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Commercial/Residential Glass or Metals

Pivot/Entry Swing Door

The ES-PSD5030T is a versatile Pivot and Entry door system that allows multiple finish options. Designed for captured glass, ssg glass and phenolic panel finish.

- Thermally broken system for improved performance and insulation
- Anodized, painted or wood grain finishes available
- Automatic drop-down seal to close any gap between the door and the floor/frame sill
- Damper control (soft close and wall protection)
- Hold positions at 0, 90 and -90 degrees
- Modular multi-point lock with electric capability (optional)
- Multifunction die-cast aluminum corner joints
- Self-closing pivot hinge.

System Description
• Frame depth: 5 inch
• Maximum sizes:

  • 60” width x 144” height
  • 72” width x 120” height
  • 90” width x 96” height

• Impact door
• ADA threshold
• Designed for multiple options of glass and phenolic panel.

pivot door


APOLLON is a full parametric 3D CAD / modeling software for Façade- and Curtain Wall design. Mullion-Transom-, Unitized- or Free-Form façades, all of them work. The software covers the steps from building the model to production plans, part lists and CNC output for the machine. As a “standalone” product, APOLLON is the ideal complement to ATHENA and contains Autodesk Inventor®.

Façades or Curtain Walls can usually be designed easily and efficiently with ATHENA (CAD software for Façade construction based on AutoCAD®). Details in 2D, Models in 3D. With ATHENA can this be done easily and efficiently.

If the façade project is very complex and/or varied, however, full parametric software can be useful. This is where APOLLON comes into play. A parametric 3D modeling of a façade or unitized façade can be done perfectly.

APOLLON is profile system-independent, but does not contain any profile master-data (except a small sample database). The profile master-data will be generated as project data during the design process. Advantage: Changes to the profile data, e.g. because of static requirements, are straightforward to make. The master data grows from time to time.

Glass/Glazing Hardware

We sell a premium range of commercial and residential glass hardware. Specializing in frameless railing, shower and office partitions. Our products include: shower hinges/channels/clips/handles, railing standoffs/spigots/posts/base shoe, office locks/channels/handles/patch fittings, canopy spider fittings, glazing tools/sealants, and much more. 

Sterling Hardware

GlassManager Software

GlassManager is the best solution to increase efficiency and minimize costs in the glass installation industry. Our software enables glass shops to streamline their operations in a smart and intuitive manner. We know glaziers are busy people, so we designed a product that is easy to use and efficient. With GlassManager, you can expect to reduce the time spent on estimating, managing jobs, issuing accurate invoices, managing inventory, scheduling crews, and reviewing critical financial data.

Some of our features include:

  • Estimates & Quotes
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Inventory Management
  • Scheduling & Timesheets
  • Accounting Integration
  • Vendor & POs
  • Invoicing & Payments

Mobile Application

Our GlassManager Mobile App allows your field employees to review their daily and weekly tasks, clock in and out of jobs (pin-point tracking enabled), allow clients to sign off on work orders, and can even take payments while onsite. Employees can also review drawings, upload notes and pictures, and review and submit their timesheets. All labor activities are reflected on the job costing, so your profitability for projects and work orders is always accurate.

Come visit us at booth 9165 and find out how GlassManager can help take your business to the next level.


Rapidly building adhesion and elastomeric strength while bedding or glazing, NovaFlex Qwik-Set Portable Adhesive and Glazing Sealant is perfect for hand glazing, field glazing and field installations when glazing tables aren’t an option.

  • Develops high initial green strength, reducing production time
  • Available in a convenient fixed 2 to 1 ratio dual cartridge
  • Applies easily with a portable pneumatic gun
  • Achieves a tensile strength of over 15 pounds per square inch (psi) after just 20 minutes; 55 psi after 30 minutes
  • Especially useful in tight spots and for repairs
  • Excellent primerless adhesion to most substrates
  • AAMA verified for strength and adhesion.
man in lab coat demonstrates use of portable glazing sealant

Commercial and Residential Windows and Doors

Aluminum Windows, Operables, Terrace & Patio Doors, Steel Systems and Fire Windows. Whether for renovation or new construction, our design team works with owners, architects and contractors to achieve innovative solutions to their building needs. In-house shop drawings, in-house testing and a service department second to none ensure the customer a quality product to exact specifications on time.

steel windows on apartment building

Osprey 10 Advance Inspection System

LiteSentry’s revolutionary Osprey® 10 advance inspection systems include the only high-performing systems that meet and exceed the growing requirements of leading architects and glass suppliers, including mandated distortion and anisotropy measurements.

glass inspection system


The LineScanner is the solution for all quality inspections of transparent flat glass products such as single sheets, insulating glass, automotive glass, processed glass, polycarbonate or film. LineScanner inspects your products with extreme precision for all defects in quality and dimension. Its flexibility as well as its simple operation and installation allow it to be put into operation quickly and easily with minimum space requirements.

machine to scan glass for defects


The GridRunner is a new patented concept that allows customers to install their own grille. Our system reduces the steps of installing, reduces your labor costs, reduces the number of components needed, and most importantly lets you get the job done faster. Our design comes to you with pre-installed hardware clips on all grilles making it ready when you are thus reducing the headaches that come with installing a grille.

Our GridRunner System is the best way to add grilles to your windows and doors. A standard grille install with our GridRunner will be up to five times faster for you to install. It locks into place every time. No pins or screws needed. This eliminates the hassle found in other systems.

This system is easy to use, time efficient and able to save your company money when installing grilles. Please reach out today for more information about the GridRunner line of products!

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