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APOLLON is a full parametric 3D CAD / modeling software for Façade- and Curtain Wall design. Mullion-Transom-, Unitized- or Free-Form façades, all of them work. The software covers the steps from building the model to production plans, part lists and CNC output for the machine. As a “standalone” product, APOLLON is the ideal complement to ATHENA and contains Autodesk Inventor®.

Façades or Curtain Walls can usually be designed easily and efficiently with ATHENA (CAD software for Façade construction based on AutoCAD®). Details in 2D, Models in 3D. With ATHENA can this be done easily and efficiently.

If the façade project is very complex and/or varied, however, full parametric software can be useful. This is where APOLLON comes into play. A parametric 3D modeling of a façade or unitized façade can be done perfectly.

APOLLON is profile system-independent, but does not contain any profile master-data (except a small sample database). The profile master-data will be generated as project data during the design process. Advantage: Changes to the profile data, e.g. because of static requirements, are straightforward to make. The master data grows from time to time.


ATHENA – the AutoCAD application for curtain wall design and facade engineering.

Matched exactly to our users’ requirements, ATHENA is a complete CAD software package, offering practically everything to simplify the daily design tasks which confront the designer:

  • 2D design: a 2D drawing environment with practical routines and libraries for producing elevations, cross-sections and workshop drawings.
  • 3D design: a versatile 3D design section with the possibility of generating parts lists and production drawings automatically from a 3D design.
  • Engineering: powerful computational tools for structural analysis and building physics.
  • Sheet editing: a sheet editing program for sheet design and development.

In addition, ATHENA is independent of profile systems and can be matched to individual needs. Ideal for international design, ATHENA labels all the customer objects fully automatically and can translate a drawing into each of the 10 languages currently contained in ATHENA at the press of a key.

ATHENA is available in two editions:

  • ATHENA for AutoCAD: ATHENA as an add-on to AutoCAD.
  • ATHENA Complete: Stand-alone solution with a fully integrated AutoCAD.

ATHENA is fully BIM-enabled via the IFC interface. Using the interface it is possible to transfer ATHENA 3D facade models to BIM programs, e.g., Autodesk Revit to carry out collision checks with other project subsections.

GlassManager Software

GlassManager is the best solution to increase efficiency and minimize costs in the glass installation industry. Our software enables glass shops to streamline their operations in a smart and intuitive manner. We know glaziers are busy people, so we designed a product that is easy to use and efficient. With GlassManager, you can expect to reduce the time spent on estimating, managing jobs, issuing accurate invoices, managing inventory, scheduling crews, and reviewing critical financial data.

Some of our features include:

  • Estimates & Quotes
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Inventory Management
  • Scheduling & Timesheets
  • Accounting Integration
  • Vendor & POs
  • Invoicing & Payments

Mobile Application

Our GlassManager Mobile App allows your field employees to review their daily and weekly tasks, clock in and out of jobs (pin-point tracking enabled), allow clients to sign off on work orders, and can even take payments while onsite. Employees can also review drawings, upload notes and pictures, and review and submit their timesheets. All labor activities are reflected on the job costing, so your profitability for projects and work orders is always accurate.

Come visit us at booth 9165 and find out how GlassManager can help take your business to the next level.

IC Commerce: dedicated online store with doors, windows, garage doors

IC Commerce is an innovative online store dedicated to products such as Windows, Doors, Roller Shutters, Blinds, Garage Doors and other products from the whole fenestration industry.

Selling windows, doors, roller shutters, garage doors, exterior and interior blinds, IC COMPLEX is equipped with all the necessary tools for online sales: IC Commerce. The online store software is fully integrated into the IC COMPLEX system, so products created in the configurators can be accessed directly in the store catalog. The system allows customers to search for such predefined products and then edit them using configurators. Depending on their preferences, consumers can search for products using categories and filters in the store, or immediately go to the selected configurator and use it to configure the product.

shopping cart screenshot

Reliable B2B sales channel

IC COMPLEX is a B2B platform for business partners. It is a tool dedicated to the fenestration industry that optimizes the process of pricing, offering, and ordering windows, doors, roller shutters and all other products of such industry.

IC COMPLEX is used for sales in the B2B channel (manufacturer - dealer and distributor - dealer). It doesn’t matter where your contractor is located and what language they speak - the system is equipped with language versions appropriate to your needs. Your recipients will be able to design, evaluate products and then place an order.

fenestration products displayed in online store

Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Infor CPQ has over 20 years of experience in fenestration and is widely regarded by the analyst community as the best solution for manufacturers, with its ability to handle simple and very complex pricing and configuration. Infor CPQ brings our customers’ products to life through an interactive, dynamic, real-time, 3D engagement experience for selection visualization. This supports brand engagement during the research process and captures the anonymous users’ interest long before engagement with sales, driving inclusion in unknown opportunities.

From within a corporate website, quoting experience, CRM, and / or ERP, Infor CPQ’s rich, compelling, visual platform allows any user – an anonymous prospect, customer, salesperson, distributor, dealer – to research, select, specify, quote, and order their simple and complex products faster. This wins more business, differentiates brand, and avoids wasted time, duplicate activities, costly errors, and friction within the processes.

Infor CPQ’s unique and deep manufacturing integration is standard with Infor (and non-Infor) ERPs, using the exact same technology to generate accurate bills, routings, shop orders, CAD drawings, and model assemblies. This decreases costs, by leveraging a single technology platform from research to delivery.  Infor CPQ’s enterprise solution delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the fenestration industry. 

pricing app

FeneVision Core

Built from the shop floor up and refined over two decades, FeneVision gives you real-time operational control, insight and agility. Its dynamic bill of materials configurator enables rapidly pricing, producing and delivering hundreds or thousands of unique units daily, complete on time, even if you work with seemingly infinite product variations. It connects everything and everyone, including your customers’ customers. And with ongoing user input, we keep improving it.

Recent updates include but are not limited to:

  • Improved Shipping Routes user experience. All existing functionality remains the same with the addition of the ability to now add and maintain blocked dates and filter to only show routes for a specific customer.
  • FeneVision WEB has been redesigned to make it mobile responsive. This feature allows salespeople to enter and update quotes via an online website interface from their phone or tablet. The ease with which dealers, contractors and even customers can now upload quotes will make a huge difference in getting those orders into the pipeline and production started. 
  • Capacity completion logic revamped. 
  • Ability to move items from one container to another container in Container Tracking and Mobile. 
FeneTech, A 2020 company

YourRadar Glass

YourRadar offers commercial and residential glass service businesses an all-in-one solution to automate their business and allow you to operate your glass service business more efficiently.

It comes with built-in features for sending glass estimates, scheduling jobs, dispatching team members and invoicing your customers. Basic glass estimates can be configured for standard window shapes as well as custom designs. Custom designs and the original quote follow from estimate to job completion.

This comprehensive software manages the end-to-end activities of your business to increase revenue and improve your customer’s experience.

WinBidPro v16

WinBidPro v16 is an all new estimating program for the commercial glazing industry. This is a Microsoft Windows application which uses a cloud server for all of the catalogs and job information.

Many new features, an improved interface and ultimate scalability will easily allow this software to grow with the industry. Vendor pricing and product information will be updated without the need to install new catalogs.

Robotic Arm Loader with CNC Cutter

Please watch the video of our latest semi-jumbo(108- by 144-inch) CNC Linear Motor glass cutting line, including a robotic glass loading system, which can load 25 to 30 different types of glass. The design minimized floor space requirements while also accommodating building column interferences. Glassline’s CNC LM Cutting Machine design provides high speed, high acceleration, AND tight tolerances. It is very low maintenance due to the use of linear motors and a patented direct drive cutting head, eliminating the use of any belts or gears to wear. Call today to discuss how we can help collaborate on your project, for the best solution for YOU. GLASSLINE®, a name you have trusted for 50 years.

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