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Oct. 18-20, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

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Door Hardware (Commercial)

New Ideal Hydraulic “Smpl-Door Rail” System

Let’s make it Smpl. We are excited to introduce our new revolutionary hydraulic “Smpl-Door Rail” system. Our innovative door rail combines the strength and durability of our 4-inch door rails with the simplicity of our ICFH100 Bottom Hydraulic Door Closers. It requires no digging or cutting of the floor; quick and easy installation with just 4 fasteners. The base seat is adjustable: 3 millimeters backward and forward, 3mm left and right and 4° alignment adjustment. It is available in brushed stainless steel, matte black and satin anodized finish with hold open function at 90°, which makes it suitable to install in commercial spaces, home interior doors, store entrances and gym doors.  

door rail system

Private Label Foaming Glass Cleaner

Available in 19 and 4-ounce cans. Cleans glass, mirrors, windows, shower glass, auto glass, chrome, and other hard surfaces. Guaranteed not to leave any film, streak free. Industrial strength. Non-ammoniated. Contains cosmetic grade alcohol for best performance. Can sprays in any position even upside down, and will spray 100% of contents. 50 cases (12 cans per case) per pallet is minimum order. Free freight on all orders. Customized artwork design will be provided for a small charge.

Super Spacer

A flexible, silicone foam spacer product, Super Spacer® provides the maximum in perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units and prevents condensation. Desiccant-filled with pre-applied side adhesive, the structural foam spacer significantly simplifies insulating glass (IG) production.

Featuring a vapor barrier backing, the product must be used in combination with conventional IG sealants such as hot melt butyl, polyurethane and solvent-free polysulfide. Dual seal equivalent sealants may also be used.

silicone foam spacer

1561TJ Series Surface Top Jamb Electromagnetic Shear Locks

SDC’s HiShear® electromagnetic shear locks are designed, engineered and built in America for openings that require an architecturally superior appearance. Recognized as a cut above alternatives on the market, SDC shear locks provide high security with a failsafe locking mechanism for a variety of door opening applications. The patented HiShear® design incorporates a floating armature assembly and special alloy steel locking tabs on both the lock and armature assemblies, with both vertical and lateral adjustments to compensate for wide door gaps and warped or misaligned doors. Advanced electronic circuitry incorporates a door alignment relock sensor and an automatic sensing dual voltage input. Noise dampeners greatly reduce the noise associated with locking and unlocking when compared to other shear locks on the market.

HiShear® magnetic shear locks are ideal for use on commercial grade hollow metal and wood doors, metal frames and Herculite doors with top rails.

1561TJ models are surface mounted to the pull side of an inswing door. For metal door and frame, glass door with top rail and metal frame, or wood door and frame. This mounting configuration eliminates the need for cumbersome and unsightly top jamb Z brackets normally associated with pull side mounting of magnetic locks.

electromagnetic door lock

Auto EntryControl Series Low Energy Swing Door Operator

SDC’s Auto EntryControl Door Operator provides hands-free, door control to help meet US and Canadian ADA requirements for door installations in retail storefronts, office buildings, campuses and healthcare facilities. A built-in 1-Amp+, 24VDC internal power supply provides integration with other electrified hardware without adding a power supply. A fixed mounting bolt and pre-drilled mounting holes allow for single technician installs.

SDC’s operator is built with a state-of-the-art microprocessor based unit that is self-tuning and self-learning while offering nonhanded operation, full-mechanical stops and a variety of interface options for sensors, push-plates, fire alarms and electrified locks.

SDC’s operator is belt driven with a combination of gears and pulleys, which requires less torque, less power, absorbs more abuse, and is quieter than other automatic door openers while complying with all US and Canadian ADA requirements. Onboard diagnostics simplifies troubleshooting for ease of installation and all SDC operators can be easily configured for surface mounted push/pull applications. ANSI certified not required for initial installation.

PDC100 series Pivot Glass Door Closer

The NHN PDC100 Patch Fitting Pivot Door Closer is the first in the flagship range from KENWA-NHN’s next generation of glass door closers.

Incorporating the latest cam type technology, the NHN PDC100 patch fitting pivot door closer offers easy opening with increased efficiency on the closing torque.

Double acting, narrow style with high performance, available with or without hold open function.

The bottom part mounts on the floor surface without a need of preparing digging/cavity, greatly saves installation cost and time.

NSC-G series Sliding Door Closer

The NSC-G series Sliding Door Closer is an innovative solution adding a self-closing feature to your glass sliding door.

By utilizing a highly durable pull spring device, the NSC-G series offers all-section self-closing function.

The door closes automatically from any position you release the door to the complete close position. The rotary gear damper provides a safe and smooth soft-close feature at the end of door closure.

Non-electric mechanical system (no hot work/power supply required), easy to install, offers safe and controlled closing for the sliding door.

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