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skai Mattex S-Bronze - a timeless graphitegrey as extreme matt surface

Dark colors continue to dominate, especially black, but are there new tendencies noticeable?

Certainly there are -  grey colors - already very popular outside North America, they are now also starting their trend here, but slightly different:

skai Mattex S-Bronze - a very dark graphitegrey and as part of the Mattex program with its distinct extreme matt surface, which we will showcase at the Glassbuild booth

skai Mattex – extreme matt with added value

With skai Mattex, Continental presents a new exterior surfaces program that inspires the market with an extreme matt in laminated surfaces. It has a gloss level of 2. This innovation  perfectly replicates the look and feel of powder-coated aluminium with a particularly fine, yet concisely structured surface. Due to the extremely matt finish, the surface has a very high-quality appearance, an impression that is intensified when touched. The surface is particularly scratch resistant due to its grain structure. In addition, it is sealed with a PVDF-layer resulting in a particularly low surface tension that makes it easy to clean. It is highly resistant to chemicals. Due to its high temperature resistance, it shows no gloss development during either welding or bending

FUX 83-LMP-37 Platenmelter for 5gal/20kg Pails

FUX Maschinenbau & Kunststofftechnik GmbH - the leading manufacturer of profile wrapping, lamination and profile bending equipment - is showing their new 83-LMP-37 5-gallon (20-kilogram) Platen / Pail Melter for PUR Hotmelt adhesive at GlassBuild 2022.

The main technology for adhesive dispersion that FUX promotes is their continuous tank system, or for smaller and more flexible runs, the Top Melter. Nevertheless as FUX already offers Platenmelters for the 55-gallon Barrels of adhesive they are now also launching their new 83-LMP-37 5-gallon (20-kilogram) Platen / Pail Melter due to popular demand of our customers in North America

As a company with a history of more than 475 years, FUX engineers reliable state-of-the art machinery and develops process solutions in conjunction with outstanding service and commitment to each customer, and we are local in the US and Canada

Their Know-How enables them to offer many unique custom equipment solutions for fast and efficient manufacturing and extraordinarily short set up times.


  • Pre-melter for 5-gallon (20-kilogram) pails, suitable for PUR adhesive
  • The independent control system of the external pre-melter can be adapted to different laminating machines
  • Melting capacity maximum 48 kilograms per hour
  • 5-inch Touch screen display.
platen melting machine

FUX 83-CLM-327 PLUS 2022 edition

FUX Maschinenbau & Kunststofftechnik GmbH - the leading manufacturer of profile wrapping, lamination and profile bending equipment - is showing  the 2022 edition of the 83-CLM-327 Plus at GlassBuild.

The 83-CLM-327 model is based on the bestselling profile line 83-PLM-327 from FUX, but in a more compact version, as a very attractive opportunity especially for lamination startups and smaller runs. This line is equipped with a 4.4-pound adhesive topmelter that can easily be changed within minutes to an external 5-gallon adhesive premelter.

Standard Features:

  • One side-based drive train with full accessibility on the operator side
  • Patented anti-scratch, non-stick and low maintenance slot nozzle from FUX
  • Precision primer application through centralized controlled primer pumps
  • Central touch screen panel for the control of the line
  • Two laminate unwinding reels
  • Protective film applicator

Upgraded Features:

  • Integrated automatic on spot humidifier system
  • Automatic foil positioning system
  • Laminate preheating system
  • Remote access maintenance modem
  • 4 primer pumps

With a company history of more than 475 years, FUX engineers reliable state-of-the art machinery and develops process solutions in conjunction with outstanding service and commitment to each customer, and we are local in the US and Canada

Their Know-How enables them to offer many unique custom equipment solutions for fast and efficient manufacturing as well as extraordinarily short set up times.


EVALAYER by Interlayer Solutions Inc., is a full cross-linked thermoset EVA specially designed for the glass lamination industry. Properly processed, EVALAYER offers unparalleled crystal-clear results, excellent soundproofing, high resistance to moisture, UV rays and impacts.

EVALAYER could be used in several outdoors and indoors glass lamination applications such as: Open Edge (frameless), decorative, soundproof, fire-rated, switchable, high impact resistant, and medical laminated glass among others.

EVALAYER offers a very strong adhesion level between glasses and a wide selection of inserts such as PET colored films, printed films, electronic inserts, fabrics, meshes, rocks, organics inserts and more.


What's new?  EXOFOL FPX - that's what!

At GlassBuild this year RENOLIT will be showcasing our latest film offering EXOFOL FPX.  Designed to be the right fit for the current market, FPX has great performance, price and availability. Just what you're looking for, and it is offered in our top colors, including 3 blacks!

Come visit Renolit and let us show you all the latest innovations in decorative / performance laminate films including:

  • EXOFOL FX with the industry leading 20-year warranty. FX is offered in a broad selection of residential and commercial finishes.   
  • We will also be displaying our full range of realistic interior woodgrains.
  • Plus, we'll have our high-performance MLA film that is great for lamination over wood products, providing a clean white finish on items like door jambs, windows, trim and jamb extensions. And MLA is paintable.

We can help you with all aspects of the lamination process and show you how to give your products a look of distinction that will set you apart in the market.

Let us show you the different ways to get your products started in a lamination program quickly and with no equipment investment.

See you at the show!

window with black laminate trim

Argotec EVA Interlayer Film

SWM™ is a global leader in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) interlayer film solutions. Our diverse Argotec™ interlayer film product line is custom engineered to offer precision extrusions for a variety of glass lamination applications. SWM films are unmatched in optical clarity, hot and cold characteristics and offer the best overall quality in the glass lamination industry. Argotec EVA Interlayer Film is custom engineered from copolymer resin and is used as an interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of glass or plastic sheet. 

Argotec™ Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Interlayer Film

Argotec™ Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Interlayer Film, custom engineered from high-performance resin, provides strength and optical clarity when sandwiched between multiple layers of glass and/or plastic sheets. These glass lamination films provide unmatched optical clarity, flatness and overall consistent quality. SWM thermoplastic polyurethane TPU film is used extensively in aerospace, military and commercial bullet-, impact- and hurricane- resistant composites. Copolymer-based optical interlayer EVA films are used to laminate architectural switchable glass composites.

TX Precision

TX Precision is the WALCO® industrial laminator for high precision bubble-free and wrinkle-free protective film application.

Running both integrated in an automatic line or as a stand-alone equipment, TX Precision is suitable for any production.

The machine can operate on a wide range of flat surfaces: Glass, Wood, Metals, Laminates, Plastic Sheets, Panels and many others.

Its High Precision automatic cutting system allows a net cut fitting your needs: exactly at the edge, or negative (inside the edges), and even positive.

Thanks to its automatic film tension control, the TX Precision calculate automatically the length of each piece and apply/cut the film accordingly, avoiding any film elongation.

The TX Precision can be equipped with different options depending on your applications/materials and with our Smart Tech Protection innovative solutions. WALCO® systems and machines are built-to-order, ranging from simple to complex: depending upon your unique production and operational requirements.

The machine is available in different widths from 1400 to 2800 millimeters.


WALCO® VX2 is the first revolutionary vertical laminator designed specifically for the application of protective film on Insulating Glass Units (IGU) and flat glass!

Fully automated, the VX2 uses a patented WALCO® technology that allows the application of protective film on both sides of the glass in a single pass thanks to its automated adjustment system. Equipped with intelligent technology, it is automatically adjusted to the length and height of glass up to 3,000 millimeters.

Simultaneous double-sided application reduces cycle time and protects the outside and inside of a window from the hazards of handling and transportation to the window manufacturer, and once installed on a construction site.

Equipped with an automatic and adjustable cutting system configurable thanks to its digital display, the VX2 allows a free margin, enabling window manufacturers to easily install the profile without removing the film.

The machine has been tested with most commercially available protective films. We recommend Forglass 9561 film by NOVACEL® protective films for a perfect application.

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