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Aluminum Extrusions


We have been creating aluminum joinery continuously for over 25 years. During this time, we have gained vast experience and developed a leading position in the industry. In our production, we use the latest technologies and profiles of renowned brands Aluprof and Aliplast. Thanks to this, we produce windows, doors and facades with unconventional dimensions and solutions. Windows and doors made of aluminum will allow you to get closer to nature. Large glazing, original glass facades or winter gardens are within reach, thanks to the technological possibilities of aluminum. Trust your imagination and build complex glass structures. The great advantage of modern aluminum windows and doors is their thermal parameters. Low thermal permeability allows you to significantly reduce the cost of heating a residential or office space. The aluminum joinery is characterized by a unique design. Windows and doors made of aluminum profiles are effective and elegant and will appeal to people who like minimalism. Aluminum windows and doors are an excellent choice for years.

Komsta aluminum windows and doors


ALM 6510 is 8-axis CNC controlled machining center which is specifically designed to process any kind of aluminum profiles in the market. The machine can do all operations on four sides of aluminum profiles such as milling, opening key holes, hinge holes, handle holes, marking, saw blade cutting, etc. ALM 6510 has the programming feature which provides minimum waste and maximum amount of production. 7 pieces of aluminum profiles can be placed on the feeding conveyor of the machine and 3-axis pneumatic gripper moves them into the milling & cutting center for the milling and cutting operations. The cutting unit can perform serial cutting of profiles in the range of 45⁰ to 135°. Operator attaches barcodes on the processed profiles to make them ready for crimping operation.


AIM 3410 is CNC controlled 4-axis machine designed specifically for machining all types of aluminum profiles available on the market. With the 4th axis feature, it can perform the machining operations on 3 surfaces of profiles. Quick tool changing is provided by the movable and in-line type magazine unit with 8 pcs of tool capacity. The tool magazine is mounted on the movable machining head in order to minimize the tool change time. The machine provides a flexible processing opportunity, especially in facade applications with its 180-millimeter diameter saw. The machine has automatic clamp recognition and positioning features. The movable cabin of the machine is equipped with a door having a transparent polycarbonate window to facilitate the monitoring of the workpiece processing by the operator. Thus, the safe operation of the operator is ensured.

Product Builder

This UNILINK software product allows you to create production lists by means of parametric
models, like fire doors, sun protection, balustrades, conservatories... In fact all constructions (models)
that are made on a regular basis but with different parameters (like dimensions) can be created. The
possibilities of this software are almost unlimited since the models are based on an extremely powerful
scripting language. DXF Drawings can be made as well as parts lists.

Since the release, this software has been very successful and is used for many different applications.
This solution is very interesting for companies with a limited number of products.


Profiling Wrapping

From dark colors, to challenging profiles, Lexington has the experience and knowledge to wrap a multitude of materials including wood, metal, MDF, PVC, fiberglass and HDU with various overlays like natural veneer, vinyl or papers/foils to create new revenue opportunities for our customers. We have the ability to profile wrap furniture, baseboards, wall and ceiling panels, doorjambs, window frames, and more with precision with the goal to make building better.

window profile wrapping


Our Quick & Easy GridRunner System Gives Unique Ability To Install Grids In ONE PIECE For Efficiency & Big Cost Savings

This new and innovative system allows customers to get their grilles pre-assembled to make installations a breeze. No more pin hardware to mess with, get these grilles cut to size and created to make your jobs easier. 

Black SDL Profiles

Need A Different Profile In Black?

Call our customer support team to speak about your specific profile need in black! Creative Millwork has

  • Pioneered the industry standard with an innovative process and a new high quality black bar offering. 
  • Given customers limitless potential for black profile offerings in any shape you can imagine! 
  • Our black profiles have gone through rigorous testing to create high head qualifiers paired with high quality standards. 
  • The core of our product is black in comparison to the white core that is the standard in the industry, so if your paint is chipped, no worries! We have an all-black core! 
  • The fade rate is formulated for interior and exterior use. 
  • Designed for high heat applications. 

Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum extrusions serve as frames for various structures ranging from residential houses to multi- story buildings. Aluminum is a material of high environmental stability and during the maintenance period does not require any maintenance or repair.

Currently KIMSEN is providing aluminum extrusion for several trends in the field of construction, where aluminum systems are the most effective solution:

  • Window and door systems 
  • Building façade (curtain wall systems) 
  • Furniture (interior partitions, sun louvers, curtains & ceilings, etc.). 

i85h Series Historical Replication Window

Meet the i85h Historical Replication Series: The newest addition to DeSCo’s lineup of custom AW-100 thermally broken aluminum windows

The i85h is an energy efficient aluminum window with an advanced thermal break and a sightline that duplicates the look of a historic window.

We have combined the desired look of yesterday's windows with tomorrow’s technology by designing the i85h to include a frame depth of 3 3/8-inches, a water resistance of 15 per square foot and 1-inch glazing. Available in fixed and simulated double hung styles with an anodized or painted finish. 


historical replication window

Frameless Double Sliding Shower Enclosure

Linkan shower doors are specifically designed and manufactured. Whether it is a frameless or framed design, we supply only the very best of shower doors and shower hardware products. The options available to our customers are endless – from the design and thickness of the glass to the finish of the hardware and more.

shower enclosure

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