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Glass Fabricating Equipment


Bavelloni VE500 V10 is a straight-line mitering machine equipped with ten spindles for processing miters with variable angle from 0 to 45 degrees. It has been specifically designed for processing heavy glass sheets and can be configured with a wide range of options to satisfy different production requirements.


Bavelloni VDM 1636 CN – Vertical milling and drilling machine designed for shower door production and architectural applications. Equipped with opposing spindles, each with a rotating eight position tool storage, it is extremely user friendly, designed with the most advanced technical solutions to ensure high working accuracy. Milling is performed while the glass is in a fixed position to achieve better grinding quality and higher grinding speed. The control device combines professional numerical control (NC) with the convenience of a PC working in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Robotic Arm Loader with CNC Cutter

Please watch the video of our latest semi-jumbo(108- by 144-inch) CNC Linear Motor glass cutting line, including a robotic glass loading system, which can load 25 to 30 different types of glass. The design minimized floor space requirements while also accommodating building column interferences. Glassline’s CNC LM Cutting Machine design provides high speed, high acceleration, AND tight tolerances. It is very low maintenance due to the use of linear motors and a patented direct drive cutting head, eliminating the use of any belts or gears to wear. Call today to discuss how we can help collaborate on your project, for the best solution for YOU. GLASSLINE®, a name you have trusted for 50 years.

Glass Rectangle Slitting (Strip Cutting)

Appliance, as well as some other manufacturers, need to process small parts for things such as refrigerator shelves. It is more costly and difficult to handle if the raw glass comes from the float line in small pieces. Therefore a slitting line is one solution, whereby the glass can be shipped in larger blanks, and slit, or cut down into the smaller pieces required. Slitting is the process of using multiple cutting heads to score a sheet in a straight line. This slitting can happen with the glass moving past fixed cutting heads, or by placing the cutting heads on a bridge with the glass fixed in position. In the case of the example shown, the block is automatically loaded by our overhead loader, and the block is automatically positioned so that the slit pieces are of a nominal size tolerance. The glass is then transferred under the slitting bridge which has five slitting heads. These heads are automatically set up to size by the program based on the size of the block and the size of the parts desired. The glass is then transferred, the scores are snapped, and the individual parts are fed into a Glassline double edger, which is the only edger fast enough to handle parts at this speed. Other slitting configurations can be proposed depending on your needs.

Proliner Glass Templator package (Architectural and Bent Glass)

Since there is a clear distinction in the requirements for creating digital templates for architectural glass and (double) curved glass constructions, we developed complete glass package solutions for both.

The Proliner Architectural Glass package is a complete digital templating solution that enables architectural glass fabricators to measure, check, edit and export digital templates of balustrades, backsplashes, worktops, windows, physical templates, and other flat glass shapes on-site as well as in the factory.

The Proliner Bent Glass package is a complete digital templating solution for measuring and creating digital templates of bent glass constructions. The Bent Glass software enables glass manufacturers to model, flatten, frame and compare 3D glass shapes.

Prodim will analyze your business activities and particular requirements and use our many years of experience in the glass industry to create the best total package for improving your templating and business processes now and in the future.

Kodiak Glass Edging Machines

HHH Equipment Resources brings you Kodiak™, an exclusive line of glass edging equipment designed specifically with North American fabricators in mind. Developed from more than 125 years of glass industry experience, Kodiak™ glass edging machines offer exceptional edge quality, competitive production speeds and a proven track design to help you redefine performance.

Kodiak™ glass edging machines are designed for continuous use and the handling of large lites of glass. These robust machines feature heavy-duty frame construction and 77-pound spindles, a long-lasting caterpillar track system, large, user-friendly display screens, automatic lubrication and UL-certified components. Kodiak™ machines also come backed by an industry-leading 18-month mechanical, 12-month electrical warranty.

The Kodiak™ lineup includes heavy-duty glass edging, polishing, mitering and beveling equipment. Contact HHH today to learn more. THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR.

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systron proHD

The systron proHD is a vertical glass processing center with integrated waterjet technology. The machining of contours and cut-outs can be performed with the highest precision and shortest cycle time due to the solid construction and the use of our patented systems. A barrier-free design and an ergonomic working position enables the operator easy access to all machine components. Sophisticated waterjet for shower enclosures, all glass entrances, laminated glass and more.


TL 11 PC H60

Straight-line edging machine for the processing of flat edge with arris, recommended for large scale production of tempered glass and/or high-quality furnishing glass.

BVC's SS-R200 Round vacuum cup for all Cnc machines

BVC announced last year the all-new vacuum cup SS-R200, the all-new round vacuum cup for all CNC routers. This Better Vacuum Cup comes in three standard heights such as 105 millimeters, 150 mm and 200 mm for the CMS fabricators. Just like all of the other BVC cups, this cup does not need the foam gasket to be used. The BVC flexible lip seal mirrors the part for a perfect lip seal. Damage to a BVC cup is a simple 30-second repair. See videos online at Made in the USA guarantees a quality product. 

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