and product quality. Enhanced safety features and straight-through or turn configurations make it a fit for any plant layout.

With ATLAS 2.0®, experience the future of glass fabrication, where greater productivity meets superior quality.

CleanCut™ 1800

Unleash maximum efficiency with the CleanCut™ 1800 Series Glass Cutting & Deletion System. Engineered for enhanced speed and increased throughput, it can handle glass sheet sizes up to 96 by 130 inches, maintaining precision with cutting accuracy of +/- 1/64-inch non-accumulative. Powered by GED Software, the 1800 Series offers on-screen diagnostics and ethernet connectivity for rapid fault detection and remote diagnostics.

Its unique design allows for a short cutting-head travel path, facilitating greater throughput and productivity. Additionally, an easily accessible cutting fluid reservoir ensures maximum score quality while preventing downtime. The integrated HEPA vacuum filter and change indicator ensures safe, regulatory-compliant workspaces.

This powerhouse seamlessly integrates with WinIG® for efficient batch and cut file extraction, eliminating the need for additional software setups. It's also designed with a regenerative braking system for energy savings.

Enjoy the benefits of a proprietary edge deletion head, programmable cutting & deletion force, and rapid processing time, all contributing to reduced waste and improved quality. Stay ahead with the CleanCut™ 1800 Series—the smart choice for your glass production needs.

Integrate precision with sustainability by adding the high-speed glass fragmentation Cullet System. They are engineered for CleanCut 1700/1800 Series and are adaptable to several configuration options for layout flexibility.

Z Series Flat Glass Washer

High-performance glass cleaning system focused on the bottom line with intelligent maintenance features and high-level process control. The Z-Series is engineered to sustain an optimum level of cleaning over years of continuous use, with easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance for minimum downtime. The Z series is offered in working widths of 70, 96, 110 and 132 inches for your convenience.

Cullet Handling Systems

Cullet handling systems by Custom Conveyor can improve cutting table throughput, reduce operator fatigue and minimize injury risk in your facility. These systems are tailored to work directly with your existing processing equipment. The breakers receive scrap glass from manual breakout tables or automated axis breakers and convert it into cullet which is easily transportable by our bulk conveying systems. Cullet handling systems may be used with existing production lines or designed for incorporation into new lines. From a simple above-grade system for a single low-volume breakout table to a multi-line, plant-wide system that brings all your waste glass to one centralized location, Custom Conveyor can design a cullet system to meet your specific needs.

glass breaker

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