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Glass Coating Equipment

Solar Shield, Protective Coating

Dirty Solar Panels are no joke. Cleaning solar panels can be very difficult. Dust, soil, leaves and water are common contaminates on solar panels that can buildup and reduce the efficiency of the panels over time and present ongoing problems for the glass life. Rain alone will not keep solar panels clean and prevent soiling or etching. Dirty solar panels reduce performance by more than 10%. 

Unelko now offers Solar Shield® a nano scale protective coating & sealant that durably bonds to photovoltaic glass. Solar Shield offers lasting and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels.  

Solar Shield can be applied in factory to glass solar panels at an OEM level before installation or by certified applicators in field. The product is technical, but easy to apply and creates a hydrophobic coating that seals the panels against deterioration and degradation. One application lasts from 3 to 15 years depending upon application, exposure, abrasion, environment and a light maintenance routine. 

bottle of Solar Shield


Vision 900 is the super innovative tempering furnace for flat glass: equipped with a PRE-HEATING convective chamber, it successfully passed the testing of the STAZIONE SPERIMANTALE DEL VETRO complying with all the requirements of UNI standards. Achievements: tempering low-emissivity glass of the latest generation up to E = 0.01, increase in production capacity, increase in quality of tempered glass and significant reduction in energy consumption. The ideal machine for medium and large companies with high quality standards, especially in the market of architectural glass, household appliance, automotive and solar, providing customer-tailored solutions.
Supervision Intelligent - The intelligent vision
A new complete graphical interface supervision system, available with a large touch-screen TV monitor that allows total control of the furnace, the continuous display of the heating cycle and of all the control tools installed in the furnace. It includes a power consumption monitoring system and user manual with an automatic problem-solving system, thus minimizing the downtime of the machine.

Osprey 10 Complete

Introducing the ultimate post tempering inspection system in the Osprey 10 Complete with Overall Bow Recognition!

Are you ready to take your glass processing to new levels of quality while improving your bottom-line? Witness the Osprey 10 Complete in action with a demonstration at booth 3221.

The Osprey 10 Complete is the proven industry leader, where our customers literally do not run their tempering without an Osprey inline.  Fast accurate optimization and process control.

The Osprey 10 Complete, brought to you by LiteSentry-Softsolution, is unlike anything else on the market. It's a revolutionary system that measures ALL optical distortion, anisotropy, skunk stripe, cutting-edge neural network to detect overall bowed or bi-stable glass pieces in real-time post tempering. No more worries about defective glass going unnoticed!  100% of the product inspected, 100% of the time with quantified results, and robust databases and images for every measured part.

And guess what? It's compatible with any brand of tempering furnace, making it an unbeatable choice for glass processing companies like yours.


Embrace the future of glass processing with the NEW BowScanner at booth 3221!

Discover our incredible BowScanner, a groundbreaking product from LiteSentry-Softsolution. Are you tired of facing unexpected setbacks and extra costs due to bowed or bi-stable glass pieces? Say goodbye to those troubles with an advanced, automated, inline real-time BowScanner.  

Take control of your process, whether it is an insulating glass unit or lamination line, storage or a logistics line. Improve your process throughput and safety concerns when you have a BowScanner in your process avoiding glass jams and breakage. The BowScanner can be integrated into a LineScanner or as a stand-alone system. 

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision! Get your BowScanner details at GlassBuild America Booth 3221 – see you soon!


Z Series Flat Glass Washer

High-performance glass cleaning system focused on the bottom line with intelligent maintenance features and high-level process control. The Z-Series is engineered to sustain an optimum level of cleaning over years of continuous use, with easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance for minimum downtime. The Z series is offered in working widths of 70, 96, 110 and 132 inches for your convenience.

FuseCube Express

The FuseCube™ Express is an automated coating machine that applies Diamon-Fusion® onto both sides of the glass. The coating is applied through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, transforming ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface.

Unique to its class, the FuseCube™ Express can treat 1-5 lites in under 10 minutes, with a minimal footprint (5 by 6 feet) that can meet the demands of small and larger-sized fabricators. The machine also includes a touchscreen monitor, built-in evacuation system, multi-run cartridge system, real-time monitoring and backup systems, making it simple, reliable and easy to use.


Sphinx® Isolite® glass provides solar control by absorbing some of the sun direct radiation, which softens the brightness of daylight. It only transmits the optimum amount of light and protects against unwanted UV radiations, while reducing heat intake, creating an ideal and a private interior setting

Isolite® is available in Euro Grey, Coal Grey, Sky Blue, Dark Bronze and Euro Bronze.


building with tinted glass

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