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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA


Productivity and flexibility at the highest levels

The new challenge for the glass industry is to keep pace with increasing demands for productivity and flexibility by remaining competitive. This entails a new entrepreneurial spirit, investments and, above all, a reconsideration of the corporate organization.

For over 60 years Bottero S.p.A. has been responding to these challenges with professionalism and expertise, thanks to its proven experience in integrated glass handling and storage systems, in cutting systems for float and laminated glass, beside the technologies 4.0 combined with AI.

With over 200 plants for the float glass production, Bottero is the “unmissable” partner for all those that produce and transform the glass.

Being the global indisputable leader in the field of cutting tables, Bottero S.p.A. expresses itself at its best in the integrated systems of storing, handling, cutting and processing of glass (grinding and drilling also in shape) with a wide range of products.

Some of our proposals:

  • Automatic warehouse equipped with aerial overhead gantry systems;
  • Shuttle system for the automatic feeding of cutting lines;
  • Automatic stocking system of rest pieces;
  • High-performing cutting line 548LAM X-Y for laminated glass;
  • Automatic cutting lines for laminated glass and float glass (363BCS);
  • Automatic robotized area with automatic unloading on A-racks, L-racks and harp racks



The ELB 11/45 AUTOMATIC straight-line edger from Bovone guarantees high and constant quality of the finish of both the flat edge and the miter, high degree of automation, great speed and ease of use.

The Bovone R&D department has engineered an innovative machine that allows the operator greater ease of use, automating the adjustment of the grinding wheels to keep the quality of the finish constant throughout the whole process.

The technological focus of the innovation was to create an active control system for the wear of all the grinding wheels through an actuation on each motor: the automatic system compensates for the reduction in height through a powerful software equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use HMI. Once the parameters have been set, operator intervention will no longer be required to control the process.

With the automation of each motor spindle, the adjustment is carried out through a remote control by selecting one or more wheels from the display.Machine maintenance also benefits from this innovation: the presetting process of wheels replacement is managed automatically with a simple input. Once the grinding wheel has been replaced (a signal warns the operator when wheel ends), the machine repositions the motor by itself in the correct position.

A further milestone deposited by Bovone on the path of technological excellence in the world of glass processing.



The Bovone Robotic System offers automated integration for grinding, providing the perfect solution to optimize production.

The BRS system integrates straight-line edging machines with articulated, multi-axis robots, ranging in different load and application capacities. 

Bovone has served as an Official System Partner with robotics producer Kuka Robotics for years.  BRS adheres perfectly to Industry 4.0 protocols: the islands work without the presence of personnel and can be fully integrated for traceability and self-regulation of production parameters.

The robotic integration allows a considerable increase in productivity, with a reduction in costs and greater safety for the operator when handling large slabs.

The use of robotic elements produced by companies in the market increases the levels of safety and reliability, and increases after-sales assistance. With a view to safety and productivity, Bovone has created grippers with reduced weight and dimensions that allow to impact less on the load capacity of the robot, thus enhancing the performance in terms of speed (25% less) and energy saving during the processing of particularly heavy slabs.

The robots can be supplied stand-alone, applied to existing edgers or as customized robotic islands based on specific needs.

All New Kodiak Machinery Line – Heavy-Duty Edging and Beveling Equipment

Introducing a new standard in glass fabrication from HHH Equipment Resources – the Kodiak machinery line. Over 86 years of glass processing equipment and supplies knowledge and expertise come together to bring you this NEW line of high-quality, heavy-duty edgers, edger/miterers and bevelers. The Kodiak line offers exceptional edge quality, competitive production speeds and a proven track design. Built for continuous operation, the Kodiak machinery line, along with our robust premium tooling setups, will redefine your standards of productivity. Visit HHH at GlassBuild America in Booth 1731 to see the new Kodiak edger/miterer! Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new line of machinery! THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR.


Fully automatic mitering machine model TLR 11 AV C PC

This year we will exhibit our mitering machine model TLR 11 AV C PC, fully automatic and in line with the project Lattuada "cyberAL".  Some details:

  • A-WR system: completely automatic wheels setting management.
  • i-AL: comprehensive pack of mechanical, electronic and software systems especially designed to deliver the maximum possible automation in glass processing and a full integration with your entire production system.
  • Digital ammeters and automatic alert system for the polishing wheels wear.
  • Motorized glass removal setting with portable push-button panel.
  • Brakes on all polishing spindles for flat edge and arris.


These special automation packages are applicable to all our edgers.

For more information, please click on:

Lattuada Robotic Solution (in partnership with Knittel Glass)

Lattuada Robotic Solution, 2020 and 2018 winner of the USGlass Readers’ Choice Award: innovative, flexible and high-performance robotic application for our edgers.



01 CUSTOMIZABLE SUCTION CUPS: vacuum with Venturi system

02 HIGH FLEXIBILITY: side by side processing of glasses of different sizes with minimum distance between them

03 AUTOMATIC MEASUREMENT OF GLASS: pre-setting glass size is not required

04 EASE OF USE: straight-line edging machines with standard maintenance

05 AUTOMATIC SPEED ADJUSTMENT: depending on the sizes of the glass

06 LOWER COSTS: just one operator required

07 HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: thanks to the high speed of this system

08 OPTION OF INTEGRATION with other machines

09 CONTINUITY ASSURED thanks to the low maintenance required by our machines

10 CUSTOMIZATION: many different configurations available (1 robot, 2 robots, 3 robots, robot on 7th axis, etc.)




The robot can be ready for the next glass in less than 10 seconds.



Full integration with the machines of the line (edging and washing machines).



Simple and one-point programming of thickness, speed, robot program (90/180°)



Special applications for very small/large glasses, trapezoids, etc.

Rock 11 AWA with Parallelogram Device

Matodi will showcase Neptun’s Rock with AWA and Parallelogram device at GlassBuild 2021. The latest addition to our ever evolving and reliable straight-line edger is a support trolley that will allow you to edge non-rectangular shapes by keeping them in a safe and workable position. With this option you will be able to process up to four pieces on non-rectangular glass simultaneously (up to 2600mm in height, 21mm thickness, and a 40° angle). Our Rocks now include AWA as a standard feature because customers love the fully automated management of all the wheels on the edger, including the diamond wheels, polish wheels, and the arris wheels. Since no operator wheel adjustment is required, consistent production and quality regardless of the operator’s level of experience are assured. Come experience the quality of the Rock at Booth #2441.