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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

Commercial Fenestration Fabricating Equipment

DMC-050 PVC Profile Processing Centre

The DMC-050 Series Profile Machining Center is specifically designed around North American PVC window systems to perform all cutting, milling, drilling and marking operations required for the processing of vinyl lineal profiles. The DMC-050-00 has a dual lineal feed system for processing frame profiles and the DMC-050-10 can process up to four sash profiles concurrently. As lineal processing is fully automated and CNC controlled, each machine requires only one operator to load PVC lineals and unload fully processed sash/frame profiles.

These multi-axis machines optimize the processing of window frame and sash components by incorporating CNC automation tied directly to a fabricators ERP integrated manufacturing system. Fully automated processing reduces component staging, material handling and labor input. Other features include vertical pneumatic clamping, scrap evacuation conveyor system, digital data error message monitoring and bar code labeling.

SynCut 150B

SynCut 150B is a synchronized flying cut-off saw to separate profiles while in motion. Its operating mode combines high dynamics with low tolerances. It works independently from the precedent machine und delivers high-quality cutting results thanks to its unique design.

One of its major advantages, is that SynCut 150B works without any profile clamping. Using this cutting unit, you will not be bothered by undesired marks on the wrapped profile or even deterioration of its shape. Thanks to the highly dynamic conception of this machine the sawing unit will always move synchronically to the profile. Since the cutting table also runs synchronically, the cutting quality stays high-class even when separating lighter profiles.

The intelligently programmed control unit makes sure that the cutting point will be traced independently from the length of the work piece. It is not necessary to manually program the saw after each change of profile geometry. This is why it is easy to operate and highly efficient in terms of set-up.

It is available as a retrofit component and can be equipped with a second belt, if required. 


DigiApp is a digital dosing system for the primer application using felt strips. Adding a DigiApp to your new or existing profile wrapping machine, you will benefit from a uniform and reproducible dosing - independent from the production speed. The reliably constant applied quantity significantly increases process safety and prevents eventual claims. 

As an automated solution for the dosing of primer when working with a felt strip application system, it does not only adjust the dosing automatically to variations in production speeds, it also keeps the felt tongues from drying out or dripping when production is interrupted. Additionally, it monitors the values of the solvent emissions. 

DigiApp will also ease the operator's working routine, so that he will be able to focus on other tasks. The machine comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen. Corrections can be done simply and immediately. Also, the containers for primer and cleaning products have been ergonomically arranged. 

It is suitable for VOC-reduced, MCL or MEK primers and features 8 individually acting pumps, expandable to 16.
The control unit can save up to 500 settings.