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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Commercial/Residential Glass or Metals

Innergy® Architectural Products

Innergy® Architectural Products from Deceuninck North America is a line of fiber-reinforced polymer parts custom designed for curtain wall systems, windows, doors, and storefront systems. Innergy AP components deliver unparalleled structural strength with very low conductivity for excellent thermal performance.

Innergy AP components are custom designed to fit into existing commercial fenestration hardware systems and come in a variety of options, including pressure plates, structural thermal struts, reinforcements and other curtain wall components. This eliminates the need for a complete redesign of existing curtain wall or storefront systems while bolstering their thermal performance. Innergy AP components possess the strength of aluminum but are much more thermally efficient. They impart 900 times more energy efficiency than aluminum, possess 100% flexural memory, exhibit zero creep under structural loads, and have a 7,500 Kilopounds per square inch (Kpsi) bending modulus.

Innergy AP pressure plates are fastened to the outside of mullions in a curtain wall system to hold the glass in place.

The rigid thermal reinforcements provide support and a thermal break for window and door systems and serve as an energy-efficient alternative to aluminum inserts.

Curtain wall components are customized solutions designed to meet the design, structural support requirements and energy efficiency of the building they are used for.

Tile Shield, Ceramic & Glass Protective Coating

Tile Shield® is an advanced poly-siloxane coating that microscopically seals & protects pool tile and other surfaces to form an anti-corrosion/anti stain finish that “Blocks Out” permanent stains & build-up from damaging the surface. Tile Shield is great on glass & acrylic safety fences and partitions that come in regular contact with chemically treated pool water chemicals and minerals from splashing pool water. Tile Shield inhibits pitting, scratching, corrosion and other damage that can occur from brushing and exposure to chemicals, minerals, heat/humidity, chlorine, oils and other contaminants.

Solar Shield, Protective Coating

Dirty Solar Panels are no joke. Cleaning solar panels can be very difficult. Dust, soil, leaves and water are common contaminates on solar panels that can buildup and reduce the efficiency of the panels over time and present ongoing problems for the glass life. Rain alone will not keep solar panels clean and prevent soiling or etching. Dirty solar panels reduce performance by more than 10%. 

Unelko now offers Solar Shield® a nano scale protective coating & sealant that durably bonds to photovoltaic glass. Solar Shield offers lasting and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels.  

Solar Shield can be applied in factory to glass solar panels at an OEM level before installation or by certified applicators in field. The product is technical, but easy to apply and creates a hydrophobic coating that seals the panels against deterioration and degradation. One application lasts from 3 to 15 years depending upon application, exposure, abrasion, environment and a light maintenance routine. 

bottle of Solar Shield

Smart Glazier Connect

Streamline your Glass Fabrication Process with Smart Glazier Connect

Introducing Smart Glazier Connect, the innovative e-commerce platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing glass fabrication software.

This intuitive software provides fabricators with a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for glaziers to send orders to fabricators.

Glass E-commerce: Receive online orders for various glass types, from IGs to custom tempered glass, through our intuitive portal, supported by built-in alerts to intercept potential errors.

Mobile-friendly Drawing: Experience the industry's premier glass drawing software that outpaces the competition. Fully browser-based, compatible with mobile, tablet, and laptop devices.

Fabrication Ready: Receive drawings ready for fabrication, reducing turnaround time. Convert hand-drawn orders and import DXF/DWG profiles for efficient processing.

Integration Capabilities: Purpose-built send books that can be customized to export everything you need to fabricate your glass in one click. Export to popular fabrication software, such as A+W, Optima, Lisec, and Glasstrax. Create DXF/CAD files for CNC and waterjet machines.

Smooth Imports: Import orders from Showers Online® and more. Streamline data entry, improve efficiency, and boost fabrication output.

Smart Glazier Connect will revolutionize your fabrication process. 

Visit Booth 1813 at GlassBuild to see it for yourself!

or book a demo on our website

computer displaying software


Elevate your Glass Business with Smart-Toolbox

Smart-Toolbox is a glazing job management system designed specifically for the glass industry.  By streamlining the quoting, ordering, scheduling, and invoicing processes for your entire team, Smart-Toolbox removes bottlenecks and boosts efficiency.

With Smart-Toolbox you can:

Quote: Win over clients with quick and accurate interactive online quotes. Your customers can visualize their glass or shower in 3D, accept the quote, and make online payments.

Order: Generate orders for materials and inventory. Vendor management and purchase orders are made simple.

Schedule: Optimize team coordination with intelligent scheduling. Use drag-and-drop to assign tasks and track progress.

Invoice: Accelerate billing cycles and boost cash flow using our instant invoicing capabilities. Integration with popular accounting software ensures seamless financial management.

Report: The comprehensive reports will provide actionable insights into your business performance to help you make informed decisions.

Smart-Toolbox understands how glaziers’ price and quote jobs better than any other software on the market and the user-friendly dashboard enables you to identify and address potential mistakes before they become problems.

Choose Smart-Toolbox today for a more efficient and streamlined glass business.

Visit us at Booth 1813 at GlassBuild or book a demo on our website

smart toolbox

Wood's Powr-Grip 8 " Hand Cup Pad Redesign

New Wood's Powr-Grip  8-inch Hand Cup Pad Redesign

Hand-Cup Features Fast Attach and Release.

Considered by glaziers to be Wood's "Best One Yet"

If you are familiar with the profile of the Wood's Powr-Grip hand-cup, at first glance the new hand cup looks the same, but the 8-inch pad underwent a redesign that rolled out in 2023. The changes are sure to please users: When the cup is first applied firmly to a load surface, the pad establishes an initial grip onto the load, keeping the cup in place until the user finishes the vacuum attachment by pumping the plunger. While some users were able to do this with earlier versions of a standard 8-inch hand cup, the result was never a certainty because it had never been engineered into the pad design. Now, this initial grip can be achieved more consistently.


DraftAid is the ultimate AI solution to 2D fabrication drawing challenges

DraftAid generates fully detailed 2D fabrication drawings from 3D models in seconds

Save Time and Boost Drawing Efficiency

  • Automate the drawing process, reducing drawing time from hours to minutes.
  • Free up your team's valuable time for critical design tasks.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and deliver projects on time.

Achieve Accurate and Consistent Drawings

  • Leverage DraftAid's AI model to extract dimensions and place annotations accurately.
  • Ensure consistent drawings that meet your team's existing standards.
  • Avoid manufacturing issues and complaints with immaculate drawings.

Customization and Integration

  • Customize DraftAid to match your specific project and part requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrate DraftAid as an Add-In within your favorite CAD software.
  • Maintain your familiar design environment without disruptions.

DraftAid works as an Add-In within your preferred CAD software, preserving your familiar design environment:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • SolidWorks
  • Siemens NX
  • PTC Creo

Take Your Engineering Workflow to the Next Level with DraftAid

Visit for a demo!

MRPT411LAC3S vacuum lifter

New Lightweight and Affordable Production Lifter with built in options from Wood’s Powr-Grip

The MRPT411LAC3S vacuum lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip is the first AC-powered rotator/tilter model that includes the company’s exclusive Intelli-Grip® Technology. Benefits of Intelli-Grip include on-board diagnostics, connectivity with the WPG Intelli-Grip App, safety enhancements such as load monitoring and a vacuum-loss warning buzzer, and much more. Other premium options added as standard features on this lifter include:

  • High-duty actuator
  • Tilt speed controller
  • Articulating control handles
  • Other ergonomic controls
  • Vacuum pad shutoff valves
  • Vacuum line quick connectors

With all these features and a 700-pound load capacity, this lifter truly raises the bar for handling glass in production settings.

power lifter for handling glass

Howden's ExVel Composite Turbo Fans

At GlassBuild America, Howden is featuring our unique ExVel™ Composite Turbo Fans that are revolutionizing safety, reliability and performance for glass producers. Our state-of-the-art carbon fiber composite turbo fans are helping producers create a safe, sustainable and cost-effective future.

Our ExVel™ Composite technology is the new state of the art in centrifugal fan technology.  Building on our 20 years of development and installation experience, we have developed unique carbon fiber based composite technologies specifically applied to the complex structure, application, and operation of a centrifugal fan impeller.

Our carbon fiber composite combined with our turbo fan impeller structure, which is unique in the fan industry, results in a substantially robust structure which allows users to maximize efficiency gains, power savings and carbon footprint reduction, and at the same time increase flow and pressure performance from their fans as either new machines or retrofits into existing fan installations.


The first and only 4-head CNC welding machine in the world that completely eliminates the welding bead from the corner and allows you to weld profiles with glass or a closing panel already inserted inside the switchboard.

Unique machine of its kind, it performs perfect welding guaranteeing absolutely flat and homogeneous surfaces also with profiles that, instead of the metal reinforcement, have inside them non-weldable products such as fiberglass, aluminum or other components.

5 Reason to choose SL4 FF EVO:

  • Allows welding profiles coated with any type of film or foil.
  • Time and cost reduction: After welding, there is no need to clean or touch up.
  • Labor reduction: Not having to finish the corners, only 1 operator is required to load the profiles.
  • Space saving: Extremely compact machine (starting from just 20 square meters).
  • Solves the problem of profile tolerances: It has a special automatic calibration system that allows you to compensate the profiles tolerances.

The basis of the project is the V-Perfect Technology, a patent that allows you to work painted or coated PVC profiles with films but also to combine them with acrylic coatings or real materials such as laminates in wood or aluminum and without having to touch up with the marker anymore.

All the necessary operations are therefore carried out automatically, including milling with the High Speed system.

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