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Oct. 31-Nov. 2 | Atlanta, GA

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Plant Production Software

HEGLA-HANIC / Next-Generation Software

With Cut+, HEGLA-HANIC introduced completely reprogrammed software (HMI) for cutting table organization over the past year. At GlassBuild, we will be giving visitors insight into the next generation of the ERP system that can integrate all processes: from digital order collection, storage and individual machines to delivery at the construction site. “Standard OPC UA, digitalization and an increasing level of automation all motivated us to make our ERP even more open with the Dynamics 365 development platform from Microsoft,” said Managing Director Jan Schäpers from HEGLA-HANIC. The new software basis now makes it possible to enable many add-ons, such as for financial bookkeeping or controlling via the Microsoft platform. On the other hand, a wide range of programs can be integrated with only minimal effort. As completely redeveloped software, it is perfectly adapted to all current systems.

With Hegla Laser Technology / The Standard Becomes Added Value

Be it bird protection glass, QR code laser printing, antibacterial panes, heated glass panels or an RF-transparent IG unit: HEGLA boraident wants to explain how easily a standard product can become a commodity with added value. “With a range of samples, we want to give the impression of how flexibly glass can be finished by removing or transforming the functional layer, or via non-destructive printing with our Laserbird,” explained Dr Thomas Rainer, the Head of Development at HEGLA boraident. In addition to the option of creating functional glass without tooling time or an additional service provider, Thomas Rainer sees the “single piece” option as a major advantage: “Via the user-friendly GUI or connection to the ERP, each individual pane can be coated with various finishing treatments without any waited time.”

Z Series Flat Glass Washer

High-performance glass cleaning system focused on the bottom line with intelligent maintenance features and high-level process control. The Z-Series is engineered to sustain an optimum level of cleaning over years of continuous use, with easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance for minimum downtime. The Z series is offered in working widths of 70, 96, 110 and 132 inches for your convenience.

Reusable Rack Tracking

Reusable transportation racks are a supply chain nightmare. They leave your facility and disappear forever. They can be out of stock, causing production or shipping holds. SMART uses IoT technology to track racks anywhere in North America, with location and inventory data accessible on any device. The system is easily implemented and cost efficient. Major glass companies have experienced a 500%+ ROI in the first year of using the SMART system. 

Glass Rack for Pickup or Van

Glaziers can rely on MyGlassTruck’s aluminum racks for superior weight capacity, quick and easy loading, and a weldless design for years of trouble-free service. Your glass rack can be installed at our locations or shipped to you for self-installation. 

MyGlassTruck exterior racks are available in single or double-sided configurations for pickup trucks and vans in a range of standard lengths and heights to fit most models. Each rack is rated to carry 1,000 pounds per side of the vehicle. Features of MyGlassTruck racks include proprietary, fully padded posts and slats and a 5-inch deep ledge with rubber pads. Adjust-A-Poles with fully adjustable black triangle cleats are included. A tall, front stop prevents glass from sliding forward while providing visibility in traffic. MyGlassTruck racks are fabricated with Huck® fasteners that are superior to welds for joining aluminum and supported with load bearing underbody mounts that tie the weight of the rack and cargo into the vehicle’s frame. 

Options include a removable skirt for servicing the vehicle’s rear wheels; roof-top metal and ladder carriers; Super-Poles with yellow, scissor-style cleats; E-track with cargo straps; and a second ledge system for storing glass on the upper portion of the rack.

OMNI 1800

The OMNI 1800 glazes at elevated heights using a telehandler or off-road forklift, and it can be used inside and outside a building envelope to allow for safe and efficient glazing of glass and windows weighing up to 1800 pounds. Also, it is easy to maintain and repair.

The machine has a fully integrated and independent power supply to drive electric actuators and vacuum pumps. Its Dual Vacuum System includes spring-loaded vacuum cups with 6 adjustable (2 x 16-inch and 4 x 12-inch cups) to deliver greater safety while handling glass.

The OMNI 1800 is operated with a convenient wireless remote (the machine is supplied with two wireless controls), which controls 6 degrees of precise movement for better managing precision glazing. Including, Vertical lift 12”, Forward Extension 12”, 100° Tilt Range (10° rear tilt, 90° tilt to horizontal), Side Shift 12”, 360° Rotation, 60° Side Pivot (30° Left – 30° Right).

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