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Coated Glass

ClimaGuard™ 55 coated glass

ClimaGuard™ 55 coated glass offers a best-in-class solar heat gain coefficient for the mid-VLT category product (as of this publication) to help residential window manufacturers meet increasingly stringent energy standards with industry-leading performance.

Designed for ENERGY STAR® Version 7.0 compliance in the Southern, South-Central and North-Central zones of the United States, ClimaGuard 55 coating is a double-silver product with triple silver performance. It provides a visible light transmission of 55%, a U-Value of 0.243 to support thermal insulation and a best-in-class solar heat gain coefficient of 0.258.

ClimaGuard 55 will give homeowners in warm climates a subtle, neutral aesthetic while helping to reduce unwanted solar heat and glare without darkening the room, helping to create bright, inviting interiors and clear views. By helping keep homeowners ahead of energy efficiency standards, ClimaGuard 55 will bring value for years to come.

  • Standard IGU Configuration: Surface #2
  • Triple-pane IGU: Surface #2 and/or #5
  • Sizes: 72 x” 84", 72" x 96", 96" x 130” and 96" x 144"
  • Thickness: 2.3mm–5mm
  • Can be heat-treated and tempered for safety and thermal stress resistance
  • Guardian Glass can support manufacturers and builders using this glass meet new codes with little to no modification of window designs.
home with coated glass windows

SunGuard™ SNX 70+ coated glass

New SunGuard™ SNX 70+ coated glass helps meet the architectural community’s desire for glass that combines high visible light transmission and a neutral aesthetic with strong thermal and solar performance. The newest addition to Guardian Glass™ North America’s commercial range of triple silver coated glass, SNX 70+ coated glass has a visible light transmission of 68%, winter-night U-value of 0.28, and solar heat gain coefficient of 0.28 on UltraClear low-iron glass* to help buildings improve energy performance.

*Reflective of center-of-glass performance simulated as a standard 1” double-paned IGU with an air-filled cavity. With argon, solar performance would be a 0.27 and U-value would be a 0.24.

When viewed at an angle, triple-silver low-E products can experience color shift/change. SNX 70+ coated glass was developed to provide neutral, slight gray appearance so reflected color will be more consistent whatever the viewing angle. 

Targeting growing architectural trends for greater color neutrality and focusing on helping to ensure consistent aesthetic whether glass is viewed directly or at an angle, SNX 70+ coated glass expands Guardian’s range of triple-silver SunGuard low-E coating innovation with an aesthetically pleasing, high-performing option that helps buildings deliver the attractive exteriors and bright, comfortable interiors architects seek.

building with coated glass

Solar Shield, Protective Coating

Dirty Solar Panels are no joke. Cleaning solar panels can be very difficult. Dust, soil, leaves and water are common contaminates on solar panels that can buildup and reduce the efficiency of the panels over time and present ongoing problems for the glass life. Rain alone will not keep solar panels clean and prevent soiling or etching. Dirty solar panels reduce performance by more than 10%. 

Unelko now offers Solar Shield® a nano scale protective coating & sealant that durably bonds to photovoltaic glass. Solar Shield offers lasting and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels.  

Solar Shield can be applied in factory to glass solar panels at an OEM level before installation or by certified applicators in field. The product is technical, but easy to apply and creates a hydrophobic coating that seals the panels against deterioration and degradation. One application lasts from 3 to 15 years depending upon application, exposure, abrasion, environment and a light maintenance routine. 

bottle of Solar Shield

Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass

Only Starphire UltraClear® Glass by Vitro Architectural Glass allows views so brilliant, you’ll forget the glass is even there. For interiors, exteriors and heavy and safety glass applications in thicknesses up to ¾ inch, no low-iron glass consistently maintains its transparency, color fidelity and vivid beauty like Starphire® glass.

Acid-etch it. Backpaint it. Digitally print on it. The design options are endless. Whether you want to showcase intricate patterns, vibrant colors or no color at all, Starphire Ultra-Clear® low-iron glass is the ultimate blank slate — featuring 87% less green than ordinary “clear” glass and an azure blue edge you won’t find elsewhere. 

For more information, visit

Project Credits:

Project: Epic I
Location: Dallas, Texas
ProductsSolarban® 90 Starphire® Glass, Solarban® 72 Glass
Architect: Perkins+Will
Glass Fabricator: Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®
Glazing Contractor: Harmon
Photography: Tom Kessler


Railing safety glass, balustrade glass, balcony glass, fencing glass

Size: customized

Thickness: 1/2 inch

Type: tempered, laminated, clear/low-iron, frosted, obscure, fluted/reeded, acid-etched 

Application: Railing glass, balustrade glass, balcony glass, fencing glass.

AviProtek bird-friendly glass, pattern 227

AviProtek® bird-friendly glass pattern 227 is a non-directional scattered design. It was crafted to meet the market’s need for bird friendly glazing that is attractive, effective, efficient and easy to install. Since this pattern is non-linear and multi-directional, there's no need for pattern alignment. With markers covering less than 1% of the surface, the glass offers clear sight lines wherever it is installed. There’s no need to choose between views and bird safety!

Pattern 227 is composed of scattered 5 millimeter squares, acid-etched on the first surface of the glass for maximum bird deterrence. The design satisfies the widely used 2 by 4 rule for bird deterrence, which stipulates that spaces between pattern markers must be no more than 2-inches tall or 4-inches wide. It also caters to prescriptive requirements such as the National Glass Association's Bird Friendly Design Guide, the Canadian CSA standard, and a range of legislative requirements such as New York Local Law and the Toronto Green Standard.

This pattern is available on regular AviProtek® bird friendly glass, or on AviProtek® E with a low-emissivity coating on surface two. Ask your Walker Glass representative for samples, or request them on the Walker website at

bird-friendly glass


Solarlite® glass can be glazed with the reflective coating positioned on either the first or second surface. The glass has improved performance and higher exterior visible reflectivity with a metallic sheen when installed with the coating on the first surface. Combined in insulating glass units with clear glass, Solarlite® glass offers an expansive palette of appearance and performance options with solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) ranging from 0.34 to 0.14 and exterior reflectance of up to 37 percent.

When installed with the coating on the second surface, the glass has lower exterior visible reflectivity and maintains the substrate glass color. Solarlite® glass is available in different ranges - Clear, Euro Grey, Coal Grey, Euro Bronze and Sky Blue®.

Vistalite®'s subtly reflective color-enriched glass transmits generous levels of visible light and provides color neutrality, which amplifies and enriches the tint of the glass substrate underneath without a mirror-like appearance. More understated than traditional reflective glass, Vistalite® glass is available in Clear and has two distinct tints—Sky Blue® and Euro Grey.

office building with tinted glass

New Textured Patterned Glass Options

GGI has added multiple New Low Iron Textured Patterns to its decorative glass range: Reeded, Micro Ribbed, Flemish, Stream Ribbed and Stylos S. Each design offers a unique aesthetic and level of privacy with up to 90% visible light transmission (VLT)—ideal for daylighting and the sharing of light between spaces. The ultra-clear, low iron substrate yields a truer color rendering that designers prefer for shower enclosures, door and cabinet inserts, and glass partitions. Textured patterned glass is available in different sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 5/32” up to 3/8”. Other options are available with order. To view GGI’s complete range of textured patterned glass, visit

plant behind clear textured glass

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