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Glass Coating Equipment

X-Line Automatic Coating Machine

A high speed in-line coating solution for applying EnduroShield, the industry’s best performing easy clean glass coating.

The X-Line fully automated machine combines uncomplicated design and smart technology to deliver a user friendly, high speed, efficient and economical coating solution for easy implementation. Designed and built by EnduroShield for customer driven functionality, the fully automated vertical or horizontal systems streamline the application of EnduroShield easy clean glass coating, allowing scalability to any size of operation.

  • Fast and efficient
    30 seconds per panel / average of 12 meters per minute
  • In-line or stand alone
    Reduces double handling and does not impact production flow
  • Driving value
    Economically priced with less waste - an affordable machine which applies the right amount of coating, every time
  • Complete flexibility
    Horizontal or vertical, single sided or double sided coating machine options available.

Installed in-line at some of the world’s leading glass processing plants, reducing labour and product costs by up to 25%.

“As one of North America’s largest shower door manufacturers, we have partnered with EnduroShield since 2009. The migration to the new X-Line, being a single piece flow solution provides us the flexibility and efficiencies consistent with our focus for continuous growth.”

Jared Ross, Former President – HMI

FuseCube Express

The FuseCube™ Express is DFI’s newest coating machine that applies Diamon-Fusion® protective coating onto both sides of the glass. The coating is applied through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, transforming ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. Unique to its class, the FuseCube™ Express can treat 1 to 5 lites in under 10 minutes and has a minimal footprint (5 by 6 feet) that can meet the demands of both small and larger-sized fabricators. The machine also includes a touch screen monitor, built-in evacuation system, multi-run cartridge system, real-time monitoring, and backup systems, making it simple, reliable, and easy-to-use.

Applications of Diamon-Fusion® through the FuseCube™ Express include shower doors, glass railings, glass canopies, insulating glass units, tempered glass, laminated glass, curved glass, satin-etched glass and much more. 

AE2250 Low-E CARD +

The AE2250 Low-E CARD+® offers a replaceable battery design that can be used indefinitely.  This "+" model will differentiate if the low-emissivity coating is on Surface 1, Surface 2, or indicate if the glass is uncoated (Clear). There are no metal contacts, and the product can be used to test all types of glass. Therefore it is safe to use on all glass, even if the glass is dirty, has a label or has other insulating layers on it. For orders of 100 pieces or more, you can brand the Card with your company logo and sales message. Now you can offer your own branded card for use in the factory or to give to customers.  

TX Precision

TX Precision is the WALCO® industrial laminator for high precision bubble-free and wrinkle-free protective film application.

Running both integrated in an automatic line or as a stand-alone equipment, TX Precision is suitable for any production.

The machine can operate on a wide range of flat surfaces: Glass, Wood, Metals, Laminates, Plastic Sheets, Panels and many others.

Its High Precision automatic cutting system allows a net cut fitting your needs: exactly at the edge, or negative (inside the edges), and even positive.

Thanks to its automatic film tension control, the TX Precision calculate automatically the length of each piece and apply/cut the film accordingly, avoiding any film elongation.

The TX Precision can be equipped with different options depending on your applications/materials and with our Smart Tech Protection innovative solutions. WALCO® systems and machines are built-to-order, ranging from simple to complex: depending upon your unique production and operational requirements.

The machine is available in different widths from 1400 to 2800 millimeters.


WALCO® VX2 is the first revolutionary vertical laminator designed specifically for the application of protective film on Insulating Glass Units (IGU) and flat glass!

Fully automated, the VX2 uses a patented WALCO® technology that allows the application of protective film on both sides of the glass in a single pass thanks to its automated adjustment system. Equipped with intelligent technology, it is automatically adjusted to the length and height of glass up to 3,000 millimeters.

Simultaneous double-sided application reduces cycle time and protects the outside and inside of a window from the hazards of handling and transportation to the window manufacturer, and once installed on a construction site.

Equipped with an automatic and adjustable cutting system configurable thanks to its digital display, the VX2 allows a free margin, enabling window manufacturers to easily install the profile without removing the film.

The machine has been tested with most commercially available protective films. We recommend Forglass 9561 film by NOVACEL® protective films for a perfect application.

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