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X-Line Automatic Coating Machine

A high speed in-line coating solution for applying EnduroShield, the industry’s best performing easy clean glass coating.

The X-Line fully automated machine combines uncomplicated design and smart technology to deliver a user friendly, high speed, efficient and economical coating solution for easy implementation. Designed and built by EnduroShield for customer driven functionality, the fully automated vertical or horizontal systems streamline the application of EnduroShield easy clean glass coating, allowing scalability to any size of operation.

  • Fast and efficient
    30 seconds per panel / average of 12 meters per minute
  • In-line or stand alone
    Reduces double handling and does not impact production flow
  • Driving value
    Economically priced with less waste - an affordable machine which applies the right amount of coating, every time
  • Complete flexibility
    Horizontal or vertical, single sided or double sided coating machine options available.

Installed in-line at some of the world’s leading glass processing plants, reducing labour and product costs by up to 25%.

“As one of North America’s largest shower door manufacturers, we have partnered with EnduroShield since 2009. The migration to the new X-Line, being a single piece flow solution provides us the flexibility and efficiencies consistent with our focus for continuous growth.”

Jared Ross, Former President – HMI

EnduroShield Easy Clean Protective Glass Coating

EnduroShield provides long-term resistance to staining and etching; the industry-leading hydrophobic coating for lasting protection.

  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Superior protection against both water- & oil-based stains
  • Optically clear - does not alter the appearance of glass
  • Once-only application with no revitalizer products required.

With EnduroShield, standard glass is transformed into an easy-clean, non-stick surface that remains water- and oil-repellent and is backed by a true performance warranty. EnduroShield has been tested for durability and efficacy by one of the most prestigious independent certification agencies, TÜV Rheinland, Germany. The durability test was carried out to simulate a lifetime of 10 Years on interior and exterior use.

Independent comparison by Architectural Testing, a respected US testing house, on the respective coating options available in the market shows EnduroShield as the clear leading performer. Combined with our infield project references and an extensive list of global partners, the testing and certification provide quantifiable evidence of the coating’s superior performance.

“We have partnered with EnduroShield over a number of years. Many of our clients select the treatment, motivated by easier cleaning and reduced risk of etching. We have found customer satisfaction very high with the product, so we couldn’t be happier!”

James Morphett, Director – Trinity Frameless Showers



Rapidly building adhesion and elastomeric strength while bedding or glazing, NovaFlex Qwik-Set Portable Adhesive and Glazing Sealant is perfect for hand glazing, field glazing and field installations when glazing tables aren’t an option.

  • Develops high initial green strength, reducing production time
  • Available in a convenient fixed 2 to 1 ratio dual cartridge
  • Applies easily with a portable pneumatic gun
  • Achieves a tensile strength of over 15 pounds per square inch (psi) after just 20 minutes; 55 psi after 30 minutes
  • Especially useful in tight spots and for repairs
  • Excellent primerless adhesion to most substrates
  • AAMA verified for strength and adhesion.
man in lab coat demonstrates use of portable glazing sealant

Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Infor CPQ has over 20 years of experience in fenestration and is widely regarded by the analyst community as the best solution for manufacturers, with its ability to handle simple and very complex pricing and configuration. Infor CPQ brings our customers’ products to life through an interactive, dynamic, real-time, 3D engagement experience for selection visualization. This supports brand engagement during the research process and captures the anonymous users’ interest long before engagement with sales, driving inclusion in unknown opportunities.

From within a corporate website, quoting experience, CRM, and / or ERP, Infor CPQ’s rich, compelling, visual platform allows any user – an anonymous prospect, customer, salesperson, distributor, dealer – to research, select, specify, quote, and order their simple and complex products faster. This wins more business, differentiates brand, and avoids wasted time, duplicate activities, costly errors, and friction within the processes.

Infor CPQ’s unique and deep manufacturing integration is standard with Infor (and non-Infor) ERPs, using the exact same technology to generate accurate bills, routings, shop orders, CAD drawings, and model assemblies. This decreases costs, by leveraging a single technology platform from research to delivery.  Infor CPQ’s enterprise solution delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the fenestration industry. 

pricing app

Door Controls USA Manual Hardware Catalog

Introducing the new Door Controls USA hardware catalog!  Featuring over 30 brands and more than 600 parts this is our most comprehensive catalog to date. You’ll find the latest in manual door hardware plus a wide variety of low energy operators and ADA door accessories ready to ship from one of our three warehouses. Stop by booth #9016 to receive a FREE catalog and enter for your chance to win a DC7000 Low Energy Swing Door Operator or $1000 in DCM hardware. Become a customer today! Visit for more information or to place your order.

hardware catalog and hardware items


EVALAYER by Interlayer Solutions Inc., is a full cross-linked thermoset EVA specially designed for the glass lamination industry. Properly processed, EVALAYER offers unparalleled crystal-clear results, excellent soundproofing, high resistance to moisture, UV rays and impacts.

EVALAYER could be used in several outdoors and indoors glass lamination applications such as: Open Edge (frameless), decorative, soundproof, fire-rated, switchable, high impact resistant, and medical laminated glass among others.

EVALAYER offers a very strong adhesion level between glasses and a wide selection of inserts such as PET colored films, printed films, electronic inserts, fabrics, meshes, rocks, organics inserts and more.

Glazelock Pre-scored Wood Shims

Glazelock Shims Inc. has been a manufacturer of structural plastic shims since 1997. The company was invented by a window installer and aims to develop shims that reduce material and labor costs, while being secure and stable. During the show, the company will promote its pre-scored shims that are easier to break off than traditional wood shims. The shims eliminate the need to cut or to score and are an inexpensive option for companies.

wood shims

Stackable Shims

Stackable Shims reduce the need for multiple shims in your applications. We offer multiple sizes for multiple applications.

stackable shim

insulbar - Thermal Break Profiles

insulbar® thermal break profiles are a vital component of modern window, door or facade systems made of metal. They eliminate thermal bridging between interior and exterior surfaces improving overall performance of the system and reducing energy loss.

insulbar insulating profiles are available in many shapes, sizes and materials to meet even the most complex requirements.

SAFTI-EZ-ARC Panelized Curtain Wall System

This year, SAFTI FIRST introduced its latest curtain wall system at the AIA Show in Chicago last June. The patent-pending, panelized SAFTI-EZ-ARC is designed for use in non-rated or rated applications. 

SAFTI-EZ-ARC is the first USA-made, truly panelized, versatile structurally glazed curtain wall system. Two versions were developed to satisfy non-rated and fire-rated applications: SAFTI-EZ-ARC is a unique panelized system that will provide ease of installation in a curtain wall, while the SAFTI-EZ-ARC-FR is an ASTM E-119/UL 263 fire-resistive rated version recently successfully tested and listed by UL up to 2 hours. Additional testing is scheduled to meet hurricane, blast and tornado requirements.

The panelized non-rated and rated systems can be used alone or married together easily for seamless unbroken sight lines. This is a breakthrough product that provides architects, owners, and façade consultants with the greatest flexibility of design, while engineered as a panelized system to lower costs and provide ease of installation.

The SAFTI-EZ-ARC-FR panelized curtain wall provides the largest fire-rated glazed areas available. Each individual panel for rated areas is listed by UL at 130 inches high and 80 inches wide. For non-rated areas, the sizes are even larger.

curtain wall

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