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Architectural Metal Products

SAF Sun Control Systems (Air Foil Configuration)

SAF Sun Control Systems reduce solar heat gain and control glare to allow a designer to optimize use of natural sunlight, reduce energy consumption and create a more comfortable environment for occupants. This works because the angle of the sun is different during the winter and summer months. During the winter the sun’s angle is lower and sunshades let more sunlight in, warming the interior of a building. The opposite is true during the summer when the sun is at a higher angle in the sky; the sunshades block more of the direct sunlight creating shade and a cooler interior environment.

The system includes air foils and fascia that are made from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy and brackets made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Air foils are available in 4-, 6- and 8-inch variations. Blade configurations can vary and be custom designed based on the desired amount of sun control. Blade angles can be adjusted for different geographic locations or depending on which direction an exterior wall is facing.

architectural sunshade

FHC Aspire™ Thermally Broken Insulated Glass Door Entrance

Elite High-Performance Door That Looks as Great as it Preforms
Main Entry Doors | Curtainwall Application Integration | Wine Rooms and More

FHC’s Aspire™ Thermally Broken Insulated Glass Door Entrance System along with the “VDS” Vertical Door Stile System (U.S. Patent Nos. 11,299,928 and 11,187,323) are both designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. at the company’s Southern California facility. These new products bring next level industry standards to air, water infiltration management and thermal performance meeting the nation’s ever evolving energy and building codes.

Features include:

  • Thermally broken door rails and vertical door stiles utilizing polyamide strut thermal barriers between the inside and outside aluminum extrusion members 
  • Door handle hardware connects directly to the glass, using a unique through glass hole spacer/sealer between the insulating glass lites, with a polyisobutylene (PIB) primary and silicone secondary seal 
  • Very narrow vertical door stiles with a unique clamping mechanism with unitizing gaskets for fast, durable installations 
  • Rugged stainless-steel corner joinery maintains door integrity in high traffic applications 
  • Pivot alignment system (PAS) in both top and bottom door rails for easy installation/alignment 
  • Doors configured to center or offset pivoting for compatibility with any storefront entrance system 
  • Integrated air and water infiltration management 
  • Several standard architectural finishes, plus powder-coat. 

Product Builder

The Product Builder is a powerful design solution for the production of parametric constructions with extruded profiles like fire doors, sun protection, balustrades, conservatories. It is a solution for manufacturers that do not use calculation or drawing software, allowing constructions with profiles to be made as parametric models based on scripts. The models allow the manufacturer to generate machine data, barcode labels, DXF drawings, numerous reports and, if necessary, give feedback to the manufacturers ERP system. From Product Builder the production lists are sent straight to the machine work floor enabling focus on the following tasks.

Using extremely powerful scripting models and algorithms, this software provides endless possibilities when it comes to executing design ideas and turning them into drawings and production lists.

Industries that produce large numbers of similar but customized products can benefit from using our Product Builder, though the ease of implementation and execution is a great tool for manufacturers of any size.


computer screen displaying product builder

New Ideal Hydraulic “Smpl-Door Rail” System

Let’s make it Smpl. We are excited to introduce our new revolutionary hydraulic “Smpl-Door Rail” system. Our innovative door rail combines the strength and durability of our 4-inch door rails with the simplicity of our ICFH100 Bottom Hydraulic Door Closers. It requires no digging or cutting of the floor; quick and easy installation with just 4 fasteners. The base seat is adjustable: 3 millimeters backward and forward, 3mm left and right and 4° alignment adjustment. It is available in brushed stainless steel, matte black and satin anodized finish with hold open function at 90°, which makes it suitable to install in commercial spaces, home interior doors, store entrances and gym doors.  

door rail system

Private Label Foaming Glass Cleaner

Available in 19 and 4-ounce cans. Cleans glass, mirrors, windows, shower glass, auto glass, chrome, and other hard surfaces. Guaranteed not to leave any film, streak free. Industrial strength. Non-ammoniated. Contains cosmetic grade alcohol for best performance. Can sprays in any position even upside down, and will spray 100% of contents. 50 cases (12 cans per case) per pallet is minimum order. Free freight on all orders. Customized artwork design will be provided for a small charge.

Super Spacer

A flexible, silicone foam spacer product, Super Spacer® provides the maximum in perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units and prevents condensation. Desiccant-filled with pre-applied side adhesive, the structural foam spacer significantly simplifies insulating glass (IG) production.

Featuring a vapor barrier backing, the product must be used in combination with conventional IG sealants such as hot melt butyl, polyurethane and solvent-free polysulfide. Dual seal equivalent sealants may also be used.

silicone foam spacer

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