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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Glass Coating Equipment



ColorGlass is a new single-roller machine, suitable to the enamelling and design printing of glass sheets by means of an engraved cylinder. Thanks to its high versatility and ease of use, Colorglass is the indispensable working tool for in-house laboratory or production lines.

With ColorGlass it's possible to easily enamel and print any kind of flat glass on the market with sheet thicknesses from 2 mm. to 25 mm. and sizes from 600 mm. to 2600 mm.

Colorglass is suitable from small dimensions such tiles and decorations to big sizes such internal walls, doors and façades.

A wide range and choice of rollers, with different engravings, enables the users to apply a constant and uniform coating with an enamel quantity from 30 g/sqmt to 400 g/sqmt wet (30 to 300 micron) in one pass only. A special rubber roller, laser engraved, is available for the glazing of glass sheets not perfectly levelled, i.e. with depressions and swellings.

Laser-engraved design printing rollers are available to create silk-screen effects such dots, geometrical motives etc.

As per all the Rollmac machinery, the most important features of Colorglass are the ease of use and the quick (less than 15 minutes) time for color change.

A feeding conveyor belt is available as optional to ease the transport of sheets with big sizes. On this belt it's also possible to install, as an option, a lining-up device which allows the perfect sheet alignment to the engraved roller, avoiding excess deposit of paint.

The main electrical panel is, as usual, installed inside the machine shoulder; it is provided with inverter for the A/C electrical motors control. On the operator's panel are located all the machine controls and the digital color display.

The centesimal regulation of working thickness is displayed on the command board.


  • REVERSE engraved cylinder: coating, enamelling and painting.
  • SYNCHRO engraved cylinder: design effects.



GlassLine is a new machine to enamel the edges of float glass sheets by means of a steel engraved cylinder. 

It is a completely new project based on the well-known technologies of enameling by a reverse roller.
Glass line has been designed to provide answers to a peculiar need of glasses bound to building and interior decoration, i.e. the coating of a frame on the four edges of the sheet. Frame sizes: min. 5 mm max. 300 mm.

This operation is performed in 4 passes with the return and 90° rotation of the sheet between one pass and the next. After all four sides have been worked, the sheet is sent to the oven for drying.
The machines grants the possibility to enamel sheets with thicknesses from 2 mm. to 25 mm. and sizes up to 2.600 mm. In just one pass, a constant and uniform quantity of enamel can be applied up to 400 g/mq.

It is possible to coat by ceramic enamels and organic paints.

The system is composed by three elements: entry roller conveyor, coating module and exit roller conveyor. To turn and rotate long sheets, it is available a side roller conveyor, mounted on rails.


ASR (Automatic Sheet Rotation) is a device for the complete automation of the glass sheet rotation and positioning operations.

This optional device can be fitted in the entry roller conveyor of edge coater machine model GlassLine.

ASR is especially useful for printing big size sheets, very heavy or that cannot stand manual handling.

Working cycle of device ASR:
This operation is performed in 4 passes with the automatic return and 90° rotation of the sheet between one pass and the next.

  • it detects the center of sheet to be printed
  • it positions the sheet in contact with the side guiding list (lining-up)
  • it waits for the sheet return
  • it locks the sheet and rotates it by 90°
  • it reposition the sheet in contact with the side guiding list (lining-up)

After all four sides have been worked, the sheet is sent to the IR oven for drying.

FuseCube™ Express

The FuseCube™ Express is DFI’s newest coating machine that applies Diamon-Fusion® protective coating onto both sides of the glass. The coating is applied through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, transforming ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. Unique to its class, the FuseCube™ Express can treat 1-5 lites in under 10 minutes using a minimal footprint (5’ X 6’) that can meet the demands of both small and larger-sized fabricators.

The machine also includes a touch screen monitor, built-in evacuation system, multi-run cartridge system, real-time monitoring, and backup systems, making it simple, reliable, and easy-to-use. Applications for Diamon-Fusion® through the FuseCube™ Express include shower doors, glass railings, glass canopies, insulated glass units, tempered glass, laminated glass, curved glass, satin-etched glass, and much more.

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